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Game Development Process Week 5

Here we go again with a new post about the development process of Team 8:s game: Last Signal.

This week I am working on creating the whole level of our game. 560 more words


Interactive Environments & Level Design/Client Project - Heritage Project - Bus Stop

Another model that I developed was the concrete Bus Stop. This is another model that I have used a bit of artistic license with. We know that there was a bus stop just across from Whitefriargate near the phone boxes that I talked about in a previous post. 182 more words


Week 7: Alex Fatemi - 6 Hours

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to work as much this week on the project due to grad classes.

Zenobia’s mecanim states should be almost done now. Due to some issues, I had to redo them in a different set-up, but now Zenobia will use the proper animations with the tools. 38 more words

Level Design

Gamers, not just a stereotype.

For the last few weeks we have been brainstorming ideas for our projects, coming up with ideas that the team have been passionate about. Although passion is an important factor in any project, it can blind team members to the wants and needs of their customers. 128 more words

COM 529 Group Project Design & COM 530 Group Project Implementation

Interactive Environments & Level Design/Client Project - Team Roles

Coming into the Second Semester, we had a group meeting to address some issues within the team. One of the main issues we had as a team was with our ability to communicate effectively. 189 more words


Jack of all trades.

Hello everyone, KrimsonStorm here. Last week was a myriad of many things, hence the jack of all trade post title. The only thing missing for me to do (in regards to this video game, anyway) was animation. 456 more words

Senior Thesis

Game 2, Update 1

Block Breaker

For my second game, I am going to make a clone of the arcade classic Arkanoid. For the uneducated, Arkanoid is block-breaking game. The player controls a paddle that moves from right to left at the bottom of the screen.

389 more words