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In the fog at Lettuce Lake Park

The view along the boardwalk and observation tower at Lettuce Lake back in late February. It was just foggy enough that you couldn’t see the other side of the small lake. 70 more words

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A beautiful morning at Lettuce Lake Park

A limpkin and his reflection trying to find snails.

A young red shoulder hawk landed on the boardwalk right in front of me. He sat there for a while looking around until someone walked up to him from the other side of the boardwalk and off he went. 22 more words

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Plants and baby ducks at Lettuce Lake Park

Some of the many plants at Lettuce Lake Park.

I caught a quick glimpse of a black bellied whistling duck family. They were passing through under the boardwalk and headed into the swamp. 22 more words

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The usual suspects at Lettuce Lake Park

The parks are full of white eyed vireos and phoebes right now.

“Common” yellowthroats are pretty common as well.

Doves get no respect even though they have pretty pink feet. 32 more words

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#optoutside at Lettuce Lake Park

I’m not a big fan of all the Black Friday madness.

I actually prefer what REI does- close and encourage people to go outside. See, this is helpful to avoid getting into fist fights with someone over the latest toy and it helps burn off all that dessert you had the night before. 312 more words


Good 'ole Picture Days

We’ve all had those moments when you say something and then the moment the words leave your lips you want so badly to take them back. 261 more words

Killing time at the feeders

You can always find a carolina wren at the nature center.

Little critters buzzing around the flowers near the feeders at the nature center.

A bunny hops by. 101 more words