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Return of the rambles on Henry Darger


Reading fairytales of Darger’s time, as well as books he was directly influenced by (don’t think I have the patience to actually read all sixteen Oz books though so I’ll just stick to this first one….hear it gets real weird past the sixth one.) But basically all of these are things he would read himself, or were in or around the era of literature. 1,280 more words


Top Songs from Ni no Kuni

I recently had the immense pleasure of playing through a truly spectacular RPG, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.  This game excelled in storytelling and characters you could really feel attached to.  256 more words


Yo-kai Watch Dated.

Level-5’s hugely popular take on the monster battling genre Yo-kai Watch has finally received a November 6th release date, to debut across North America. Alongside the 3DS game, a cartoon featuring some of the 200 odd yo-kai found in the game will also be aired on Disney XD and there will even be a toy-line hitting shop shelves come January. 8 more words


Yokai Watch release-date in the US

Finally, we have a release-date for the first English game of Yokai Watch in the US! And it will be here sooner then I thought, at November 6th, while I had expected a Holiday season release! 96 more words

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Save The Date - Yo-Kai Watch Hits North America This November

The West has been waiting for Yo-Kai Watch to hit local shelves ever since it first became popular over in Japan, so you’ll excuse me for skipping the formalities of an informational article, going straight to the news at hand which is… 211 more words


The (Tidy) Return of the Old RPGs

Lately, I have really begun to lose my affection for RPGs, a genre I used to love after discovering how amazing they could be thanks to my first playthroughs of Square’s Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X.  1,305 more words