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Dear Devil, I've Missed You, Welcome Back!

When I first found my faith, you were there.  I remember it.  At first, it was questionable, but every day I grew firmer in grace you got closer.  1,459 more words


Part 5 : How to address a letter?

In the previous section, we have discussed about addressing an envelope. Now we are going to discuss about addressing a letter.

Writing the proper salutation is crucial in professional, business and academic settings. 430 more words

Letter Writing

Dear Younger Me

Girl, you done f***** up.

While you’re most likely indulging in a late night snack or getting caught up in the world of boys (we’ll address that chaos further in), you can’t fathom the uncanny roller coaster that you’re about to cluelessly embark on. 749 more words

A letter to the friends I have lost

When i think of you, I still love you dearly.
Though we may not have spoken in a while, and while we may never get a chance to speak to one another again, the memories I’ve shared with you still resonate strongly with me. 49 more words


Dear Me; Love Me

Dear Me,

Hi, Friend. I know you don’t hear that greeting very often so I’ll offer it up to you(me) so you feel like someone is happy to see you(me). 640 more words


Dear Friends...

Dear Friends,

You have been there for me in the worst and best of times. You have seen me fighting with myself and seen the great things I can do when I set my mind to them. 438 more words