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Girl Meets World

My Dear Daughter,

You are finally here, Alhamdulillah. It was not an easy journey bringing you into this world. Alhamdulillah. This world… I remember whispering in your ear minutes after you took your first breath. 280 more words

Letters To My Son

A letter to my in-laws

Dear in-laws, no,that doesn’t seem appropriate. Should I say dear Mr and Mrs….but I haven’t met you yet,so I do not know how to properly address you. 739 more words

A Letter to my Son After the Las Vegas Massacre

Dear Son,

I turned on the news today and discovered that while I slept, more than 50 people died in another senseless act of violence. I wanted to cry. 180 more words

Hey, there little guy...

Dear Hamza,

I hope I’m around when you read these posts. Only Allah knows whether it’s a possibility or not. I don’t know if I will be around though. 531 more words


Letters To My Son Vol. 3

Letters To My Son in roughly 7 weeks and 6 days will become Letters To My Son’s. Well, that’s the countdown for the estimated due date. 950 more words

Letters To My Son

Letters To My Son :: Of following rules and breaking them

My dear son,

Two weeks ago we took you to Singapore for your birthday celebrations. This year you turned five. Your father and I had made a pact that once you’re five – and in our understanding old enough to adjust well to traveling abroad – we will gift you a vacation on your every birthday. 851 more words

Letters To My Son