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The trials of consultation

One of the things I just love about Hawke’s Bay is the way in which we are happy to express views on important issues. Whilst many may talk about political apathy the recent Craggy Range walk way debarcle demonstrates to me that people are not apathetic about everything. 708 more words

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Miss Pacific Islands Pageant

I wish to show my disappointment and embarrassment in the manner in which Fiji hosted the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant. It was a shame looking at the stage that was put up by the organizers for an international event of such stature. 206 more words

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Marijuana eradication

Saturday, July 16, 2016
Fiji Times

The recent efforts by the Fiji Police Force in eradicating marijuana plantations in the highlands is laudable. They have gone a step further to pull down houses being built from the proceeds of selling this illicit drug which shows their commitment and seriousness in dealing with crimes related to marijuana. 311 more words

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Parliament debates

Saturday, August 1, 2015
Fiji Times

We have an excellent parliament where our elected representatives are able to debate on issues of national importance before making laws. 191 more words

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Suicide counseling

Saturday, September 12, 2015
Fiji Times

The cases of suicide by students are increasing, the recent one involving a pact of three. while we may have sympathized with what had happened, shed a few tears and talked about it for a few days, it does nothing to resolve the problem. 200 more words

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Thank you minister

Rahul A. Chand, Suva
Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I WISH to thank the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment Parveen Kumar for showing care and concern for the victims of the fire in Suva where their houses were burnt leaving 30 people homeless. 190 more words

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Coalition Suggests Improvements to Water Act

Opinion Piece published in the Charlottetown Guardian, December 7, 2017
By Catherine O’Brien and Marie Ann Bowden

The Coalition for the Protection of PEI Water recently met to discuss the newest draft of the… 574 more words

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