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Dear Absent Dad,

From a Daughter

You weren’t there when I was learning to ride my bike. And every time you promised to visit, you weren’t the one who had to wipe away my tears when you didn’t show up. 281 more words



*This is a work of fiction with some cursing.  Consider yourself warned.

Dear You,

Remember me? The girl you never met at that blind date. I hadn’t been very excited for the date at first, not because I was less inclined to meet you but because my past experiences had made me wary of people. 387 more words


Like A Storm

Is there a word for when you’re in a storm where the wind is raging yet the sky is clear, and you suddenly feel nostalgic and sentimental for no apparent reason. 132 more words


Cool convertible, heading south! : 6-9 Dec 64

Collingswood, New Jersey, 

Sunday 6th December

Dear Mum, Dad, Nigel and Carol,

Yesterday we had our craziest day to date in the store – thousands of kids practically on the verge of a riot, and almost tearing everything apart. 1,786 more words



My dear,
I’ve seen the sky pouring so hard
like it was cut open,
and all the water it contains
just escapes like baby goats… 150 more words


An apology

I would have imagined us walking down a street in the midnight of Venice with glimmering lakes and the smell of serenity

I would have imagined us spread across the cold sands in a beach with frozen sunlight, someplace where it’s okay if the sand sticks a little too much to our palms… 131 more words

Letter penned a day before Titanic sank sold at UK auction

LONDON (AP) — A letter written by one of the Titanic’s passengers a day before the ocean liner sank has sold for 126,000 pounds ($166,000) at an auction in England. 257 more words

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