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Video: Minecraft Crazy Craft - Episode 12

Hey all, here is my latest Crazy Craft episode. I apologize for the crappy audio on this, the microphone that I normally use randomly died on me, so I had to use another microphone that I just can’t seem to set up correctly. 26 more words

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Mirroo Camilo: Lets Play Togehter: Left 4 Dead 2 #22

Let’s Play Together mit SheepWiz! Gemeinsam LPn wir Left4Dead2, das ganze natürlich auch auf Deutsch! (You don’t say!?)
Zum Schaaf: http://www.sheepwiz.tv
Freuen uns über jeden Kommentar! 27 more words

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Let's Play Metroid Fusion (Part 14)

Chris tackles the scary SA-X in a playthrough of a leading contender for best game in the series: Metroid Fusion! He’ll be going through the game in an attempt to stop the X parasites and save the poor scientists who are stranded on the station — or just some familiar animals instead. 26 more words

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Black Mesa episode 22

In which we encounter more aliens, more fish monsters and more mean soldier guys! What a day. 29 more words

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The Ground Reality

“No, we couldn’t practice again today, we should just stop practicing on Monday mornings I guess, the ground is never ready for us, the previous night’s wedding leftovers are still covering half the ground and grease and oil from all the rich food always leaves the ground smelling and dirty” 509 more words

It Starts....

I always said that I’d never start my own blog. Well, I guess the phrase “never say never” is true to some degree. Anyway, why am I starting a blog? 1,171 more words