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Letters To Myself // Mind, Body

I think since I started college I’ve undergone a¬†metamorphosis. Not too severe, but a change, a shift, nonetheless. The person I was and the person I am are clearly not the same. 452 more words

Letters To Myself

Letters To Myself // Endless Faith

I think I often forget that other people don’t view the world in the same way I do. Other people aren’t vegetarian, don’t obsess over tiny details and routines, don’t speak French (drunk me especially forgets that one; it’s hard being bilingual and pissed.) But I think most often I forget that other people don’t… 354 more words

Letters To Myself

Letters to Myself #1

Another moving on post but something I hold dear to my heart and what has helped me to get where I am today.

Some letters I wrote to myself whenever I was feeling down, and it’s always been interesting to look back and see how far I’ve come. 554 more words

Moving On

Letters to Myself // Loving Easy

For a long time, I never loved anything. In the height of my depression, in my worst days, there wasn’t a single thing I thought I loved. 430 more words

Letters To Myself

Letters to Myself // On Being Disordered

I think the oddest thing about being disordered is when you¬†can’t remember who you were. What you used to look like, think like, talk like. 310 more words

Letters To Myself

I Failed

I am writing this as an apology, a confession of sorts. You see I have failed and I think we need to talk about it. 527 more words


a soggy path

I was laying down in my bed taking a cat nap when I heard the rain quickly shift from non-existent to a total downpour. Liz was parked in the garage, so I parked behind her in the driveway knowing that when she had to leave for work I would move the car. 735 more words