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Dear TV

Sorry! I abandoned you. Once you were my best friend.Throughout childhood you gave me endless joy, laughter and love. You showed me various places,emotions and people.You boosted my imagination which was developed through books.You gave me new dreams and wishes. 62 more words


23 Jan 65 : Muhammad Ali makes an impression : New York, USA

This continues the letter dated 17th January 1965, which began…

New York

Dear family,

Saturday 23rd Jan

Well, we finished our job in New Jersey and drove back to New York to spend the weekend here. 419 more words


Dear Dick,

(i.e. the man doing construction in my building who looks like Kevin Bacon)

When I walked into work that morning, wet hair, stains from spilt coffee on my scarf, you were the first thing I saw. 639 more words



22 de enero de 2018, 22:25, Bogotá.

Para Mamá

Hoy cuando llegué a casa, lo primero que pensé era que ibas a buscar algo para pelear, de hecho cuando encontré las toallas en mi habitación ya estaba seguro de ello. 48 more words


Dear Fellow Writers: An Open Letter

Some writers love to push boundaries with the topics they choose, I can respect a writer being adventurous, but I’d also advise tactfulness.

I understand that in this day & age, filth and scandal often get the higher traffic, but I refuse to be a writer that wallows in that mire. 20 more words


A letter.

I’m not sure what hurts more… the blistering hatred I have for you or the far and few moments apart when I miss you. 426 more words

A Blast From the Past

I was digging through my old files the other day and discovered this beauty. Since I haven’t written anything interesting for school lately, here you go. 419 more words