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The Bad Days and The Good Days

Hey guys!

This week was a bad week…

First of all this week is the worst week of the year for my depression almost every year, because I just want to be with my family right now. 339 more words

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Day 14



I have no excuse not to tell you how I feel. And honestly? Confused. Hurt. Mystified. These aren’t words that accurately describe it. 87 more words


To the One Who is Leaving Me Confused and Bitter

I had a vague idea of who you were based on the stuff you posted in our class’s GroupMe over the Summer- you were a smoker who listened to Sublime and were a party animal (as evident by a story you told of you and and a few of your friends getting “ 880 more words



Dear Catarina,

I keep saying, “we are getting used to each other” but it isn’t quite accurate. We both change very quickly; you because you are growing so fast, and me because it is just a personality trait. 282 more words


A Letter to Myself

By Sami Dugdale
Blog Content Contributor

With just only a few weeks left of this semester, classes are starting to simmer down in preparation for final exams and I’ve had a little bit of time to reflect on my first semester of college. 423 more words

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All We Get

17 November 2017

“All We Get”

I beg
How easy it would be if it were so
But instead all we get is boundless grace
To redeem us from them.


Today's letters: Scrap the Phoenix pay system

Readers weigh in on the Phoenix pay system, how we remember wars, and the state of health care. You can write to us too at letters@ottawacitizen.com… 2,486 more words