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Hey Mum! I’m in Sydney!

I know what you’re thinking. Wait, what? I thought you were going to Austria.

Still am. But thought we’d have a quick holiday first. Can’t say work was overly thrilled when I asked for some time off. 613 more words




I know sister Olsen and I are supposed to be companions. Not very often does a missionary get 6 week shafted (only be in an area for 6 weeks) as a new missionary. 559 more words

Letters Home

Life after

I went back to work when Orin was four months. Still breastfeeding, still feeding at night, and going to work during the day. So many working mothers go through the same thing, but it’s so exhausting! 65 more words



This week has been an adventure!

On Monday, Sister Romig and I hiked Doubles Peak and it was a pain but totally worth it!

I also got to say goodbye to Sister Wagoner because she went home the next day. 548 more words

Letters Home

Where is Spring?

The snow really piled up on our back deck over the weekend. We also had a pretty good snow drift behind our house.

Hard to tell where the driveway ends and the landscaping begins. 63 more words


Angry Soo

I don’t often get angry anymore, and in my middle age it’s mellowed to almost non-existence (though Orin thinks otherwise). In the last few years I’ve found that drawing my anger out is a more constructive way to deal with it. 65 more words