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there is space for you

you can team up with others

their desires don’t have to suffocate yours

their methods don’t have to shape yours… 72 more words

Letters To Myself

Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

I have so many things to congratulate us for.

First off, good job not only getting rid of the toxic people in your life but also keeping them out. 336 more words

Jessica Jarman


You won’t always get what you want.

I know it’s not news.

Yet somehow the experience still burns

When things don’t go to plan.

When expectations aren’t met. 79 more words

Letters To Myself


Feeling unloved doesn’t make it the reality.

Most of the time people need shown how to love you.

You are you. Not them.

Stop expecting that they should just know. 76 more words

Letters To Myself


there is distance between who you are now and who you were when you committed

to the project

to the job

to the person

over time its easy to forget why you chose to commit… 69 more words

Letters To Myself


you are not an isolated individual

you are connected

an invisible chain links you to those that showed up

that did the work before you… 48 more words

Letters To Myself