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🍁 CDN: Letter To AR From Green Party MP Elizabeth May

I recently added MP Elizabeth May to my petition on Change.org, asking Prime Minister Trudeau to stop the sale of armed vehicles to Saudi Arabia.  350 more words

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Why option C is the one for me - Letter to editor

With the announcement that there has been a farmer commitment to purchasing 42.3 million m3 of dam water you would have thought the issue of the RWSS was all over. 764 more words

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919. Letters to the editor

To the Editor of the “Farmers’ Monthly”

Dear Sir,

Do goats ever sleep? Every time I see Billy the Goat, he’s out eating. Only today, for example, I saw him at 3 o’clock this morning happily eating. 80 more words


Blame Andrew Newman for Damn Delays - Letter to Editor

It is interesting to note that HBRIC, Irrigation New Zealand, and Federated Farmers have all come out swinging and blaming Forest and Bird for delaying the dam. 147 more words

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Wny the flip flop? - Letter to editor

It is refreshing to see HBRC staff being prepared to change their minds over the additional $43 million spend on the dam. However it does draw into question how they got the issue of consultation so wrong in the first place. 145 more words

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$35m significant cost to ratepayers - HB Today Talking Point

It was fascinating watching HBRC councillors debate throwing another $35m subsidy at the dam on Wednesday. Of particular importance was the lack of explanation from staff as to why this decision was not ‘significant’ enough to warrant public consultation. 675 more words

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Get the Feds in 21st Century - Letter to Editor

Federated Farmers response to Hastings District Councils GMO Free plan change (Battle to keep GMO free heats up 12/2/16) speaks volumes about how outdated the Feds thinking has become. 107 more words

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