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Laci Green will not shut up about ‘The F Word’

A question Laci Green gets asked a lot is, “When will you shut the hell up?”

“I will shut the hell up when yes means yes, and we hold rapists accountable and abortions are fair and accessible to everyone,” Green said. 429 more words


Oops, Oh My. Owning My Sexuality

“I looked over to my left,
Mmm, I was lookin’ so good I couldn’t reject myself.
I looked over to my left,
Mmm, I was feelin’ so good I had to touch myself.”

776 more words

#WCW Discussion: Woman+Sex= ???

So I went to an amazing conscious love event, paying homage to Black love. It was rampant and abound, love flowing throughout every crevice of the night’s atmosphere, energy and vibes. 851 more words


An Open Letter Of Gratitude To #IAmJada

So, I’m more than a little bit late with the #IAmJada campaign, and its inherent and disgustingly ignorant, backlash. Nonetheless, now that I am all caught up, I’d like to add some significant words of love, beauty, profound understanding, outstanding respect and gratitude to Jada and her truth. 2,107 more words

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How Identifying As A Trans Ally Is Helping Me Redefine 'Community'

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this gender thing, as I work to gain a perspective on how to tackle transphobia. As I’ve written before, I’ve been… 1,007 more words

Race, Gender & Politics

Confessions: The Beginning Of My 'Coming Out' Story

I, Shaquana Gardner, am attracted to women. Emotionally. Mentally. Romantically. Sexually. Psychologically. All around. In and out. Up and down.

And not in the ‘we pig out on ice cream and cake, get our periods simultaneously and call/ text for every little thing’ best friend type of way, either. 494 more words


Complimentary Pair

69 before din-din? How about we munch on some beer shrimp, empanadas & cheese pots before we TALK about dessert, ok OSCAR? Cool, thanks, love you, mean it.