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Jigsaw Puzzle- My Serenity

A short while ago I posted I have found the best music ever! A post about the artist Climbing Season and their two albums “ 253 more words


Met Gerald

I made the mistake of going shopping after getting a paycheck, granted I only spent $20 (go me!) but still, when saving for college that’s no good. 148 more words


I love you more than I can mutter

A first in a series of poems. Inspired by Thoughts For Change, and all her lovely poetry.

Man I love you,

My littlest brother. 173 more words


Family pictures, and the craziness they create

I want to dye the ends of my hair pink, and it hasn’t happened yet. I “had to wait till after family pictures”. Between that, and an upcoming camping trip, we got them taken faster then we would have. 237 more words


Sunshine Blogger Award!!!

This is my first ever blogger award and I am so excited!

First, a HUGE thank you to Audra’s Book Blabbing!!! Her blog is absolutely amazing! 579 more words


What I'm listening To

Welcome to my first “Music-Page-Directed” post!!! I have written a couple posts about what music I like, but the post will be more than that. Every now and again I will refresh this post and add a new bulleted list of the songs I am listening to. 124 more words


I have art skills? What is this?

My mother got her degree in art. She teaches art at the charter school my siblings go to and a local craft store. She is super crafty and good at all forms of visual art. 578 more words