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Ever since I was about twelve years old I have experienced jealousy over other people getting to spend more time with their friends than me. 577 more words


Measureable Time, and More~

My dearest, my most beloved husband.

Chuck. Sarge. D.  My heart, my heartbeat, the oxygen in my blood, my very breath…

You were many names to me over the years.  492 more words



You asked me how I was doing in, trying to make conversation I wanted to tell you why I was texting you because I missed you. 759 more words


Weekly Report

L’un dit mort dit mer credit jeux dit vendre dit ca me dit dit manche.

Mundane to his dane wedding’s bane Thor’s mein fried egg sat urn deigned son’s day.

Clive Cussler

Dear Clive Cussler:

I am sorry for wasting your time but I just want to that you’re a good author and that I love your books. 46 more words


Letter to Christian....

Hi Christian,
It is I, your sister from the same father, related by blood and bonded by love. How are you? You’ve been on my mind for a while now, but I’ve been so hesitant to pen down this letter, but today I could put it off no longer, I hope it meets you well. 676 more words