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Video Post: VO Review Grow Home

I got bored and made a video for the last post about Grow Home. It has a silly with video and voices. =)

Transcript can be found here


Let's Talk About | League of Legends' Bard

Riot just introduced their latest addition to the League of Legends character roster: Bard, the “Wandering Caretaker.” Trying out our newest article format, “Let’s Talk About,” Jillian and Joey have a chat about Bard’s appearance and judge him on mostly superficial merits. 601 more words

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Let's Talk About: Grow Home

There is no competition, there is no worry, there is only your task at hand, to Climb and the Grow.

Samu, the Zen practice of physical work, through doing, being present and in the moment, leading to an enlightened Zen state. 746 more words


A Social Meet-Up by Nordstrom

Hey guys!

I’ve got to tell you…It feels good to be back.

As you all may have heard, a little store called Nordstrom is coming to… 378 more words



Hey whovains, this is the second part of the series LET’S TALK ABOUT… :D enjoy!

Regenerations, if there’s one thing that can break a whovain’s hart IT’S A REGENERATION. 468 more words



Hey whovains, I decided to start this series: LET’S TALK ABOUT… Here I take a fandom thing and I give my opinion about it :D isn’t that fun?! 153 more words


Let's Talk About... Travelling The World

I want to go out and explore the world but to do that you need money and that’s not something I have to spare at the moment. 255 more words

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