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Cyber Attack Self Inflicted.

It is now with monotonous regularity we are alerted that our security has or has the potential to be infringed.

At a cost of billions governments has set up new Departments, employed millions of staff and in fact created a total industry that obviously far off the pace of the hackers. 230 more words


Media Watch Highlights Ipswich Culture

We all have our biases or perceived biases but in a world where truth is hard to find it important for people can go to a place where one can trust news for at least 90% of copy. 251 more words


Emotion Overrides Player Welfare.

The weight of winning on possible the worlds biggest stage outside the Olympic Games and the World Cup , those of us who watched the UEFA Final witnessed a series of incidents where a professional sportsman just had a bad night and a night that will be career defining in not only in his profession but within his ability to ever reach the mental capacity to regain enough confidence to even set foot back in his goal ever again.. 173 more words


Its Just Not Funny Mr. Cartoonist.

In a world where we the punters have to really access what is real news and what is fabrication it’s getting increasingly difficult to get a balanced view from the broadsheets as sadly they too are influenced by their billionaire owners agendas and personal beliefs. 565 more words


Springfield Succession Question Needs to Be Asked.

I may be slightly paranoid but I’m getting the distinct signal that Springfield and its surrounding developing metropolis is making noises that indicate at the most opportune time it will succeed from the Ipswich City Council, and to be quite honest it has developed into a autonomous entity with hospitals universities ect. 265 more words


The Youth 16 Vote Comes with Conditions.

With the suggestion of the voting age being dropped to 16 I’m sure we will hear the arguments of maturity and political awareness be put to suit the whoever think they will profit or loose from its expansion. 294 more words


Football Is Not a Political Weapon.

Julie Bishops Dialek type of attire when announcing Wold Cup 2018 could be used as a political weapon got my attention.

Right in the middle of the outrage of sport being the pinnacle of Australian culture and the priceless values our organisations and personnel representing our nation she says Australia could withdraw if her government felt it was politically beneficial to show support to USA and England. 153 more words