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Letters To Myself

In a recent interview, I was asked what advice I would offer a dancer at the start of their career. While acknowledging that such a question is never without trail, twenty years into my own, persistence seems to me the most appropriate response.   47 more words

Letters To Myself

An Invitation to Practice Self-love

A couple weeks ago I had a bit of a wake up moment at the DMV, as I sat for hours waiting for my number to be called. 808 more words


Dear Laura In A Year

Dear Laura In a Year.

Laura if you happen to stumble across this post before 17/01/16 please flick off. If it is the right day, hi, how are you? 290 more words


... He'd Be The Perfect "flower girl"...

It’s been so many years since I’ve driven in a snow storm that I honestly forgot what a refreshing rush it was. Just tapping the gas pedal bits and bits at a time, watching all these so-called good drivers cut people off and being in a rush to get to the same place we are all going. 1,862 more words

Letters To Myself

Media and Me

I have read a lot of books. I have seen even more movies than that. As far as TV goes, I have probably single handedly carried the television industry. 432 more words


2015 has officially begun.

So 2015 has kicked off.

How many of us achieved our goals last year? I know I didnt.

Before we know it, the year is done and nothing has changed from the year before. 115 more words

New Year 2015

On Clarity

In 2013 (or rather, early 2014), I wrote a two-page letter to myself outlining what I wanted to accomplish in 2014. I sealed it in an envelope and wrote across the flap that I should not open until Dec. 459 more words

The Craft