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Let's Talk About Sex: Dispelling Misconceptions About Sex Workers

By Raye Weigel 

Pye Jakobsson said her favorite part about working in the sex industry is that “it’s such a kick ass, awesome, fierce community.” … 747 more words

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LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX: advice for young men from New Zealand cartoonist

Auckland-based artist Toby Morris created and produces the webcomic The Pencil Sword. His latest post speaks frankly about sex to young men and delivers what he describes as “two things I wish someone told me as a teenage boy.” 20 more words

Let's Talk About Sex

LIFE 101 - I.C.U 

“My hearts still beating and it beats for you. I see you.”

This is without a doubt a lesson learned that I didn’t have too learn, it’s about choosing what is best for you and making the hardest choices in life to allow your future to be as bright as it can be, this happen exactly one year ago, and the events that took place would be the push that I needed from the most unlikely of men.. 1,628 more words


Sex and the Single Vamp - Vampire Verisimilitude

“Let’s talk about sex, ba-by — all the good things… and the Vamp things… that may be!”

That Salt-N-Pepa song came out two years after I was born — the first time. 432 more words

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LETS TALK ABOUT SEX ➡️ It's gunna gunna blow up in my face but come on, light me up. 

So if you know me, you know I love fast and hard – outcome can typically be the same when I put expectations on it (yet at this time I didn’t realize, 55% of the problem was, well, me) so the first night I met him we went for drink and talked and he was absolutely beautiful, plus drove a sexy fast car and knew how to drive it (side note – don’t drink and drive it’s not smart) so we were both obsessed with each other, and I ended up sleeping over at him condo and he told me was his, and that his mom just got out of rehab and was staying with him haha so we get back to his place and make up a story about how we went to school together for something stupid, so we are having a smoke and who comes out at 4am but his mother and he tells me his name is.. 258 more words


Let's talk about sex; A sextravaganza!

First and foremost, let’s all be mature about this because it’s a serious matter for some people don’t have enough knowledge on it && better grab some snacks cause this will be a long one! 1,114 more words

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(ReBlog) What Bill Cosby Helped Reveal About Black Women, Male Privilege & The Nature of Sexual Assault in 2015

So, is this the state of Black women in this country today? A state in which, Black women will openly and audaciously dare to challenge the truth of another woman, in support of a man? 1,222 more words

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