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A letter from beyond the border...

Year 1975. Time is 7:15pm. The sky is dark and it is cold outside. Wind is blowing hard with an eerie noise. Sitting inside a tent, in the flickering light of the lamp, a man writes… 386 more words

I Love You

To those who need to know: I love you.

Dear Someone,

Notice I didn’t write, “Dear No One.” You’re not no one. You’re someone. You’re important, even if he didn’t think so. 431 more words

“We need at least one friend who understands what we do not say.”

-Dr. Sunwolf


Writing a Sponsorship/ Donation Letter: an Experiment

I’m running out of ideas. The disability application process is taking forever, and my funds are close to zero. I’m going to try writing a letter to ask for sponsorship/ donations, and see if I can get the attention of a couple companies or individuals. 703 more words


25 February 1918

Extract from the diary of Lt Eric M Stuart, 12th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment 

Did P.T. and gas drill in morning also a full inspection by D Coy dugouts in afternoon. 41 more words

To St. Patrick's Day (Late)

Dear St. Patricks Day,

You know I have always loved you. You’ve been the representation of a culture that has always opened the door for me. 242 more words


A Letter I'll Never Post

To the aunties,

in sari’s and dupattas and ghagra choli’s,

My mom tells me not to make enemies,

so i wish to come,

out, in terms with you. 195 more words

Out Of The Blue Perceptions