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I have decided...

I have decided to do a thing. This thing is distracting from the thing I should be doing, no surprise. The thing is ‘letters & gifts’, it is titled this in my book thing. 252 more words


Letters for Saturday, April 18

Theatre season was outstanding

Re: “Becky’s quest for a new car yields life lessons,” Stephen Hunt, Review, April 13.

I attended Becky’s New Car on April 15 and I’d suggest that Stephen Hunt’s rating of it is a bit low. 1,147 more words


Since She Walked Out

Hey man,

I …I don’t know how to begin this. I guess I’ll just get started and see how it goes.

You don’t know me and I don’t know you. 433 more words


bronze soldiers

She stands and looks
down on
the steetlamps and drops
what’s in her hand, watching a couple
listening to hip
hop and drinking what they’re… 31 more words


I love you unconditionally.
I really do.
I always have.
Being in a relationship is not about loving unconditionally. It is expecting the other person to love you back. 420 more words

Dear Y.,

Dear Y.,

Guess what? I’m back home finally. I haven’t been here since spring break and we all know how well that was… Surprisingly, though, I feel at home here and there isn’t much stigma associated with this place. 270 more words

Dear Y.

Cold Moon

Dear Sweetness,

I wonder how you’ve been doing.
Been 4 years since.
Have you been well?
The last I saw you silence ate away the uncomfortable and the awkward. 104 more words

You've Got Mail!