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Astronomy Series

I’m employing the term ‘series’ a little loosely here. My intial thought was to use some study notecards I’ve been making for astronomy quizzes as a starting place for a few artist’s books. 106 more words


D is for... Decopatching!

I completed another 1st birthday present today…

Make It!

Snow Versal

Truly found, and I’m not sure how it formed, but I thought its proportions too beautiful to ignore. The winters here are so long. Add to the winter musings of scribes, lettering on the numberless pages of snow.


Small Accordion Book

This began as playful practice. I used Rives lightweight, painted with gesso on the back, for the book block, and St-Armand and other papers for the secret signatures. 118 more words


Notes on Writing Cards

1. Use your own handwriting. Chose a tasteful pen. Write slowly.

2. Write for consolation, encouragement, or to share you life with a close friend. Or write strangers whose work you appreciate. 118 more words



This morning I had an idea for letter and word practice for my kids. I drew the outlines of letters, and they filled them in by writing the letter over and over again. 52 more words

Sketches And Drawings