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Letter Art Challenge - Week 25

Hey ! Hurray ! Finally back at work after our 2 week Easter break.

I love my kids dearly and I love being on holiday with them. 204 more words


Letter Art Challenge - Letter 23

Another week, another letter ! Are you ready ?!

I love this letter. A lot of great patterns, pictures or words can be created using the outstanding letter ….. 115 more words


Letter Art Challenge - Letter 22

Come on guys, only 5 more weeks to go and we will have finished all 26 letters !

You can do it !!! I may have to think of a reward for everyone who completes this challenge i think …. 141 more words


Letter Art Challenge - Week 21

This one is slightly delayed,as I have been a bit distracted with my new collection lately. Sorry guys. But here it is, a bit earlier than normal in the day but wanted to make sure to post this before I press the Launch button on our… 181 more words


Letter Art Challenge - Week 20

Letter 20.

It has been quite the challenge, staying on top of this every week. Fo trial of resilience for sure but here we are, we have arrived at Week 20 (already !). 138 more words


N: Bigger Attempts, Bigger Mistakes

Hello one and all!

Today I decided to revisit letter art; however, unlike my previous attempt, this time I decided to focus on one single image instead of several smaller components. 301 more words

February ABCs

Letter Art Challenge - Letter 17

I can’t believe that we have been here in Åre, Sweden for five days already.

Time flies when you are having fun, right ?! 97 more words