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Letter to the Editor

Nebraska has a bright future in renewable energy

By Lu Nelsen, lucasn@cfra.org, Center for Rural Affairs

 Dear Editor,

Nebraska has a bright future in renewable energy. 302 more words

Letter To The Editor

Opinion: A case for slavery

We received a letter today that peaked our interest and that we would like to address today.

Dear APR,

My friend and me were arguing about the good of slavery but we hit a wall in the conversation.

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LETTER: Trump threatens to substantially turn back the clock on climate change progress

Peninsula Daily News

Tue Jan 31st, 2017 1:30am, Letters to the Editor

Far from making America great again, Donald Trump may in fact threaten human civilization by setting in motion runaway climate change beyond the capacity of civilization to cope. 249 more words


Letter To the Editor

Re: “Study Abroad In South Africa Suspended,” January 25, 2017

Dear Editors:

I am writing in response to your recent article entitled “Study Abroad South Africa Suspended,” published on January 25, 2017. 588 more words


Letter to the Editor: The term 'people of color' is like... definitely racist... right?

Dear APR,

I was flipping through radio channels and a Black Lives Matter event was being covered. The announcer was describing a specific activist in the crowd and referred to that person as a, “person of color” and I just thought to myself that the phrase “person of color’ is definitely really racist, isn’t it?

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Letter to the Editor

NATALIE SULLIVAN, Class of 2014 writes:

My name is Natalie Sullivan, and I am an alumnus of Manhattan College as well as the former editor-in-chief of the Quadrangle. 373 more words

Opinions & Editorials

In Response to the Editorial: Is the University Forgetting its Purpose?

Chancellor, University of Alaska Southeast
For the UAS Whalesong

As UAS Chancellor I appreciate the questions raised in the recent Whalesong editorial: Is the University Forgetting its Purpose? 663 more words