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UK property industry disappointed that letting agents not included in money directive

UK property industry disappointed that letting agents not included in money directive

The UK property industry believes that a decision by the Government not to include letting agents in its proposals for legislation to meet the requirements of the fourth Money Laundering Directive is wrong. 408 more words

A simple explanation of the changes to landlord's income tax from April 2017

So, the Chancellor has decided to change the way income tax is calculated for private landlords and there are no prizes for guessing that it’s not good news for many. 460 more words


Stop Letting Social Media Make Us All “ANTI-Social!”

Catch this episode of The Dani Johnson Show, to learn how to genuinely connect with others, in this disconnected world!

I am a Fortress - YouTube

I am getting closer and closer to getting out of my own way letting go of scarcity and coping and going into a thriving in abundance mentally physically spiritually and sharing energy two finally begin this paradigm shift which is changing the world and Humanity 4 Evermore it’s been like the Chinese bamboo tree which sits and sits and sits and sits for 6 years and nothing happens and on the seventh year girls 20 feet it’s not until we let go of everything that we can have anything Freedom’s just another word for Nothing Left to Lose

Are You LETTING Someone Else Push YOUR Buttons?

Tune in for this episode of The Dani Johnson Show, and discover how to ELIMINATE offense from your life and take control of your own emotions!

The young and the (not so) restless

STOP PRESS: The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has published the first statistics from the 2015/16 English Housing Survey!

OK I realise the ‘stop press’ might have seemed a little extreme, but we don’t have many ‘reliable’ sources of statistics on the PRS so for us trade associations this is a big event. 255 more words


Housing sales rise in suburbs but rentals decline

There are more houses being sold today but high prices in central urban areas are pushing buyers out to the suburbs. Simultaneously, rentals are in decline. 30 more words