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Number of futures contracts to modify a bond portfolio duration given a cheapest-to-deliver bond value (formula)

NF = (((MDURt – MDURi) * Portfolio Value)/(MDURctd * Pctd)) * Conversion Factor

MDURt = the target modified duration for the portfolio

MDURi = initial modified duration of the portfolio… 24 more words

Level 3

In a trending equities market with low volatility which is the best asset allocation strategy?

Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI)

CPPI > Buy & Hold > Constant Mix

It doesn’t matter if the market is trending up or down. If the market is trending down CPPI is selling equities to preserve the floor. 14 more words


The Journey Begins

Newsflash: The journey never ends. Here I am with a master’s degree and a soon to be completed CFY (Clinical Fellowship Year) under my belt. How did I get here? 282 more words



INT. day/Film Class

WIDE:class doing work

CLOSE UP:several students doing work/ keyboard typing and mouse clicking


Kev staring blankly at the computer… 1,303 more words

Level 3