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The ones who say I look at the world the wrong way

The people who think I’m a snob

The whispers that say “Did you know…?” 100 more words


My Sis! My Ride Or Die!

Georgia Mae. A name I’ve know for most of my life. She isn’t just another friend I made. She is probably one of the very few people in this world that are able to make me very happy even if she doesn’t always feel that way herself. 1,173 more words


To a long lost friend

This post is a little bit different. It’s a letter -kind of like the one I posted years ago– These are the things I want to tell someone who hasn’t been in my life in a long time, but I miss them so much sometimes that I wish I could see them at least one more time. 461 more words

A promise to "player 1"

I saw a video about whether we are living in a simulation. The three given reasons are overwhelming, yet fictional. Since analyzing theories, even the most inconceivable ones,  are some kind of amusement for me, I’ve decided to write a message to my player or whoever is playing me. 229 more words


Remember the marks on my hand.
Oh! Show gratitude to the creator
As i elevate the lands.
Man is a worldly inventor
But God is the universal investor. 158 more words


To Y

Dear Y,

I was supposed to tell you very poetic things one find in letters and poems in their lovers’ shoe box that are meant for them, but I am so bad at this I don’t know where to start. 732 more words


A letter to My younger self

Dear younger Beth,

In the 21 years, we have been on this earth so far, there are many things I would love to teach you. 310 more words