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Game On: NBA 2K16 (Part 5, vs. '96 Sonics)

Chris, Dave and Shaun continue their basketball odyssey with their team’s third season — but this time, everything they know has changed. Classic NBA teams have joined the league as dimensions have blurred together, and now losing at home means the collapse of an entire universe. 33 more words

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This is awkward...BUT AMAZING!

Once I get the right set up, this new game (Farpoint) will be amazing!

Farpoint – Part 1

Halo 5 Gameplay Commentary

Check out my brand new gaming focused Youtube channel, starting with this Halo 5 Lets Play!

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Let's Play Mass Effect Andromeda: Part 48 - Journey to Havarl

We head next to the other Angara world, Havarl, to see what we can do to help.

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A Rogue’s Journals – FTL: Faster Than Light

In this column we’ll be exploring one man’s adventures in a variety of rogue-likes and rogue-lites. Adventure! Intrigue! Drama! Spaceships! This week, the final battle is upon us! 3,493 more words

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What is 'Acquisitions Incorporated: Season 1'?

RPG’s are once more becoming big business like we haven’t seen since the eighties. Is that due to the rise of the nerd? Or are people lamenting that the current tech generation has failed; delivering only shinier and shinier graphics while stripping back in area’s like story and game play? 836 more words

That's just gross..

This boss has some gross moments..it’s  cool, but yeah…

Star Fox Adventures – Part 7