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Military Service 

My Father wore these clothes home from boot camp in April of 1978! One year before my parents married and almost two years before my birth. 91 more words


"History Makes You Smart, Heritage Makes You Proud"

Growing up, I heard very little about my father’s participation in World War II but once I became a teenager and started learning about his life through the reading of the letters he and my mom exchanged through their courtship and through his time in the Army Air Corps, his pride in being a Veteran became apparent. 220 more words

Military Life

LETTERS HOME: Not much to write home about 

I’ve been busy since I last posted but I haven’t finished anything.

It’s no wonder that I haven’t finished anything when you look at the pile of projects that have been in my hands over the last week and that’s not all of them. 160 more words


Letter home, March 11, 1970 (to Jan)

Thank you for the package. It’s really “out of sight” to get a surprise package. … I don’t know why but the hot days over here are nothing like summer days back in the world. 262 more words

Letters Home

Historical Item Analysis: Student Life in the 1870s

In a letter recently donated to the University Archives, a student describes what life was like in the early years of the college after its inception. 389 more words

Student Life

ISTJ Personality 

The other day I found an app that you can use to take the Myers Briggs personality test with. I have known for years that I am an introvert. 430 more words