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You ever feel as though you hit Rock Bottom, and its not your first time or your second time…but like your 368th time now hitting Rock Bottom… 311 more words



This morning’s sky
a lesson in boldness
makes me want to fling open
windows, doors, thoughts,
and be astonished, suddenly.

Being There

Letters to myself

Hi Me!

Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for a few hours. Are you hiding again? Please come out. Plan with me our present and our future. 330 more words

Lauren Carr

What are you looking for?

19 June 23.37

What are you looking for?

In all these meaningless hookups, the meaningless conversations, the flirting that goes nowhere – what is it that you’re looking for? 226 more words


the ninth of January

Dear Kaylee,

I’m sitting in the middle of a shopping centre food court, with four sushi rolls and an iced long black. I’m wearing a white camisole which starkly contrasts my sun-kissed skin. 143 more words

My Travel Journal

Initiating Rest Sequence 

The following is an extract from the unwritten self-help manual ‘Regulation and Maintenance of Wellbeing’

Rest Mode
To acheive Rest Mode, the Rest Sequence should be employed. 273 more words


the sixth of January

Dear Kaylee,

Twelve months ago, you were cycling the South Island of New Zealand, wondering why the hell you decided to attempt a task so physically challenging. 218 more words

My Travel Journal