Tags » Level 5

–> research into the bt, what they offer etc

–> research into target market (start-ups who they are, what they need, etc)

–> research into other examples of similar products… 36 more words

Level 5

–>initial mind mapping

–> problems initially coming into

–> crazy ideas and exploration before refining

–>different channels and media possibilities (motion graphic – eye catching / social media content / things like competition ideas etc) 60 more words

Level 5

–> initial reaction (dry/they want us to make it interesting, humour, entertain, eye catching on social media, etc.), simplify down and aim

Level 5

–> insights gained, how related to me and my future

did i like it there, would it suit me?

Level 5

–> pictures, what did i notice about the company, how organised, roles within the company and how they work together

Level 5

–>research a variety of possible companies to visit.

–> questions to ask, what am i looking for? what do I need to know more about, my queries about going into industry, what do I need to be happy in a company/studio.

Level 5

–> reaction to brief

–>benefits to me

–>looking at different places to make sure we understand what its really like and how we could fit in rather than just making assumptions (could be wrong and hate it) 90 more words

Level 5