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Godors The Athletic Gear Spray

Godors The Athletic Gear Spray

“You sweat it.  Godors gets it.”

Kids play hard and that makes them STINK.  A mom who had the know-how from the cosmetics business was able to formulate a product (which delightfully smells like bubblegum) to keep her kids and her husband’s gear from making the house smell like a locker room.  343 more words

Let's Shine

ReCore Gameplay Episode 4 (4K - PC)

Just another episode of my gameplay for ReCore in 4K resolution.  Enjoy!

Video Games

43 - Let's Play Deep Carbon Observatory (Part 4) - Does It Have Bones?

We talk about our experience playing LotFP at DragonCon 2016 in more detail before getting to the actual play. Oh, and also before the actual play, we chat about video games (Doom, Grim Dawn, Dark Souls 3) and other media. 149 more words


Let's Play Tales of Vesperia (36)

Chris and Michaela join Yuri Lowell and friends in a playthrough of Tales of Vesperia! The chance to play through one of the best games in the Tales series was simply too good to pass up. 26 more words

Video Games

Civilization 6 - Arabia (King) Ep. 4: AI Hypocrisy!

Things are heating up. As our neighbours battle it out, we get trolled by our declared friend. With fears of foreign aggression and a small army, the most logical thing to do is to drag stones around, right?