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Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Congrats, we’ve officially made it halfway through the spring semester! For sophomores and juniors like myself, it can be easy to lose perspective while working through mountains of assignments semester after semester. 235 more words

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Lettider: Creativity in Us

By: Jessica Sanders

As happy as I am to have my favorite princess, Belle, come to the screen as a live action picture, I’m a bit saddened. 494 more words

Opinion & Editorial

State of the Magazine Address

We’re at a turning point and, if you’d allow me to be your tour guide, I’d like to walk through the last few months of Sick Lit Magazine. 823 more words


Love, Life, and the Aftermath - Editor-in-Chief, Kelly Fitzharris [Coody]


It’s the shortest month, the most romanticized month, and it’s also…just…a…month.

2017 was a false positive for the vast majority of us; what I mean is that we had inflated, unrealistic hopes of what the beginning of this New Year would bring. 1,156 more words


Issue No. I: Letter from the Editor

This year, I began a new ritual. I read Joan Didion’s book of essays, Slouching Towards Bethlehem and I began keeping a notebook. The idea, she wrote, was that one uninspiring morning, we will “simply open notebook and there it will all be, a forgotten account with accumulated interest, paid passage back to the world out there.” 393 more words


The University's Real Image Problem

Managing Editor, UAS Whalesong

According to the FY2017 Approved Operating and Capital Budgets, I have seen the University raise tuition by over 12% (Appendix B) since I arrived in Fall 2013, and then request an additional 5% increase in the FY2018 Operating and Capital Budget Requests. 366 more words


Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

Recent transitions of power in the White House have had their reverberations felt around the nation and, indeed, here in Sewanee. In this issue, you will find several articles touching on a variety of issues that, as exacerbated by the state of the nation’s current political climate, continue to be of the utmost importance to the Sewanee community at large. 179 more words

Letter From The Editor