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What could I have said?

Silence is all that is left

When together,

Time used to fly once

It slows down now

Getting together was bliss then… 47 more words

Letting you go

I am letting you go, I am letting you go because I know that being with me suffocates you; I am letting you go to breathe without me, without poison that’s killing your happiness and I won’t let that happen. 266 more words

University Students: BEWARE!

I’ve learnt many lessons during my time at university (see What I Learnt During My First Year at University), but this most recent experience is one that I feel I need to shed some serious light on to prevent any other students from going through something like this. 662 more words

#74 - Close the Damn Door

Think of all the things you’ve made,
from day break to day end,
Think of all the achievement there’s been,
Have you seen yourself,
For who you’ve truly been, 374 more words


5 ways you're letting money control your life

(Source: business.asiaone.com)

This article was originally on GET.com at: 5 Ways You’re Letting Money Control Your Life

Life in Singapore is so expensive that it’s easy to let money control our lives without us realising it. 940 more words

Money Matters

The Waiting Game

“When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.”

In a world that’s moving so fast, it’s hard to sit still for even just a few moments. 512 more words


How To Check The Most Reliable London Letting Agents For Your Real Estate?

Landlords are individuals who own properties, condo properties, or flats that lease to various tenants. Oftentimes, they’re having a tough time getting sufficient people to rent in their property. 724 more words

Letting Agent Fees London