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Letter from the Editor, Kristin Washagan

by Kristin Washagan
Head Editor

Graduation is a difficult concept to swallow. We are traveling into the unknown: the future. We, the class of 2015, are leaving behind the school and community we grew to love, and yet, we all have tears of joy. 268 more words


Let's Begin with a Cryptic Question

What is writing?  Writing is the expression of ideas, opinions, and thoughts, organized or abstract or whatnot.

It’s safe to say, then, that writing is its own brand of art.   395 more words

Letter From The Editor

Letter From the Editor, July 31: Please Take a Week Off

I started my first professional venture as a strategic communications consultant in April 2013, and since then, I’ve never taken a week off. I’ve opted for the “a little bit here, and a little there” strategy when it comes to time off. 414 more words

Jet Setter

July 2015: Recap, reflections & finding the upside

July 31, 2015 (Friday) — Now that July has come and gone I can honestly say: Wow, what a weird month. While “rollercoaster” is grossly overused as a metaphor for describing the unemployment experience, I haven’t yet thought of a better one.  855 more words

Diary Post

Letter From the Editor

Even the most well-rounded writer might have a little trouble when it comes to producing illustrations and children’s picture books if we don’t happen to have the knack for drawing or creating awesome graphic designs. 90 more words

Write 2 Be Magazine

A simpler way...

I keep nourishing this dream I have of maybe finding a place where I can live simpler. Be one with who I truly am, take advantage of nature’s resources and so on. 376 more words

Letter From The Editor

“Just as there is an ideal drink for each particular environment, it is the environment, in and for itself, which produces the ideal drink.”

-Alexander Cohiba