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Let's Talk About...Firewatch and Isolation

Spoiler Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the plot of 2016’s ‘Firewatch’. 

Well, it only took me a whole year to get around to it, but I finally sat down and played through one of 2016’s more interesting adventures, … 914 more words


Let's talk about insecurities and fear of failure

I have quite a special relationship with my own brain. You see, I am fully aware of the fact that I can’t always trust it. It’s not always kind to me, and sometimes it just straight up lies to me. 1,123 more words


Nouveautés séries "in-coming"

Versailles (S2) , Trailer                 Riverdale Trailer                   The last Tycoon ,   Trailer



Let's Talk About...

Vous aimer , Caroline BONGRAND

Une femme , un corps , un esprit .

Une femme vit avec un homme depuis 10 ans.

Il ne cesse de l’a critiqué sur son physique et ne l’a considère que pour celui-ci . 160 more words

Let's Talk About...

Au début de l'amour , Judith HERMANN

L’histoire de Stella, jeune femme mariée et mère d’une petite fille de 4 ans . 

Sa vie est plate , monotone . 

Elle se retrouve un jour confronté à un homme qui désire lui parler .  138 more words

Let's Talk About...

Let's Talk About: Cursing in a Fantasy World

I think about cursing a lot. Actually, you can cut that down to, “I curse a lot.” I’m not exactly proud of it, but I’ve come to accept cursing (and let’s say “swearing” from here on out, or else things’ll get confusing; we are talking about fantasy, with its actual curses after all). 1,005 more words

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