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Today on Donna's Anatomy

I just realized this title sounds weird and somehow dirty. But what I have to tell you is neither weird or dirty. This is a small update on why there was no review last week and why there will be less reviews for the remaining months of the year. 364 more words

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Your Phone, Your Privacy? (Relationship)

For this Vent it blog, I’ll categorize it as an “Let’s talk about..”

Many people may say that I have no saying in this topic whatsoever, because I am according to this generation’s slang “Single as a pringle”or in some cases “Single like a dollar bill” But I truly feel that everyone has the right to vent their own opinion. 283 more words


Teaching About Kids Allowance

Taking the time to learn wise financial strategies and putting them into practice like kids allowance has a great impact on your children.

Research shows that the substantial majority of kids are destined for a financial future that is remarkably similar to that of their parents. 519 more words


Let's Talk About... My Obsession With Reign

Hello strangers, I know it’s been a while. I promised to come back to blogging weeks ago but I’ve been struggling to find a balance. I’ve had a very long, stressful, hectic and crazy couple of months but I’m starting to find my feet again. 489 more words

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Let's Talk About: Coconut oil!


I’m really trying to get into YouTube and making videos, today I’m going to film one video, another one tomorrow. Yesterday I posted one on YouTube: 16 more words


Let's talk about VerbalEyze & Writing Toolkits

If you’re between 13 and 22 years of age, or if you know an aspiring young writer in that age range, we have a great resource to share with you. 230 more words

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Let's Talk About: Mancandy

Every time I do an entry about a Mexican designer it tends to be a jewelry designer, that’s why I’m so glad to talk about this next brand that is starting to gain more territory within the fashion industry, hope you guys like what this brand has to offer. 44 more words

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