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12 Numbers More Important Than The Number of People You've Had Sex With

The number of people you’ve slept with doesn’t and should never define you. People will judge you whether you’ve had sex with 0,1,4,8,20,100,etc,. I’ve come up with the 12 numbers more important than the number of people you’ve had sex with (in no particular order) 334 more words

Let's Talk About Sex

Stroke It For Me

So it’s National Masturbation Month fellas are you in touch with yourself???  Masturbation is the 1st step to sexual self discovery that we learn early as a child exploring our bodies.   199 more words

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Let’s Talk About MDseX: Middlesex Mass Debate Teaser Trailer

So.. Yes, we are back! After long hours of work by our brilliant editor Jake, some feedback and ideas from the rest of the team – we are done with our video. 129 more words


“Sometimes you’ve got to be a sheep Kayla, you’ve got to put your time in, do the crap work, and work your way up.” Those were words said to me by someone from my past when I was complaining about my former job. 1,013 more words

There are Photographs... And Drawings

Mom, Dad. Please just skip over the sexy bits. Which will be this entire post…(See you next week on the Mississippi).

The rest of you, let’s talk about sex (baby). 1,206 more words

God Save The English

LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX: how teenagers view pornography (well, Swedish teenagers, anyway)

I recently came across online a blog post that’s five years old but nevertheless intriguing to read. On the website for Psychology Today, Michael Castleman summarizes the results of a study in the Journal of Sex Research that explored how 73 middle-class Swedish teens, age 14 to 20, actually felt about pornography. 63 more words

Let's Talk About Sex

The Progress of MDseX: Planning

Here I will discuss some of the changes and challenges we have faced as group with our project so far.

Firstly our original plan was to call the project MDseXy and to use a pod booth style for people to walk in and be filmed similar to the TV reality programme “Snog, Marry, Avoid”. 308 more words