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317. The Nick

If you’re a user of British English, a trouble-maker, or just plain unlucky, you’re likely to be familiar with getting nicked, being in the nick… 323 more words


315. Ligatures

A ligature is something used to bind, unite, connect: in surgery, a thread used to stitch an incision back together; in musical notation, a compound note indicating that a group of notes should be sung as one syllable; and in typography, a printed or written character consisting of two or more letters or characters joined together ( 294 more words


313. Job Printers

Ours was a small job shop. We offered letterpress printing and graphic design and could certainly take on fine printing, but most of the time we produced more workaday jobs for our customers. 602 more words


312. Impression/Imposition (Kiss or Bite?)

Letterpress printing is a technique of relief printing using a cylinder or platen press. The raised surfaces of the type or engravings are inked, paper is rolled over or pressed against them, and the ink is thereby pressed onto and into the paper. 406 more words


Resurrection of Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing stems from the first printing press outlined by Johannes Gutenberg. The pictures of the printing (backward) are squeezed onto the paper to make a positive picture of the content. 315 more words

A Super Awesome Week with Jen from Starshaped Press

If you didn’t have the chance to pop in the Book Arts Center while Jen Farwell from Starshaped Press was here don’t worry we have a recap for you! 462 more words

I Get Crafty - Greeting Card Printing Workshop Class

We’ve already established that I don’t have a crafty bone in my body but that doesn’t stop me from trying something new.  The optimist in me must think that I’m finally going to discover some sort of hidden talent.   676 more words

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