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Letters to Celebrities: Michael Fassbender

Dear Mr. Michael Fassbender,

I hope you are doing well. I would like to formally offer my hand in marriage. As dowry I can offer several bottles of vodka; my… 67 more words


Letters to Celebrities: Jon Hamm

Dear Mr. Jon H.A.M.M.,

Recently I learned that your last name is actually an acronym (“Hearing Always Monster Mash”). I am just writing to say that you are very brave and an inspiration to others like you who are suffering with this terrible condition. 103 more words


Letters to Celebrities: Ariana Grande

Dear Ms. Ariana Grande,

I am writing to express my support for your decision to be carried around like a tiny baby. If I could be carried around like a tiny baby I would definitely do it; however no one has offered to do this for me. 95 more words


Letter to Richard Sherman

(Day 5 of 100)

Dear Mr. Sherman,

On the day that the Seahawks played the 49er’s several things occurred.  We were watching a game that was not the Seahawk’s best, aside from the fact that they did win the game. 659 more words

My Heart / My Head

Letters to Celebrities: Kevin Spacey

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Dear Mr. Spacey (May I call you Kevin?),

I am a self proclaimed movie geek, and have you to thank. I am a recent twenty-two year-old college graduate who has followed your work since adolescence. 563 more words

Letters To Celebrities

Dear Jon Hamm (NO RESPONSE)

I write weird letters to your favorite celebrities. I send them in physical form and through email. I have yet to get a response or a restraining order. 600 more words


Dear Vin Diesel...


I honestly don’t care if you are gay because I have absolutely zero chance of sleeping with you (right? maybe?! Sigh. OK…). And I have gone on record saying that this whole outing people thing is ridiculous and people should just be allowed to live their own lives without people being “all up in their business like a Wendy interview” (if you know this quote or who Wendy is, you might actually be gay). 186 more words

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