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February 10th: World

Okay, started building the first few areas out. I’d done a bit of this before, but I expanded the area greatly — I want the starting area to be very open with not a lot of interesting stuff going on at first, just lots of room to move around and maybe some interesting things to explore without a lot of pressure. 254 more words

Daily Update
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You can’t teach Level Design

– Premise –

I wanted to write something about this after an interesting talk I had with Larian CEO, Swen, last week. 1,681 more words

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Top Down Level Designs - Bar & Restaurant


Continuing on from last week’s task, I began working on the top down level designs for the restaurant and main bar area. 

Restaurant & Bar level designs… 114 more words


Changing Footstep Sounds per Surface for Unity's FPC

I wanted to share my solution to modifying the player’s footstep SFX in Unity depending on the surface type.

Since we are mostly using Unity’s default First Person Character/Controller with a number of modifications, I designed this solution around their C# script – I’m pleased to say it’s worked pretty well for me! 87 more words


The Sound of Music... err... Elysium

I wanted to share some thoughts on Sound Design in Unity (both artistically and as a programmer) – populating Elysium with audio effects and music in order to elevate the game and overall experience to the next level of immersion. 303 more words


Parent Stuff to Elevators People!

Today I want to share a very simple but vitally important lesson when making elevators in Unity…

I like to use Unity’s Smooth damp – it’s my in-game elevator of choice.   99 more words


Level Design in Articy

I’ve worked on some level design for Elysium using Articy Draft 2 to illustrate game flow from the starting point.

This was my first time using Nevigo’s… 136 more words

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