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The usual crowd

Sometimes these little guys are just too cute to not stop and take a shot.

Mr. Anhinga showing off for the ladies.

You can usually find prothonotary warblers all year here. 56 more words

Bird Photography

Boring ole birds

Woody in the woods.

A young limpkin on the boardwalk. He was very friendly, staying on the rail as people walked by.

A Carolina wren was singing in the bushes. 23 more words

Bird Photography

Slow morning in late July

It’s peak dragonfly season.

Lichen growing on top of apple snail eggs on top of an old cypress knee.

This mom moorhen had her feet busy with these two late babies… 25 more words

Bird Photography

Little critters at Lettuce Lake

Butterfly on a buttonbush.

Above are shots of a really big wasp eating some kind of moth. Very weird.

A lizard showing off.


Watching a squirrel grooming. 28 more words

Florida Animals

Birds at Lettuce Lake Park

This phoebe was too friendly not to stop and take his picture.

A juvenile little blue heron sees something in the water.

A limpkin was close to the boardwalk. 66 more words

Bird Photography

In the woods

Is it fall yet?


Weird things hanging off the fir tree.

End of summer.

Extremely cropped. A bee eating a dragonfly or the other way around? 43 more words

Florida Animals

Beach Break - Lettuce Lake Park near Tampa Hike

I love to hike with my family out of state. Its fun to look for other animals, and to see other landscape than what we have at home.  252 more words

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