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Is Winter Coming Again?

Snow, ice, and sunshine. It’s our second winter in Vienna, but I get the feeling that we have seen anything yet. We had a big snow a few weeks ago, the first sign of winter, and now that it’s gone everyone is ready for spring. 494 more words

Fifth Letter Home

Greetings to all,

Welcome to my Q4 2014 update email. When I last wrote, we were preparing for the big festival of Tabaski. As you may remember from this time last year, Tabaski is the celebration of God sparing Abraham’s child Isaac who He had commanded should be sacrificed, allowing Abraham to sacrifice a male sheep in his place. 778 more words

Peace Corps

Enjoy the Journey

I’m on a night bus going the wrong direction and it’s snowing like crazy. This is awesome. Lately I’ve been pushing the limits. Last Saturday I found out that the store that sells diapers and laundry detergent actually closes at 5 on Saturday instead of six like the grocery store. 801 more words

Christmas Spirit

We got through the fourth business trip and managed to have a lot of fun both during and after. We’ve been going out to the Christmas markets and events and the kids grew up overnight. 436 more words

Laughing Leo

Duke and I took an intensive ballroom dance class for young singles over the last six weeks.  We learned to foxtrot, cha cha, boogie, samba, waltz, polka and tango.   435 more words

Dressing up with Grandma and Poppy

All told we had three great weeks with Grandma and Poppy. I will really miss Santa Claus chasing the leprechaun around the house in search of wishes and Sir Luchador begging favor from the princess. 454 more words

Fourth Letter Home

Greetings to all,

Welcome to my Q3 2014 update email. When I last wrote, we had just opened the Saloum Store and were celebrating Ramadan. 1,374 more words

Peace Corps