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Let's Play Beneath A Steel Sky: Part 5 - Hack the Gibson

Now that Foster has a datajack, it’s time to netrun.

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So, the trick to teaching with comprehensible input is to get a million repetitions in a way that doesn’t feel repetitive. Games are one way that make that task easier for me, and this game is especially good at giving them lots of repetitions without them realizing it. 590 more words

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#TS4PetsPlay 2.2: A Rad Vet Hospital

It wasn’t long ago that Nemo was seen at the Brindleton Bay Pawspital and would be due for a recheck exam soon. Before then, his blood work results had come back and showed an elevated white cell count. 640 more words


#TS4Petsplay 2.1: A Guy’s Best Friend

Nemo has won the heart of this Brindleton Bay native with his actively playful personality and undying loyalty that is the definition of man’s best friend.Meet Rad Peets, the self assured and self proclaimed teen animal lover with a particular passion for dogs. 444 more words


Let's Play Trails of Cold Steel II (1-5)

Chris and Michaela follow Rean and Valimar directly into the sequel to Trails of Cold Steel! It’s a game with a number of improvements and differences from the first, but still with the characters and music you’ve come to expect. 37 more words

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100 Baby Challenge: Part Five

Hey y’all! After getting back into the swing of things at MSU (and then back out because of all our snow days) I’ve returned with more Sims 4 blog posts. 540 more words