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The Humanity of Letting Go

I feel things,

since living dark realities

a childhood

without scars,

yet, somehow beaten,

the foundation of

a quiet turmoil

always is that centering

point of personal fear. 154 more words


Losing Negativity

Why is it so hard for us to lose people who we know are no good for us? The people who take advantage and the people who we give a million chances to but continue to not get the point. 733 more words

To My Never Was And Never Will Be

You were my guilty pleasure. The one whose attention I craved more than anyone else’s.

It was only an exchange of glances and a few empty words. 409 more words


Letting Go and Moving On.......

I once wrote about these topics in my thought journal before, separately of course although most people talk about these topics together……..I guess because they naturally go together when bringing one of them up, so let’s talk about these topics once again shall we!? 833 more words

When They Leave You Behind

It’s almost going to feel like breathing is an extra hard task you never thought it would be. It’s going to be looking around your apartment and seeing the remnants of them everywhere and wondering if you should throw them out or hold on to them. 592 more words

Writing And Expression


I am not moving

I decided not to, yet

Because I know myself

That once I decided to let go

I will walk away

No turning back… 70 more words

Cold Wind

Rain falling

Knocking on the windowpane

Each drop I hear

Drumming it’s way to my ear

How I wish not to care

Not to feel the coldness of the air… 58 more words