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Embroidering Pages

Silk thread on muslin, 4 1/2″ x 9″, letterforms are about 2″ high, first pencilled in, then worked with a wrapped backstitch. This is just a very uncomplicated practice piece centered around the idea of cloth pages and cloth books. 109 more words


The Little Indigo Book

Handmade flax papers dipped in indigo dye, select pages shown. The resist lettering was done with a ruling pen and WN masking fluid. The book was bound with linen thread which I also dipped into the indigo vat. 43 more words


Jewelweed Moon

I’m still working on the Jewelweed Book. A circular symbol emerged in these latest paintings, most certainly influenced by Sunday’s lunar eclipse. I’d jotted something about it in my diary, calling it the Jewelweed Moon.


Alphabet Dupe

Okay, so I made an Alphabet for all you guys who are still learning to read, hope this helps with understanding my future blog posts! 273 more words


Jewelweed, Pages 2 & 3

Watercolor and ink on Arches text wove, 13″ x 22″ (open), individual images are each 9 1/2″ x 7 1/2″. I am continuing work on the pre-bound Jewelweed Book (see July 29th post). 17 more words


Singing Liripipe Book

Watercolor on Arches text wove, 10″ x 13″ (open), bound with Saint-Armand paper, a selection of pages shown. The texts are my own – a series of poems about the jewelweed plant. 22 more words



In my efforts to decide upon a script for the Jewelweed Book, I made a few discoveries and inadvertently began another artist book. I was trying to develop a fluent broad-edged minuscule hand that would still be fluent when written in masking fluid. 301 more words