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Challenge Mode #0.01 - Fluctuating Crossy Road Rules

Introducing the new and improved (almost) Challenge Mode. In this first of three test episodes, we’re trying out some new fangled ideas just to see what people think of it, whether it’s worth carrying on and whether Mark’s sanity will hold true will trying to edit it all in his spare time… 160 more words


Sims 3 (Supernatural) Boardingschool Challenge

These are the Rules for a Let’s Play that I started recently on my Channel. They are not 100% fixed yet and might change during the series, but I’ll make sure to update them. 960 more words


Let's Play Tales of Xillia (14)

Chris and Michaela team up to tackle Jude’s side of the story in Tales of Xillia! This is Chris’ pick for the best game in the Tales series top to bottom, while Michaela has only played the sequel. 44 more words

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Overwatch Lets Play 10

By Matthew Nemeth

Matthew Nemeth

Let's Play Mass Effect 3: Part 48 - Phule's Company

This time the band as a whole goes to stop a heist on the Council Archives.

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