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Let's just go.

Dirty D,

Let’s go on an adventure.

Let’s skip class, or school and just explore with out friends.

Let’s take a day to ourselves.

Let’s have a picnic on the square, and go antique shopping. 134 more words


Letter to My Uncle

Letter to My Uncle

A photo posted by Jasmine Rose Penter (@jasminepenter) on Oct 12, 2015 at 10:44pm PDT

My Dearest Uncle Hal,

There never has been a day in my life where you did not exist. 

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A letter to my future husband

I’ve never been one to fantasize about weddings or marriage. Quite frankly, it’s safe to say the very idea mortified me. I always saw marriage as this imposed upon institution – this gamble which will most likely leave one or both parties bitterly disappointed. 350 more words

Real Talk

As I sit and watch our world fall apart.

When I met you, you were just another guy in the club. You were with your friends and I was with mine…
I didn’t even know your name when on impulse due to anger aimed at another guy in my life led me to ask you to come home with me. 1,840 more words


forty seven


I saw you walk by the window the other day. How long has it been? One year? Two? Yesterday? Could of been. There’s no fence around time. 139 more words

168 LeetCode Java: Excel Sheet Column Title - Easy


Given a positive integer, return its corresponding column title as appear in an Excel sheet.

For example:

    1 -> A
    2 -> B
    3 -> C
    ... 83 more words

LOVE ME - THE 1975

Okay this last weekend there was only one song that was really my jam, and that was Love Me by The 1975. This is the very first single coming out of their new album and things are looking good. 154 more words