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Urban Sketching 28/11/16

Proud of my progress – I can see myself growing as an artist/illustrator and heading in the right direction.
Friends and family have been very supportive too – it’s always good to receive positive feedback and a warm reaction from people. 12 more words

Level 5

Final Outcomes for OGP

These are my final outcomes for OGP, realised in Photoshop as mock-ups for the client, accompanied by a brief explanation of how they came to be. 420 more words

The Brand/Brand Values of OGP

After completing my initial research, I decided to pin down what I believed OGP to be, what it stood for and the affinity brands that I was going to be using as reference on how to bring across my massages. 193 more words

Printing with Lino

Today I spent the afternoon printing with my lino cut. I decided to try some more printing techniques with my design. I mixed together a crimson red with white to create this bubblegum pink colour. 97 more words

Level 5

Directional Menswear | Georgina Atkinson | Level 5

My directional menswear project is based on the WGSN theme Nocturne and the designer menswear brand I have chosen is Adamist. I chose this brand and trend as I thought they worked well together. 88 more words


|Contextualising In cold Blood|

today we were given a lecture directed at the penguin book project to mainly focus on the story line in which we have been appointed. i mentioned within my previous post about in cold blood and looked into different book covers that have been previously done. 1,287 more words

Subject: Year 2

|Penguin Book- Tutorial|

Today we had different tutorials for our book project so far, we had to show our ideas and how we have taken the concept of in cold blood so far. 286 more words

Subject: Year 2