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BLOG: Why I give up and maybe you too!

The other day I stopped thinking about my trajectory with Blender. The first time I heard about it was in 2008, when my brother, still in college, gave me the news that there was a free software to do all those things that we liked: Animation, models for games, etc … That night , we downloaded Blender, we turned around the cube for a few moments, we looked for what to do and we gave up in less than 2 hours. 406 more words


Wasting generations

It amuses me to read statistics on global generation of waste – simply because the phrase “waste generation” is such an oxymoron!

Generating or producing waste implies… 865 more words

My 2018 plan


At 12AM on the 1st January everyone made their 2018 goals/resolutions for the New Year. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you all my 2018 goals regarding my blog, work and just life.. 669 more words



Being a fan of sport swear. Nike is my favorite brand to shop at. The quality they offer is amazing. Their shoes are the most comfortable even if you trek for 20 km your legs are not going to hurt with Nike shoes. 64 more words

Week two

I am a few days late BUT better late then never, right? I worked all week until today and finally got a chance to sit down and write about my week. 343 more words


Really, don’t even ask what this cow dress costume is about. Randomly found it while walking around in Halle. Weird thing to put in your front window, for sure. 6 more words