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23. A Letter to Someone, anyone

Blog Challenge!

Dear everyone who takes the time to read my blogs,

Thank you so much! I know most of you are my relatives or friends, but that’s ok, at least you’re reading it. 73 more words

The Art Of Happiness

“You know that after all you are a lucky woman, you have friends, a relationship, a home, a job, lots of hobbies, animals that love you, in short, everything you wanted, but it’s like everything else on the other side of a glass, unattainable, and useless.”

564 more words
Bluebell Rizzi

Dear Albuquerque and Friends

After three years in a state I had only visited but grew to love, it is time for my journey to take me to a new destination. 497 more words


back to our past

ma chère psnuk (pronounced “psnük”),

it has been a sweet minute. and a busy one, too. first things first: we moved. semi-successfully, too. highlights included carrying two bookshelves from one flat to another, realising the flat hadn’t been cleaned, and not having had hot water since friday last week. 928 more words


Hello Out There

My mother recently told me that I got a letter (to the address where I grew up).  I haven’t lived there in over a decade, so in and of itself, that was strange.  158 more words


Letter to an old friend

I never thought I’d be writing this letter, after all our friendship ended “not amicably”, to say the least. But you were my best friend once upon a time, someone I saw greatness in, a greatness that I was both in awe and jealous of. 316 more words