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Can we bring Foreplay back?

****This post definitely contains adult language****

Hey guys…yes you guys…you living beings with the penises….let’s talk.

I want to first start by saying I LOVE YOU…I love men, you guys are sexy beautiful creatures HOWEVER (fancy and classy”but”) a lot of you need some sex ed classes. 1,343 more words


Being A Vagina Owner 101

So, as far as I know.. I’ve been a vagina owner for 23 years. And by that, I definitely mean I’m aware I’ve had one… for 23 years. 1,065 more words

Lets Talk About SEX!

Let’s talk about sex

Oooooh! Sex – so controversial yet so exciting to talk about. It’s not supposed to be mentioned amongst decent people, or that’s what the society thinks. 741 more words

Relationships & Lifestyle

Lets Talk About Sex, Baby. Lets Talk About You & Me

Alright, alright, alright. This is the category many of you have been waiting for. This section of my blog will be dedicated to.. well.. SEX! Lets face it, if you know me in real life, you know that this is my favorite thing to talk about casually (or not so casually). 117 more words

Let's Talk About Sex(ual Health), Baby!

Good Morning! How’s your sex life? I’m writing this in hopes that it’s a great sex life, filled with healthy, positive communication between you and your partner(s). 1,973 more words


The Sex Talk

So this week in school The Girl has been doing the “growth and human development” lessons, aka sex ed type stuff. Everyday this week she has come home grossed out. 709 more words

LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX: Getting to the Bottom of It

Bottoming is theoretically one of the prime joys of gay men’s sex lives. And it’s true that for some people it’s absolutely the center of their erotic universe. 1,687 more words

Let's Talk About Sex