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International Brigades Memorial, Copenhagen

I came across this on a recent trip to Copenhagen: a memorial to the International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War. It was designed by Peter Ulrich and dedicated to the 550 Danes who went to fight for the Spanish Republic.


Worcester, UK

Worcester is lovely city, with some outstanding architecture and great examples of lettering. Hops seem to be an an abiding element of the city’s history and industry, and represented in several of the examples found.


Broken Modular Letterform

Fun, quirky font I created. Made from different “broken” parts of an outlined circle.

Coming soon to my NounProject (pending approval)


"None of this stuff."

   The process of working in my little 3.5″ x 5″ handmade sketchbook.





May 2015 – Ink, Pencil, Paper bag

A part of a project for my Digital Letterform class. I came up with the wording for this piece in passing and really thought nothing of it until a project assigned in class to make a poster. 11 more words


When you were five

May 2015 – Sharpie, Paper

This poster was created for a project in my Digital Letterform class. The project was to create a poster with body and display text and I was the only person in the class to hand letter it. 35 more words


Confinement - Word Visualization Concept

This is part one of what may or may not turn into a series. So really it’s just a sketch, an experiment, for now. I wanted to figure out how to turn a word into an image that conveys both the word’s definition and connotation. 257 more words

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