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Letter Art: Recap 2017

Number of Sundays in 2017 – 53
AlphaBooks (next week) – 26
Rodney’s Saga – 13
Other Lettering – 5
Misc – 3
Text – 3… 198 more words


Letter Art: Graphic Design for the Masses, the One-Horse Open Sleigh Stamp


When I was much younger, I remember going with my grandmother to the Post Office. She took time to examine all the available stamps before choosing ones she liked. 149 more words


Letter Art, AlphaBooks: Z is for Zecora

My Little Pony: Welcome to the Everfree Forest
Olivia London
Little Brown 2014

Zis iz a cheat, but Z leavez me with no choize. Bought from… 201 more words


Letter Art, AlphaBooks: X is for Xenophon

“On The Art Of Horsemanship”
Xenophon Scripta Minora
Loeb Classical Library
Translated by E. C. Marchant
Harvard University Press 1968
pp 297-363

Xenophon, because what else I’m gonna do for X? 154 more words


Letter Art, AlphaBooks: W is for Wodehouse

Aunts Aren’t Gentleman
P.G. Wodehouse
Barrie & Jenkins 1974, Penquin 1987

Although horse racing is integral to the plot, horses do not appear in the story. 202 more words


Sketchbook Issue 2

Today I mailed out the first batch of Sketchbook – Issue Two! I’ll be dropping more off at the post office over the coming days, so subscribers, watch your mailboxes!!! 75 more words