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Water is Political - Letter to Editor

Dr Stephen Swabey is quite right in pointing out the toxic algae that poisons our dogs and children is naturally occurring (Reader makes wrong sort of waves on waterways 22/1/16). 412 more words

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Water Testing - Letter to Editor

You have to wonder what is going on at NZ Miracle Water (Chinese send back water 21/1/16) when the solution to the problem of high nitrate levels in our Heretaunga Aquifer is ‘çorrect testing and analysis’. 101 more words

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Why are our dogs dying in rivers? Letter to editor

Anna Madarasz-Smiths opinion piece on why our dogs are dying in our rivers was informative and timely (Cyanobacteria river hazard to animals as well as people 16/1/16). 229 more words

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Letter To Editor: Thanks For Nothing Ashley Madison

A few week ago three emails showed up in my yahoo.com account, all forwarded by the Yahoo messaging service. Each one contained the same message: you have 48 hours to pay us two bitcoins (the equivalent of $450 cdn), or we expose all your cheating ways to your family and friends. 847 more words

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PUD Customers Deserve the Facts

Darrel Purkerson’s December 17 Letter to the Editor which was posted on the Chronicle website and printed in the Spotlight paper December 18 contained many inaccuracies. 724 more words

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Climate rallies just the beginning - HB Today Talking Point

The turn out to the Climate Rallies held all over the country on Saturday was very encouraging. It demonstrated that the citizens of New Zealand understand how devastating the consequences of climate change can be globally. 737 more words

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