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Football Is Not a Political Weapon.

Julie Bishops Dialek type of attire when announcing Wold Cup 2018 could be used as a political weapon got my attention.

Right in the middle of the outrage of sport being the pinnacle of Australian culture and the priceless values our organisations and personnel representing our nation she says Australia could withdraw if her government felt it was politically beneficial to show support to USA and England. 153 more words


Southern Stars now carry Australia’s Cricket Benchmark.

In sure every sportsperson in Australia has made its decision on the Australian Men’s Cricket team disgrace but with the tv and sponsorship deals in under way I am very concerned about those repercussions . 132 more words


The Gelded Royal Commission into Banking.

It took years for this government to agree to have a Royal Commission into Banking and when the did it dampened the terms of investigation and we should ask why. 164 more words


Nepotism and Old Boys Clubs Dominate Aussie Sport.

The appointment of Graham Arnold was the clear indicator that nepotism rules in Australian sport.

Out of the 4 codes of Football only Rugby appointed a female as CEO while the others are circulating the boys club CEO badge appointments between them.. 236 more words


Council Amalgamations have Collateral Damage in Moreton Shire.

How quickly we forget.

Maybe Council Amalgamations may have consolidated administration but when it comes down to what the actual ratepayer gets their certainly is collateral damage. 162 more words


Wetlands part of solution of nutrients in waterways

In some ways I admire the tenacity of Roger Alexander in spending 30 years of his life creating a lake at Puketapu (Puketapu Lake worth 30 year wait… 491 more words

HB Today

Is Amberley playing Games with our Weather?

I try to look at the facts, then look for reasons why when things are outside what I regard as normal occurrences.

Yesterday 15/02/2018 a series of storms appeared on the BOM radar around Warwick, Toowoomba and slowly progressed towards the IPSWICH. 240 more words