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Letter Art, AlphaBooks: L is for Lewis

A Book of Narnians
By C.S. Lewis
Illustrated by Pauline Baynes
Text Complied by James Riordan
HarperCollins 1995

As with Tenniel‘s Wonderland, to me, … 160 more words


Letter Art: Ya Gotta Want It

“Art – or any craft, is something you have to have your heart in.”

debandtoby commenting on my post [SketchBox Fail].

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Katherine Walcott


Letter Art, AlphaBooks: K is for Krementz

A Very Young Rider
Jill Krementz
Knopf 1977, 1980 6th printing

The family appears to have gone into Thoroughbred breeding, Edition Farm. Photo of a grown up Vivi on the… 166 more words