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Injustice in Ferguson

This week a verdict made by a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri sparked controversy and anger throughout the nation. As almost everyone is aware, the verdict was whether or not to indict Officer Darren Williams for the August 9th shooting of Michael Brown. 951 more words

Political Theory In The News

The Periodic Poem

I don’t know if this is a type of poem, but it is a type of sentence. As far as I know (which isn’t much) a sentence can be a poem, so there we have it, a Periodic Poem. 697 more words


The Letter from Birmingham Jail, by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you do nothing else in commemoration of the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., please read through this missive, his Letter from Birmingham Jail… 7,227 more words


Dr. King Penned Famous ‘Letter From Birmingham Jail’ 49 Years Ago Today

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s position as an effective orator and passionate organizer of social movements is typically how most remember the civil rights leader and activist. 192 more words


Ruben Studdard On Divorce, New Album, And Lessons Learned: "This Is What I Went Through"

With the release of his fifth album since winning American Idol in 2003, Ruben Studdard reveals the hard-learned lessons about life, love, and how his divorce has impacted his music. 456 more words

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Letter From A Birmingham Jail

On Good Friday in 1963, 53 blacks, led by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., marched into downtown Birmingham to protest the existing segregation laws. All were arrested. 7,114 more words


In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.: An Excerpt from "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"

“In the midst of a mighty struggle to rid our nation of racial and economic injustice, I have heard many ministers say: “Those are social issues, with which the gospel has no real concern.” And I have watched many churches commit themselves to a completely other worldly religion which makes a strange, un-Biblical distinction between body and soul, between the sacred and the secular….

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