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A Letter to my High school

Dear Crappy High School,
I never expected high school to be the best four years of my life. I didn’t expect it be anything like High School Musical or Grease. 784 more words

A Letter to My Mother Part 2- Teen Years

Hello again, Mother.

This is the letter that’s going to be the hardest to write. It’s so hard because these were the years that defined a lot of my struggles, a lot of my hurt. 3,001 more words

Mental Health


Ι could begin with the pink, dreamy words, about peace, happiness and countless love…But I really don’t want to waste this page with word I don’t mean and assumptions that will never come true… 191 more words


My Bad: An Apology Letter to Ol' Boy Who Surely Got the Proverbial Smackdown

See, I didn’t set out to ruin your day, Joe. I really didn’t. It just so happened that the way my refrigerator is set-up right now, I had to go across town to pick-up something to eat. 756 more words



I saw someone who looked just like you at the store today. I almost went up and hugged her to see if maybe that would heal some of the hurt you left behind. 44 more words



Today, I assembled a table – including usage of screw driver and box cutter. I know that you had asked to do it for me before you left, but I find an odd satisfaction in doing these things by myself. 946 more words

Creative Writing

A Love Letter To The Universe

Goodnight my deer love

I know it is late

But I needed to say

Whats been on my mind:

When I look at your eyes… 73 more words