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Makeup: Love It, Hate It, Can't Create It

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with makeup. I love how you can transform yourself by applying a few powders and creams to your face. I love how stunning makeup can add an extra layer to a runway show. 769 more words


Letter From the Editor - October, 2017

My five-year-old son is really into playing dress-up these days. Going through his closet I see a Power Rangers costume (Blue Ranger, of course), a pirate costume, a farmer costume, a ninja turtle costume (he likes Raphael for some reason), and the latest addition, Cat Boy from a newly discovered show called PJ Masks. 429 more words


Letter from the Editor

Dearest Dying Dahlia Readers and Writers —

DDR will be taking another break.

Why? Well, I think there are many reasons a literary journal/review needs to take a break from time to time. 350 more words


Letter From The Editor

I haven’t successfully reached out to any of you to put together our first story. In fact, I haven’t attempted to reach out to any of you at all. 142 more words

Dan Petito

My Wardrobe Favorites

Hey everyone! Although I’m very interested in the world of fashion and style, I don’t often talk about my own tastes or how I apply fashion to my own life. 990 more words


Lettider: A Clean Cup

By: Jessica Sanders

Did you ever stop to think how much education has influenced your life? How did you learn to walk, talk, read, and so much more? 377 more words


Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself? #lol

A great deal has been made of the fact that the opposite of love is not in fact hate, but rather fear. I think this is a logical conclusion as hate is such a narrow and constricting emotion, whereas fear, like love, is expansive and multifaceted. 886 more words