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INÉS (The two lines that made us 3,well 2)

Honey,there are many things I wouldn’t want for you to know or find out. But as it is right now,am sure there is no feeling I don’t feel and not pass to you. 643 more words

Jannah smoothie

My dear children,

The world is a wonderful mix of people and emotions. As individuals, we are so complex and strange, even to ourselves sometimes. Imagine how strange and difficult you must be in the eyes of another person. 252 more words

Letters To My Son

Progress report

My dear children,

As Z progresses with school, I am realising the importance of keeping track of the small things, like first tooth, first crawl, first step and so on. 450 more words

Letters To My Son

I'm sorry.

My beloved, neglected, middle child,

I’m sorry.

To the rhythm of a clock ticking, I’ve just tapped you to sleep in my arms, after you screamed and cried to get my attention, and then escalated in crying as I closed the door on you in order to block out your noise so that I could put your baby sister down to sleep soundly. 361 more words

Letters To My Son

INÉS(Daddy and you)

Baby,am not the only one responsible for you,that is just half of who you are. Daddy is part and parcel of you. There are a rollercoaster of emotions connected with your existence. 336 more words

INÉS (The Resentment)

Honey we are almost there. I have loved every bit,no,not everything but most of it. Its overwhelming and exciting and so many emotions to have you. 620 more words

Letter 4, 5 & 6 to my dearest son who just turned 18


It was early morning and she woke up with a jolt. It seemed as if everything was shaking. Was the ground really shaking? And it is then she realized it was an earthquake. 554 more words