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Gal*Gun DLC Lets You See Through Clothes For Just $90

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Gal*Gun: Double Peace is basically House Of The Dead, except anime boobs. It is in all ways shameless, a policy that extends to its DLC. 157 more words


'Family Vault' Lets Amazon Prime Members Share Free Photo Storage

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For those unfamiliar with

The thinking behind Family Vault is to allow close friends and families to see each other’s photos and videos in a single location, and be able to access them on their own devices, at no cost to those added by the Prime account holder. 318 more words


A Sex Video Game That Always Lets You Say 'No'

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The opening scene in Cute Demon Crashers is a bored, horny, virgin college girl who’s home alone during spring break. Suddenly three incubi and a succubus, male and female sex demons, appear out of a portal in her hallway. 696 more words


EwF lets you enjoy a cone-load of fries for just $1 every Monday to Thursday from 3pm – 6pm (17 Oct – 10 Nov 16)

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Where can you get the cheapest fries?

Well, at least for now, you can get a cone-load of fries at EwF @ Bugis Junction for just $1… 108 more words

Money Matters

Let’s~by Nurse Kelly


Let’s travel to the city on a stormy Monday morning,

we’ll lose ourselves in a railway station,

 slip through a portal that takes us far away, 40 more words



Let’s travel to the city on a stormy Monday morning, we’ll lose ourselves in a railway station, slip through a portal that takes us far away, to a white linen table where we’ll reorder words, sigh with no conclusions, and dance to the movement that becomes performance, that finds, that leads, that carries us home, on a train through the storm in the rain. 12 more words


Obama lets Americans bring home more cuban cigars and rum

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The Obama administration announced Friday that it would raise limits on the importation of Cuban alcohol and tobacco products for personal use in the baggage of returning US residents. 352 more words

Money Matters