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*So, I have a buddy that reads this who wanted me to “Rant” about UFC 200. I don’t know if I would call these rants, but here goes. 885 more words

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Kids will adore becoming rocket scientists with Aeromax gear!

Kids will adore becoming rocket scientists with Aeromax gear!

Get Real Gear!  Dress Up for Kids!

If you can believe it, I first started talking about Aeromax’s STEM and space gear back in 2012 when we first got Brooke a NASA backpack, … 689 more words

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Let's Play Final Fantasy X (Part 74)

Chris and Michaela travel to the world of Spira in a long-awaited playthrough of Final Fantasy X HD Remaster! We’ll be using some of the new tricks at our disposal like the modified soundtrack and expert Sphere Grid while we try desperately to help Tidus become a man. 26 more words

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Game On: Randomized Pokemon HeartGold (Part 79)

Chris finally goes off the deep end and starts a playthrough of one of his favorite games: Pokemon HeartGold! But there’s a twist: most of the world has been randomized! 62 more words

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Review - Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo

This is old news by now, but Square Enix has recently released two demos for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, which will be released later this year. 711 more words