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Anyone else asking themselves, 'What the *CUSS WORD* is going on?!' I am. So are a lot of women right now. - Kelly Fitzharris Coody

For starters, let me be clear: since my last post, things have gotten much, much worse in terms of cyber bullying and trolling. 

“My blood pressure has stayed at heart-attack level for days.” 267 more words


A Letter from the Editor

Managing Editor, UAS Whalesong

As many of you already know, University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen announced recently that the university is considering a number of cuts to college sports teams at UAF and UAA. 613 more words

Campus Life

You have no idea what you've done. You've elected The Hunger Games. - Kelly Fitzharris Coody

A few words on bullying, misogyny, racism, harassment, and the future of our nation. 

“Ignore it — they want you to react.”

“Don’t engage with them; it doesn’t help.” 1,338 more words


Who Wants to Talk American Politics? No One? Anyone? Okay, Okay, You've Twisted my Arm. I'll go. - Kelly Coody

No matter how you woke up feeling today: deflated, depressed, let down, apathetic, disillusioned, or even if you’re happy with the election outcome, it’s evident that what Americans are deficient in the most these days is basic kindness. 885 more words


Editor's Note: We Are "Threading, Unbroken, Begetting"

This morning, I sent my best friend Annie Finch’s poem Moon for Our Daughters. The middle stanza of the poem reads: “These are our bodies’ own voices, / Powers of each of our bodies, / Threading, unbroken, begetting.” She sent back, “Overnight all my plants wilted at my desk, and I walked to my office in the pouring rain.” Outside my window, the rain came down too. 491 more words

Book Blog

"Keep Going, Right Now, With What You Have!"

I have always known that Small Biz Magazine would relaunch. While preparing for the relaunch to occur, I always dreaded having to explain and even talk about SBM hiatus. 200 more words

Keep Going

Lettider: My Veins Run Cubbie Blue

By: Jessica Sanders

All my life I have shared a special bond with my mom. One of the best gifts she has shared with me is her love of the Chicago Cubs. 523 more words

Illinois College