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Lettuce Lake Park

Fun little critters at Lettuce Lake Park in late September.

The usual little birds were there including a prothonatory warbler, a yellow throated warbler and lots of titmouse. 10 more words

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Summer critters on summer flowers

Lots of little critters buzzing around at Lettuce Lake in August.

Not many birds but I did see a juvenile northern parula and a red-eyed vireo. 28 more words

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Birds at Lettuce Lake Park

Usual birds at Lettuce Lake Park in north Tampa.

A rare bird you only see soaring high in the sky in the summer, two swallow-tail kites were cruising by while I was on top of the observation tower. 86 more words

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Mom was napping close to the trail.

The barred owl twins were close by, very curious about everything.  They were checking out every bird, butterfly or bee that came by. 60 more words

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Lots of little birds in late March

This little titmouse seemed to be showing me his snack.

So many little birds at Lettuce Lake Park in late March including that little spotted Hermit thrush in the last 2 pictures (or so I was told by the bird experts at the park that morning). 35 more words

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The land of squirrels

Squirrels all over the park were eating the pink parts of this plant. Not sure what type plant this was.

I caught this couple flirting on the boardwalk right in front of me. 66 more words

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In the fog at Lettuce Lake Park

The view along the boardwalk and observation tower at Lettuce Lake back in late February. It was just foggy enough that you couldn’t see the other side of the small lake. 70 more words

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