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Feeling like Tarzan

Lettuce Lake Park has an observation tower on the boardwalk that is several stories high. On the top level you can see into the tall trees that have been growing there forever. 36 more words

Flowers And Plants

Early December walk at Lettuce Lake Park.

I’ve seen lots of green herons lately.

You can always find black crowned night herons near the boardwalk.

Yes, more cute gnatcatchers.

Some type of warbler with a snack… 14 more words

Bird Photography

Beauties and Beasts

A juvenile little blue heron in the swamp.

A very young night heron.

Another young little blue heron across the lake. Trying to blend in. 56 more words

Bird Photography

A blue-gray day

The blue-gray gnatcatchers have invaded us for the winter. They are everywhere. They are easy to hear and spot. They have a very distinct high pitch and are constantly on the move so you can see them bouncing from branch to branch. 70 more words

Bird Photography

Beauties and some beasts.

I saw this little froggie hopping around near the boardwalk. I rarely see them at all in the parks much less see them hop.  They usually hide pretty well. 60 more words

Bird Photography

Growing up in the swamp

I was walking along the boardwalk at Lettuce Lake Park and look down and saw this limpkin family. The Mom was teaching the littlest one how to find the snails and get the food out. 91 more words

Bird Photography

Lettuce Lake Park in August

Tiny critters at the park.

Creepy critters at the park.

Pesky squirrels at the park (I don’t know who thought that was a “Squirrel proof” feeder. 24 more words

Bird Photography