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They say

who wants to be alone forever.

But you can’t rush the process of life and sometimes, it’s your time to be alone.

And when the right one comes along,you will let him into your heart. 108 more words


3 days, 3 Quotes Book Tag - Day 1

A big thank you to Irene of Books and Hot Tea for tagging me on this one – it’s going to be a lot of fun. 284 more words


Let The Right One In: Sometimes finding the Right One takes time

Let The Right One In is one of those films that you’re not sure what you like about but you just do. Perhaps one of the factors for that is the great chemistry between the two main characters of the movie, Oskar and Eli. 737 more words

Maturity in Isolation: Let the Right One In

If there’s one word that is almost never used to describe horror films unironically, it’s “beautiful”. The subject matter of most horror movies just seem naturally opposed to the idea of beauty. 778 more words

Let The Right One In

Vampires have the option to drink blood from animals but they are stronger when the drink the blood of humans. They can survive under the sun with their bodies sparkling like they have a million diamonds encrusted on their body. 733 more words

Who Let The Vampires Out? Hoo Hoo Hoo

Let The Right One In is a compelling movie of the vampire genre that does not necessarily rely on violent scenes to remain captivating. It enters even a child-like view of the world by resurfacing experiences we may have seen or worse, be a part of. 742 more words

Let the Right One In

Personally, I am not very familiar with vampire movies. But this movie, Let the Right One In was something different because of the casting. Children were the main character and there was even a romantic layer attached with the relationships of two main characters Oskar and Eli. 512 more words