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Letters from Cuba #5

Dear Mom,

Dining in Cuba is so different from anywhere else and it’s difficult for me to get out of my American mentality. Here’s the sequence of events: 362 more words

Letters Home

Letters from Cuba #4

Dear Mom,

Today we went to a book festival, intentionally or ironically on a truly cosmic level held in Morro Castle, a decommissioned prison that had held dissident writers following the Revolution. 152 more words


Letters from Cuba #3

Querida Madre,

It’s day two in Habana. It’s around 6pm, and the house is asleep. To keep up with the Cuban nightlife most people nap during our free afternoons. 425 more words


Letters from Cuba #2

Dear Dad,

A cloud hangs over Havana—not a metaphoric one, but a literal grey, omnipresent cloud. For most of the day it blocks the sun, and the cooler ocean winds knot my hair. 225 more words


Letters from Cuba #1

Dear Mom,

First meal of the trip: ceviche with shrimp, calamari, white fish, and some other squishy stuff drizzled—read “flooded”—with lime served on packaged saltines and paired with a chilled Dos Equis served in the bottle.   84 more words


It Has Been A While

So it has been about a month since I last wrote.  Basically because I have been too busy loving the experience to be able to take the time to write a blog post. 260 more words

Peace Corps

Reading Tragedy

Summer prose crated in hope?
Champagne-aired sinner.

Seething, forced poems?
Factory-stacked dreams.

Death coming from good health?
Puritan luxuries, like meals.

May, 2016

This is an erasure poem based on pages 308 and 309 of the 1975, First Edition of… 88 more words

This Frabjous Day