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I made this letter art for the shop I just retired from. It was a thank you gift for how good they treated me for 13 years. 545 more words

Gift Ideas


I made this letter art as a Christmas gift for my daughter. My intention was for her to hang it by her desk at work. Where she works there wasn’t any empty wall space suitable for hanging any artwork. 164 more words

Gift Ideas


A poem writ from an experience on a bridge…


voices mingling
           reaching out
           across a (painted) bridge

opening wind

           whispering leaves

The way this particular work is rendered has everything to do with gesture: the control of the tool, expression through colour, shape and unoccupied space – which can be as provocative as that which is occupied. 111 more words


O Holy Night

Christmas is a time to WORSHIP!


Hand-crafted Thoughts

The Little Indigo Book

Handmade flax papers dipped in indigo dye, select pages shown. The resist lettering was done with a ruling pen and WN masking fluid. The book was bound with linen thread which I also dipped into the indigo vat. 23 more words


Jewelweed Moon

I’m still working on the Jewelweed Book. A circular symbol emerged in these latest paintings, most certainly influenced by Sunday’s lunar eclipse. I’d jotted something about it in my diary, calling it the Jewelweed Moon.


Alphabet Dupe

Okay, so I made an Alphabet for all you guys who are still learning to read, hope this helps with understanding my future blog posts! 273 more words