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In Search Of Abundance III

The leaf photo evokes the image of a crab’s pinchers poised to strike as it sidles sideways across the sand. As we know, the astrological sign of cancer is named for the crab. 143 more words

Learning To Let Go...

My second week of March was originally going to be spent doing some backpacking on Mt.Charleston in the Las Vegas area, but due to the amount of snow and some personal reasons I decided to cut my visit short and head north to the Boise Idaho area. 981 more words


On Managing Friendships

Dear True Self,

I have a close friend but lately we aren’t all that close. My friend just doesn’t seem to make the effort or cancels plans . 1,025 more words


Dughri-Straight Ahead

I know. Where have I been? It isn’t like I haven’t had lots and lots of thoughts–I’ve had thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands even.  But by the time I get a chance to write these fantastic, amazing, introspective reflections down, my brain is fried and all I want to do is shove a cookie in my face and watch Veronica Mars. 431 more words


Sometimes You're a Parachute

We play many roles in the relationships we enter and develop. As we go deeper into these relationships, we slowly figure out who we are, and how we fit into the lives of others. 166 more words

Feeling Loved

So lately I have been reaching out to people in my life. Especially those I really care about and miss. I was starting to take it personal when you could see they read your messages and just ignore you. 481 more words