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The Level Design of Gone Home

At GDC 2015 Kate Craig and Steve Gaynor of studio Fullbright talked about level design in their game Gone Home. I just wanted to note some of the interesting ideas that they explored in their… 444 more words

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The Safari Games

…And suddenly I find myself farming Safari ball Pokemon in my Gen IV games.

Coming to think of it the Safari Zone minigame is one that could be easily ported to mobile devices and still be connected with your main Pokemon series game. 452 more words

Pokemon Ramblings

The Intricacies of a Battlefield

The Fire Emblem series has always had a knack for well put together level design, crafting some well designed and challenging levels and some not so great maps riddled with gimmicky challenges. 619 more words

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A narrative based platform level made for the source game engine.

Level Design

What Makes Tomb Raider Special?

With this year marking Tomb Raider’s 20th anniversary I wanted to write a little bit about what the franchise means to me. Admittedly, in recent times I haven’t been keeping up with the franchise, but it was a major part of my childhood. 661 more words


Architecture visualization in the Quake 3 engine

I was recently given a bunch of 2D plans of a large building. They were floor plans for the 5 stories, plotted on paper. I’m pretty good at imagining the 3D object from 2D plans, but in this case, I thought some 3D visualization… 88 more words

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