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My Wedding: Lettering

As we were going to have an international wedding, we wanted to adapt traditions from both Spain and Poland. A very traditional thing in a Polish wedding is Vodka – it’s a must! 303 more words


Letter Art: Q is for Quote

Technical note: Where is the line between an unattributable quote and a saying? Many of the direct quotes I found were too long, or too squishy, or too both. 114 more words


Letter Art: The Sporting Life III, Host Cities

Rome (1960) Rio (2016)
Oslo (1952)
LonDon (1908, 1948, 2012)
Nagano (1998)
LakE Placid (1932, 1980)
TokYo (1964) 52 more words


Polo Wraps Giveaway

Up for grabs, the polo wraps I used yesterday.

Given my ability to imagine disaster, I am a boots-instead-of-wraps kinda gal (wrap comes loose, horse steps on end, leg stops moving, rest of horse does not …). 290 more words


My Wedding: Invitations

When my fiancé and I had to think about our wedding invitations we were a bit lost, we weren’t sure of the style, colour, text, even if we had to leave it to professionals… 457 more words


Letter Art: A Superabundance of Swashes

Inspired by the work of Jessica Hische. Although, there is a good chance she would be horrified by my overuse of the form.

“I love swashes, but you should always try to add them sparingly … When making decorative lettering, the decorative bits, no matter how over the top they may be, should make sense and feel like natural extensions of the letterforms.” …

12 more words