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Persuasion: Ideation

I have developed three initial concepts in answer to the brief set by Size of Wales. Each will include multiple applications and have a visual language throughout, working simultaneously with Size of Wales existing campaigns but also appearing as a separate campaign to what has gone before. 482 more words


Dissertation Breakdown: Part 1

My dissertation has been on my mind. I’m not excited about my topic as I feel I should be and I can’t help feeling that I am missing out on writing about something I would be more interested in writing about in place of something I feel is more sensible and appropriate.  478 more words

Level 5

Aluminium Casting

Wednesday workshop was great opportunity to test the waters in a different medium.
Trying to explore ideas from Subject, but to make the process simpler I created more abstract, simpler growth objects. 127 more words


Chelsea Harbour Interior Showrooms

On Thursday, the whole Level 5 cohort took a trip down to London, primarily to visit Chelsea Harbour Interior Showrooms. The building itself was beautiful, comprised of three atriums with the showrooms around the edges over multiple floors. 394 more words

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Hannah Slaney

This weeks thought of the week task was to research and comment on the e-commerce (commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet), still life and interior freelance photographer Hannah Slaney’s work… 123 more words

Level 5

Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale Review

As part of Level 5’s short-lived Guild series, Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale tells the story of a young boy named Sohta, and his group of friends who live in a town where monsters and superheroes appear every Friday without fail. 552 more words

Game Review