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Growing up in the swamp

I was walking along the boardwalk at Lettuce Lake Park and look down and saw this limpkin family. The Mom was teaching the littlest one how to find the snails and get the food out. 91 more words

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Lettuce Lake Park in August

Tiny critters at the park.

Creepy critters at the park.

Pesky squirrels at the park (I don’t know who thought that was a “Squirrel proof” feeder. 24 more words

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Tiny flying things at Lettuce Lake Park

Prothonotary warblers nest at this park so you can usually find a few around the boardwalk.

Creepy wasp nest.

Butterflies and a dragonfly along the boardwalk. 28 more words

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Stuff in the swamp

Saw this gator chomping on a fish.

Pretty green lizards.

Another reason to stay away from the squirrels. The bottom pictures shows a big sore near his back.   85 more words

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Saturday morning walk at Lettuce Lake Park

An osprey with fast food on the go.

Only cardinals were going to the feeder at the nature center.

Hummingbirds were buzzing in between the feeder and the fire bushes. 32 more words

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Other stuff at Lettuce Lake

Looks like fall in the spring.

Is that a squirrel up there eating the leaves?

This one was hiding his meal. I guess he thought I would steal it. 44 more words

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Little birds in early March

The northern parulas were looking pretty in their bright colors.

There’s always a few yellow-rumped warblers around right before spring.

I found one in the pond. 25 more words

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