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To: My harshest critic, my unconditional fan

 I’m going away and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You regret shouting at me over the phone. How we were fighting and you slammed the phone in the middle. 506 more words



i guess this is a letter to young me, and as old me having dominion over young me, and the fortune of being older and equipped with technology and the dream of possibly time traveling by watching too much sci-fi, or something- and possibly giving you this letter. 930 more words



I’m pretty sure I’d say goodbye to all the agents that drove me to dream of you. I didn’t even love you like that, yet here you are. 252 more words

The Philpotts Letters -13

Well I guess this is growing up (blink-182)

Dear Adults

You are no longer children. You are eighteen. Bloody hell, eighteen years old. You can vote, and fight for your country, and have sex. 983 more words


Fitzgerald's Advice

I’m fond of letters of wisdom from one generation to the next and found this gold on Brain Pickings.

In a 1933 letter to his 11-year-old daughter Scottie, F. 235 more words

Expat Life

XVII. Letter to Rhys

Rhys is fixing her things at that moment when she saw an unfamiliar envelope. She opened it and realized that it was a letter dedicated to her. 686 more words