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Day 911 Finally some color and Fauvism! 

Color always excites me. The more the better. The reason I took this class. This week in sketchbookskool drawing a day class we are finally using color. 274 more words


Resolutions 2017

Happy New Year!!

I’ve got lost to thank to year 2016. It was amazing. So I only wish this one brings at least the same beautiful feelings to share with family and friends. 69 more words


Day 906 Sneezing is not 

Conducive to art making or exercising. Allergies beseech but they should be much better by tomorrow. That’s the good thing about allergies.

I did this last nite when I was just tired. 112 more words


Letter Art, AlphaBooks: A is for Anderson

Horse Show
C.W. Anderson

In honor of his body of work rather than this particular book, which has more catastrophic falls that I wish to contemplate at the moment. 173 more words


Day 901 And you thought it was Saturday 

Didn’t make it to life modeling due to snowmaggeddon that never happened. We were told to stay off the roads. I didn’t fancy an early morning 60 mile drive on icy roads. 178 more words


Day 896- Happy New Years Again?! 

Since it’s a Federal holiday and they even shifted the Rose Bowl Parade to today why not two Happy New Years wishes. I still have more Key West sketches but I finished this Atlanta sketch yesterday so thought I would “change it up” as some of my kids used to say. 237 more words