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About the Title: Camus's The Stranger

It’s easy to overlook the significance of a book’s title, especially one as easily recognized as Albert Camus’s The Stranger.  Originally L’Étranger in French, translated as… 261 more words

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i had been happy, and i was happy still

Comme si cette grande colère m’avait purgé du mal, vidé d’espoir, devant cette nuit chargée de signes et d’étoiles, je m’ouvrais pour la première fois à … 174 more words


The Honest Atheist

There are two types of atheist that exist, and only one intellectually honest position to take. On the one hand there are those atheists who claim that no god exists at all. 1,117 more words


Wind, Sand, and Stars

I took college level French in the sixties. Having grown up twelve miles from the Mexican border, taking Spanish classes in Junior and Senior High School, and having an exchange student from South America living with me meant my Spanish was pretty good. 424 more words


Summer 2016 to do list!

Summer of 2016: creating an online class

I’ve been spending most of my first two weeks of summer organizing my house, reading, changing my diet, and playing with my toddler and her friends. 331 more words


Review: The Stranger by Camus

This was my first attempt to read something from Camus and to be quite honest it wasn’t an afflicted experience.

One of the first thing that the entire story suggest is the existentialism as Meursault is questioning his life at some point but also not. 257 more words