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It's your move, or more likely mine. Week 7

Manners maketh Man.

A well known expression credited to William Horman, headmaster to Eton School around 1600 who wrote ‘Vulgaria’ a book of expressions and sayings of the time, so it is likely that particular idiom belongs to someone else. 716 more words

The Housing Crisis, The Mortgage Maze

Let go of the past, but don’t forget what it has taught you. Whatever is in the past stays back there… but the things it has taught you are always with you, right by your side. 103 more words

Adventure Preparation day 2

Fingers crossed for today , we have a viewing at 11.20 , please let this family love our house as much as we do and then we can leave on our trip with all the loose ends tied up !


I write because it's healing

These words I write on here are my diary. People will take these words and interpret them as they want. No one can control other peoples emotions or the way people perceive things. 383 more words

Top tips for student house hunting

So it’s that time of year, as a student, picking your house for next year can be a cause for great stress. But it doesn’t need to be – here are a few handy tips to help you find a great house minus the stress: 375 more words

Circa Survive - Amos' - Charlotte, NC - 1/25/2017

After an audience member passed out and had to be carried away by security, Anthony Green stopped the show and asked everyone to take a step back. 13 more words