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Is your signature your seal?

~ By Edna Harris * Ontario, Canada

Is your signature your seal?

Isn’t it a joyful thing to be able to write out your thoughts, no matter the language. 285 more words

Kissing Frogs

“You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.”

Well branding can be like that sometimes, too. You have to muddle through a lot of bad to get to the good.   358 more words

Graphic Design


Farm.One is a high-tech vertical farm in New York, providing rare and heirloom varieties of herbs and microgreens directly to chefs, locally, year-round. Working together with owner Rob Laing, I developed a logo and overall brand identity for this exciting start-up. 16 more words

4 Tips To Creating Good Correspondence

Company is one regarding the only sectors into the field that constantly sends snail mail for interaction. While many are certainly looking towards the future, and utilizing e-mail more frequently, there are still many organizations sticking to the tried and true alternative of sending an actual document to somebody. 500 more words

Letter Writing