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Ford Is Steering towards Autonomous Car Sharing & Ride Hailing Services in 5 Years

Ford aims to do more than make and sell cars. The next 5 years plan to tap into the $5.4 trillion market for car-sharing services and ride-hailing services with Level 5 Autonomous Vehicles that are unrelated to conventional car ownership. 481 more words

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Yo-Kai Watch 2 Website Now Live

The Yo-Kai Watch 2 website has now gone live for disposal and viewing of your eyeballs through the power of the internet. The website lets you look at various screenshots as well as some general information of the games. 233 more words

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Level-5 Explain why Katrielle Layton is the New Layton Protagonist

Announced last month and set for a 2017 release on the 3DS, one of the biggest questions about the game is why Katrielle Layton? Or to be more specific, why a female protagonist? 242 more words


Level-5 Vision 2016 – Japanese Presentations

Level-5’s yearly presentation available in videos in its entirety. (Only in Japanese.)

【LEVEL5 VISION 2016】01. Opening:

【LEVEL5 VISION 2016】02. Otome Hero:

【LEVEL5 VISION 2016】03. Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy: 117 more words

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Pictures from Level-5 Vision 2016 & Level-5 Fan Night

Megaton Musashi confirmed on 3DS. 

Level-5 Vision 2016

Source: 4Gamer.

Level-5 Fan Night

Source: 4Gamer.

At NintendObserver, the comments are switching to… 100 more words

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Yo-Kai Watch 2 Hits Australia And New Zealand This October!

Yo-Kai Watch is one hell of a divisive franchise: You’re either unaware of it, or a die-hard fan. It’s quite rare to find someone who sits in-between. 321 more words


Review: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Puzzles are either pathetically easy, or mind-breaking hard. To me, it has always winded up being the latter, the only exceptions being very simple ones, such as crosswords. 1,051 more words