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To My Husband

I’m having difficulty forgiving as new wounds open old ones and cut deeper. Each day I see how little you care for me. I know you love me less and less. 400 more words


A Letter to 221B

Dear Watson,

I owe you this dedication as my dearest, and only, friend.

Solitude has given me time to relate back to what’s really at focus. 644 more words


To The Other Woman

It took five months before he began to complain about you to me, his ex-wife. And it took 8 months (and 2 weeks and 2 days) before he apologized and said he was ashamed and that he regrets it. 463 more words

All The Feels


My house has never been this messy in my whole life.

When I first heard. I was heartbroken, but my dad told me, “Be strong.” So I stopped my tears and deep cleaned my entire kitchen. 436 more words


A letter never sent

Some days are a little harder than others.

Today I found a collection of brochures your parents gave me to remember our holiday in Sweden. 541 more words


to the first boy who broke my heart

Dear you,

Not only were you the first boy to ever break my heart, but really the only boy to break my heart in such a way that was so soul crushing: there seemed to be no hope. 801 more words