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Super Hot Spacial Dimensionality

Video games have a slightly strange relationship with dimensionality, where we are able to explore 3 dimensional space in a 2 dimensional medium. Before 3 dimensional engines, we were only able to explore 2 dimensional space on a 2 dimensional medium. 474 more words

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Level Design Practice #7 – Desert Pathway

Here’s my latest work after about a week hiatus. Unfortunately, my posts will be fewer as we progress due to… life.

Life sucks.

Level Design

Level Design Practice #6 - Foggy Cave Entrance

Up until now, my work has felt unrefined, which only makes sense considering how new I am to working with Unreal 4. My latest project however, is the work that I’m most proud of thus far, because it actually resembles something remotely professional. 134 more words

Level Design

Level Design Practice #5 - Mushroom Caverns

This project was inspired by my time playing Ark: Survival Evolved, an open-world game featuring dinosaurs. When it was first released, Ark had only one map available to all players named ‘The Island’.  173 more words

Level Design

Level Design Practice #4 - Winter Cliffs

Here’s a project based in a fictional Northern mountain range. I’d say a lot of inspiration for this project comes from random pictures of Canada I came across, as well as various open-world video games (Skyrim in particular). 320 more words

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Level Design Practice #3 - Cartoon Kingdom

My first two practice entries shared the same grey/green/blue color scheme, so I opted to pump a little more color into this next one.

Level Design

Level Design Practice #2 - Waterside Tower

Here’s a recent attempt at creating a rocky island with an abandoned tower near the terrain’s apex. This project took approximately 4 hours to create. I wanted the scene to be slightly more realistic, but noticed that the rocks made everything look too grey. 98 more words

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