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Letter Art: T is for Training Level

Training was the highest I went in USEA Eventing. Getting around Prelim with a modicum of grace is my bucket list goal. These days, I’d be happy to get back to Training. 174 more words


This love is like...

This love is like fire and ice

Lately I’ve been “torturing” my husband with a song I cannot stop listening – I simply love it!  122 more words


Be yourself

Be yourself – Happy Birthday!

This is something I created for a good friend who is celebrating her birthday today! I wanted to tell her that she is pure like a diamond and she has to shine always, despite the situations she may encounter or the people who try to spoil a beautiful moment. 73 more words


Letter Art: S is for Swim

Current exercise regimen is swimming on days that I do not lesson. Two people have recently extolled to me how much exercise has energized their lives. 133 more words


35 Wedding Anniversary

35. Gratulacje

This project was done for Teresa and Jerzy for their 35 wedding anniversary. I personalized it with illustrations which they will easily relate to their live. 28 more words


Letter Art: Runic, Kinda

Inspired by a passage from The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown,

Runic alphabets are composed solely of straight lines. Their letters are called runes and were often used for carving in stone because curves were too difficult to chisel.

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