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Let's Talk About: Review!


Okay, I promised that I would do some sort of review thing to help go over what we have talked about and just help reinforce all we have learned. 507 more words

Level 1

Lets Talk About Secret World Legends!

Secret World has gone free to play and has been renamed Secret World Legends. I haven’t played this game in years and decided to jump back in and see what missed.  360 more words


Silence is loud!

There comes a time in your life where in you ll forget al the pain you held back. There comes a time in your life when you become a happy soul. 54 more words

Let's Talk About..

Let's talk about: Skam *Cries in Norwegian* 

I’ve been meaning to talk about this show since the first time i watched it a few months ago, but by the time i got to do it, it was announced the final season was about to begin so i decided on waiting until the very end before i talk about it. 1,662 more words

Tv Show

Let's Talk About Horizon Zero Dawn

Going into Horizon Zero Dawn, I had no idea what to expect. Guerrilla Games has always been known as the Killzone team, and Horizon Zero Dawn… 459 more words


Lets Talk About Cryptark and Nex Machina!

I have two games I want to talk about today and they’re both local co op twin stick shooters!  418 more words



Old school of leadership must go obsolete at the earliest. It’s not beneficial to look for hard working people because they’re expensive. In the world where loyal people weigh more than that of gold, today’s leaders must know to adapt to the generation they are passing over. 477 more words

Let's Talk About..