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Let the Right One In

Excellent Swedish adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist‘s macabre novel, which is one of the more original takes on the well-trodden vampire genre and is as far from the romantic and glamorous depictions of vampires in popular culture as you can imagine. 540 more words


Let the Right One In

**SPOILERS** for all films discussed.

Halloween Hangover:

I wanted to write about one of my favourite horror films: Let the right One In (Tomas Alfredson, 2008). 296 more words

Film Review

What is it about vampires that makes us love them?

Why are folks so fascinated by vampires? Literature and tons of movies have the sweet little bloodsuckers littering our nightmares. But why? My Film as Lit professor would argue that it’s because vampires represent the… 477 more words

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Vamping it up on Halloween!: Lex's Movie Picks

Are you a fan of vampires in the cinema? I am! The concept of a timeless being who feeds off the blood of the living has long appealed to people.  599 more words


Halloween Draws Nigh

As I write this, half-watching The Amityville Horror (the original, of course. Don’t insult me by thinking I would be into that remake trash someone shat out several years ago.), I can say that I’m finally into the Halloween spirit…just as it’s about to end. 481 more words


10 Modern Horror Movies for People Who Hate Horror Movies

Not everyone likes horror films, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you’re wimpy or a film snob (y’know, unless you are), and maybe it’s just not your thing. 1,412 more words