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Designing great 1vs1 FPS maps — Part 3: Conclusions

This is the third and last part of my article on designing maps for good item placement. It gives the conclusions and summarizes what we learned from the examples given in part 2. 1,136 more words

Level Design

Designing great 1vs1 FPS maps -- Part 2: Examples

This is part 2 of my article on 1vs1 map design for level designers. It discusses some example spots of powerful items in more or less known maps. 658 more words

Level Design

Designing great 1vs1 FPS maps -- Part 1: Introduction

This article gives some suggestions on level design and item placement for 1vs1 multiplayer maps. It is intended for level designers who want to improve their maps for 1vs1 games, i.e., make them more balanced for this game type, improve the flow, make players use the whole map, etc. 1,469 more words

Level Design

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review

Empathizing with psychopaths
Written by Max Teodorescu

Dennaton Games’ first Hotline Miami felt like a frenetic romp through a violent, psychedelic fever dream. Though similarly surreal, its successor, … 1,343 more words

Max Teodorescu

Super Mario Four-Step Level Design

If you’re into game design this video breaks down some basics of teaching a skill and then having the player implement and master it. Even if you’re not into game design, it’s worth a look.

[The List reviews] A Mini review for Mini Ninja's

To define exactly what it takes to make a good game is no easy task, some games excel simply through innovation, bringing something new and not previously tested into the hands of experimental gamers.  464 more words