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The second letter

My son

Syria is your ancestors’ country but not necessarily yours. I say that because I am convinced that you are free to choose who you become, and where you belong to irrespective of my influence and heritage.   409 more words

Letters To My Son

The first letter

My son

As you approach your teenage years, I am unable to stop thinking of the 6 o’clock hour in the morning of Saturday the 10th of April 2004. 994 more words

Letters To My Son

What we've been up to

My Dear Sons, 

It’s been crazy, lovely, nerve-wracking, joyful, sad, adventurous and much more since the last time I wrote. I actually had to check what was the last I had written and how much catching up I have to do.

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Letters To My Son

Dear Micah {4 Week Letter}

Dear Micah,

You’ve just begun to smile at me, and it’s a private smile, as though you and I share the sweetest secrets. And perhaps we do. 662 more words


Letters to my son Vol. 2

Twas the weekend before Christmas, and silence all through the house. Both the boys are sleeping..and even the cat’s are leaving me the heck alone. 1,688 more words

Mom Life

Happy birthday, son

Dearest M,

It’s been one long, yet fleeting year.

To be honest, I don’t remember each day. I don’t even remember that much of the day you arrived.   448 more words


Letters to my Son vol. 1

Hey guys, welcome back!
We had a short Hiatus there, mostly because of school work…but also because another reason I had started this blog was to do a series called Letter’s to my son. 1,042 more words

Mom Life