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"A Letter To A Stranger"

By John Patrick Robbins

Dear Stranger, 

We met so many years ago now I see you through such different eye’s.
Aged and broken like most older men. 187 more words


Empowering Children


by: Danica Joy Ariente

A tree without a fruit is boring, same as receiving nothing in hard work. Every child is important, what would the world look like if there ain’t children existing?

169 more words

Dear Vanessa,

The bus. The rambunctious elementary students, talking endlessly, then there was you.

I don’t even know how we started a conversation, just three people(my sister is included in this) all socially awkward. 345 more words

Topic-Changing Thursdays: Dear Chiplet, Part 2

Dear Chiplet,

I finally feel comfortable writing to you about this. Back when you were newly 8 months old, I gave you some peanut butter. You had it before that and were fine, but this time it was either having had it for a few times or the fact that I gave you a bit more, but you had an allergic reaction. 558 more words

Fudging Ahead

Dear Future Me (32)

Dear Future Me,

Please tell me you didn’t give in and go to law school like everyone tells you to! Gosh, I don’t know what I would do if I knew I’d be stuck in a boring school of death for pretty much the rest of my life. 403 more words

Letter to my father

Dear Dad,

You no longer get to call yourself that. I waited for you. We waited for you.

You weren’t there. For anything or anyone. You missed us growing up, missed us blossoming into the people we are today. 481 more words


An open letter from my heart💌

Dear mind,

As I write this letter I’m not sure of your address. I know it seems awkward, but I am still struggling to find your home. 356 more words