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Service Director Offers Challenge to Students

This piece was published in the October 2015 issue of the Prep News, and is a letter to the editor written by Mr. Max Magee, Director of Ignatian Service Programs… 283 more words


Copy, Not Even Shake, And Paste

Recycling fraud (also called self-plagiarism, which is of course an oxymoron) may in fact be more common in scientific literature than brazen plagiarism. Given the general ineffectiveness of respective detection software, it may only be recognized on a highly individual basis. 335 more words


'Letter to the Editor'

Dorn Simon-Sinnott


The Editor
Daily Mail

Dear Sir,
The continued and insensitive use of the acronym ISIS, to refer to the Daesh terrorist group, is serving no-one other then the terrorists themselves. 278 more words


Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Re “The Sympathetic Silence is Killing Me” (opinion, Oct. 26)

Note: While it is a fact that anyone can be sexually assaulted or be the perpetrator of an assault, the article at hand focused on the relationship between cisgender men and women. 749 more words

Sexual Assault

Letter to the editor, Toronto Star

Re: Emily Carr rises above the Group of Seven, April 11

Emily Carr rises above the Group of Seven, April 11

Reporter Murray Whyte does justice to Emily Carr but is a little unfair to the Group of Seven, I think. 50 more words

Letters to the Editor: Smoking on Campus

Editor’s note:  During the Student Bar Association meeting on 11/3/2015, an open forum was held discussing and debating the concept of a smoking ban on campus.   1,184 more words


Letter to the Editor

May I clarify a few points and correct some misinformation in your October 19th article on Fulford Hall? Tess Steele did a great job with her story. 1,027 more words