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Can You Hang???

Nothing is worse than the feeling of not being satisfied by your partner.  When asked how long should a man last in bed for it to be satisfying,  both men and women were fairly on the same page with the exception of a few.   267 more words

Let's Talk About Sex

Monday Musings - Let's Talk about Sex 

Something a little different for today’s Monday Musings post but keep reading…

As somebody who is fairly confident with my own sexuality, I know how important it is to be open and honest and not afraid to discuss sex with your partner, and also with your friends. 1,113 more words

All About Me

There Is No Normal

I want to start off by saying, there is no right way to react to being raped. I have been receiving a number of messages from people asking if the way they are feeling is normal? 347 more words


5 Myths About Rape

Since my attack it has become very apparent that everyone believes themselves to be experts in the field of rape. I have found that I am frequently hearing and reading a number of comments that are simply untrue. 456 more words


Why She May Not Want To Taste Your Love...

Ok so if you’re following me on SnapChat you know I do surveys with my audience.  Most men are quick to complain about how a woman smells or taste, but do they even evaluate themselves.   243 more words

Sexual Health

Taking Back Control... The Wrong Way

Looking back at the days that followed my attack is hard. There doesn’t seem to be a lot to remember and everything that I do remember is caught up in a tangled web of confusion. 261 more words


A Letter To My Rapist

Dear my rapist,

This is not a letter that I ever believed I would find myself writing. You never know what life is going to throw at you but I can honestly say that this, this was the last thing I thought I would have to tackle. 337 more words