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Rabbits Unwrapped – Hugh Barclay

I’m going to guess that it was 1997 when I first met Hugh Barclay. I had helped Holly set up for her first big booth show, in Kingston, Ontario as it happened. 320 more words

Letterpress Printing

326. Whetstone Press

When I was first considering A Printer’s Alphabet as the theme for this year’s A-to-Z Challenge and brainstorming possible entries for each letter, I knew at once what ‘W’ would be (while I’ve still got nothing for ‘Y’—yikes!). 873 more words


Another book I helped to publish

Long-time readers know that I’m a book philistine. I refuse to use e-readers, I collect Modern First Editions and, for a brief time, was a bottom-rung rare book dealer. 525 more words


324. Upper Case (and lower case)

In typography, upper-case letters are the capitals, lower-case letters, the small ones. The terms upper case and lower case are part of everyday parlance, but not everyone is aware that they derive from letterpress printing. 101 more words


323. Tympan and Times Roman

Tympan is an ancient and evocative word. The Latin tympanum is a drum or tambourine. In music a tympan is the stretched membrane of a drum. 633 more words


320. Quoin that Phrase

In letterpress printing a quoin is a metal wedge which fits into the space between the type and the edge of the chase, and is tightened to fix the job in place. 275 more words


317. The Nick

If you’re a user of British English, a trouble-maker, or just plain unlucky, you’re likely to be familiar with getting nicked, being in the nick… 323 more words