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Letters To My Son Vol. 3

Letters To My Son in roughly 7 weeks and 6 days will become Letters To My Son’s. Well, that’s the countdown for the estimated due date. 950 more words

Letters To My Son

Letters To My Son :: Of following rules and breaking them

My dear son,


Two weeks ago we took you to Singapore for your birthday celebrations. This year you turned five. Your father and I had made a pact that once you’re five – and in our understanding old enough to adjust well to traveling abroad – we will gift you a vacation on your every birthday. 851 more words

Letters To My Son

Letters to my son :: Happy Birthday, my love.

My dear son,

Today you turn five. And my heart swells with pride looking at the spirited and kind soul you are becoming with each day. 402 more words


The third letter

My Son

I guess I should start by an apology, as I didn’t finish these letters before your thirteenth birthday as I promised you. I was actually irrationally ambitious, and was only forced back to reality by the stress of our recent relocation to Abu Dhabi. 400 more words

A Moment Of Reflection

You are 1 month old already!

Dear Aiden,

My son, yesterday you officially turned 1 month old. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a change it has been since June 24, but it has been wonderful having you around, my boy. 290 more words

A Letter

Letters To My Son :: Strength - Courage

My dear son,

Growing up, I had a friend, a few years older than me. She lived three houses down from ours. We were thick as thieves. 666 more words

Letters To My Son