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Let's Play Chrono Trigger (26)

Chris takes Michaela through time as she experiences Chrono Trigger for the first time. It’s Chris’ pick for the best game ever made, and we’re playing the SNES version to be as true to the original as possible. 30 more words

Video Games

Day #206: Furi

Hey kids.  New video for you up on the Youtube page, hot off the presses.  Wednesday, I’ll be looking at a random indie game.  That actually may end up being the name of the feature – Random Indie Game, followed by another Dark Souls III video on Friday.


Video Games


Pals Ted and Zach return to join Billy and Tomas in a clash of the titans in Nidhogg. Who has the guile, charm, and raw swordsmanship to have the ultimate honor of being sacrificed to the mythical, giant flying worm beast of old? 33 more words


Day 38, Summer 10: UFO

Tomorrow is the town’s annual luau!

I don’t have a kitchen yet, so I’ll have to improvise. I feel like one of those people who doesn’t cook so they just bring a bag of chips to a potluck. 320 more words

Stardew Valley