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Good 'ole Picture Days

We’ve all had those moments when you say something and then the moment the words leave your lips you want so badly to take them back. 261 more words


Killing time at the feeders

You can always find a carolina wren at the nature center.

Little critters buzzing around the flowers near the feeders at the nature center.

A bunny hops by. 101 more words


Green is good

The rainy season in August caused the lake at Lettuce Lake Park to flood, raising the plants and bringing them closer to the boardwalk. Everything looked fresh and green one morning right after a shower. 54 more words

Flowers And Plants

My favorite little birds

Northern parula.

Titmouse are fun. Including the juvenile one in the bottom 2 pictures. Screaming for Mom to bring food.

This year I’ve seen a lot of chickadees around. 89 more words

Bird Photography

Lettuce Lake Park

The usual suspects at the lake.

There wasn’t many little birds there but I did catch the above northern parula and carolina wren.

A few wood ducks floating around. 21 more words

Bird Photography

Spoonbills at Lettuce Lake Park

Due to the drought we’ve had in April and May, the water level was very low at Lettuce Lake Park in north Tampa. Before I got to the boardwalk I noticed a lot of pink near the shoreline of the lake where the canoe launch is. 26 more words

Bird Photography

The Winslett's

I met Brenden and Lizzy at Lettuce Lake Park last Saturday evening. On the way there I was super excited because the sun was warm and bright and I was looking forward to those golden hour beams of light peaking through the trees. 232 more words