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Smitty ~ Letter V

When Smitty’s ship passed the equator, as per naval tradition, the ship’s crew donned their apparel of King Neptune and his court in preparation of handing the “Pollywogs” (the soldiers) their certificates of crossing.  870 more words


Smitty ~ Letter IV/ and POW/MIA day

Just two days out of San Francisco, CA, the dismal conditions aboard Smitty’s troop ship, heading southwest, took a turn for the worse.  The cool weather became stifling hot and humid.  523 more words


Smitty's Cruise Begins - Letter III

From my father’s description of his transport ship out of San Francisco and the approximate number of soldiers that were aboard, I can speculate that it was a Heywood class ship, as seen in the above photograph.  715 more words


Letters Home

today I saw a big blue dot
it hovered in the air
it hovered over here and also
hovered over there

it hovered when I closed my eyes… 65 more words


Smitty, April/May 1944 & Letter II

Letter II                                                                                                                                                                                      Thursday 5/4/44

Dear Mom,

     There really isn’t much to write about as I’ve told you most everything on the phone.  By the way, when you receive your bill for the month let me know just how much these calls cost. 455 more words


Smitty, April 1944 & Letter I

Pvt. Smith was as cocky and proud as the next trooper, but he also thought of the army as a learning experience and considered his new adventure as a chance to experience things he would not otherwise have the opportunity.  677 more words


Letters from Cuba #7

Dear Mom,

I have come to two obvious conclusions:

  1. Sexism is an international phenomenon that transcends borders, languages, and cultures.
  2. The same goes for the look of a woman who isn’t having it.
  3. 747 more words
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