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Designing great 1vs1 FPS maps — Part 3: Conclusions

This is the third and last part of my article on designing maps for good item placement. It gives the conclusions and summarizes what we learned from the examples given in part 2. 1,136 more words

Level Design

Designing great 1vs1 FPS maps -- Part 2: Examples

This is part 2 of my article on 1vs1 map design for level designers. It discusses some example spots of powerful items in more or less known maps. 658 more words

Level Design

Designing great 1vs1 FPS maps -- Part 1: Introduction

This article gives some suggestions on level design and item placement for 1vs1 multiplayer maps. It is intended for level designers who want to improve their maps for 1vs1 games, i.e., make them more balanced for this game type, improve the flow, make players use the whole map, etc. 1,469 more words

Level Design

Quake2World map: In the arms of Lilith -- 1vs1

lilith — In the arms of Lilith

A great tourney map for q2w. The Q2 edition of this map was originally built for the 6th mapping contest at the Quake 2 Cafe, but the map was designed and tested with Quake2World from the very beginning. 205 more words

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Quake 3 DM map: spirit3t2 -- Better off dead

spirit3t2 — Better off dead

An FFA or 4 player TDM map designed for CPMA (also playable in vq3 of course). Uses the e8 and mkoxide texture sets and includes some sweet CPM jumps. 100 more words

Level Design

Quake 2 MP map: spirit2dm7 -- The deepest fall

spirit2dm7 – The deepest fall

A new tourney map for a contest at Quake2Reloaded. With this map I wanted to emphasize gameplay elements that are more common in modern games like Q3A and QL: less tight corridors, more open areas with dramatic height differences and powerful jumppads that allow players to get to higher grounds quickly if they’re willing to take the risk of being an easy target for a second or two. 84 more words

Level Design

Quake 2 DM map: spirit2dm6 -- Totality

spirit2dm6 – Totality

This is an old-school Quake 2 tourney map that uses the stock textures by id software. I created some places with rather long line of sight so better get the RG asap. 118 more words

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