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Don’t take it so personal.

They feel like dismissive words.

Motivated by the desire for quick resolution.

Attempting to remove emotion.

But they don’t help you to diagnose the pain. 109 more words

Letters To Myself

It's Now or Never

After so many blogs created and abandoned or deleted, I hope The Borneo Girl is my final stop.

Dear future self,

This is for you. At the time of writing this, I think of nothing else but to improve life.

108 more words
Letters To Myself


we need your gifts

hear me

i am not saying your some kind of savior

but that you matter

your talents matter

its not enough to just practice in secret… 67 more words

Letters To Myself


you missed

it happens

i know you hyped up the moment

it was all going to align

you were going to shine

then it happened… 75 more words

Letters To Myself


instead of beating yourself up

for feeling jealous

for wanting what another has

celebrate the clarity

your desire surfaced long enough to be seen

you caught a glimpse… 55 more words

Letters To Myself

Remember, they are irrelevant.

Here you are again, thinking over some petty things and then getting sad about it. Get out of your personal twitter account. It’s toxic. You know you’re weak in handling negativity. 312 more words