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A letter to Jane Roe

Everyone was created in the image of God,
A verse in the The Holy Bible says,
You wanted to grow up & look like Alicia Keys, 204 more words

Jane Roe

Don't Ask

Dear Alese, “Why do you like her?” I was asked once. No more than once, but this incident pops up right now. Round and round a walking track we went, the question came up, and I dodged it in the easiest way any question can be dodged: talk about the person asking instead. 563 more words


Day 22 letter challenge

Someone you want to give a second chance to.

Dear someone I want to give a second chance to,

Hi! How are you? I hope you’re alright! 535 more words


Letter To My Lost King

I feel like I can see you, but I know that you are lost. Trapped in desert storms as the Sahara’s sand tussles with the struggle to defeat you… but it cant cause you’re a real man. 316 more words


Day 1

Dear X,

So far today I’ve done well.  I haven’t cried.  I also haven’t slept much though.  I did some yoga, moved furniture around a bit.  671 more words


Quicksand Stickiness

Dear Alese,

It feels like a betrayal, y’know. It feels like you’re turning your back on every good I ever did, on every kind work I ever spoke, on every thing I ever felt for you, because I chose me once. 544 more words