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[Modding] Warcraft 3, "Moon Temple", level-design contest entry.

A level-design work made for a Warcraft 3 modding contest.

Warcraft 3 and World Editor belong to Blizzard Entertainment.

Level Design

[Modding] Starcraft II. WoW Content Remake Project.

A level-design work for WoW Content Remake Project, a fan remake of Warcraft 3 on Starcraft 2 engine.

Warcraft, WoW, Starcraft, and Galaxy Editor belong to Blizzard Entertainment.

Level Design

Ink Ribbon #4 - Shovel Knight

This week I’ve been playing probably one of my least favourite games of all time. It’s the single player strategy RPG that we all know and hate. 2,074 more words

Ink Ribbons

Next Room Syndrome - You can't please everyone! (especially gamers!)

Rexis here!

Hello world! How are you? Hopefully well? I’m well. It’s funny how the word good has replaced the word well in many cases. Anyways, I’ve been thinking about games lately, as I’m apt to do, Uncharted in particular. 898 more words


What have I been up to?

Far too much to talk about properly, You’d probably lose interest anway!

Instead of writing up an extensive run-down of all the projects I have been a part of since my last post, I thought it would be best to post a picture or a video of each and just summarize what our goals were, who I worked with, what I contributed, and whether we felt we succeeded. 556 more words

Level Design

Royal Rampage!

Royal Rampage is an dungeon crawler RPG inspired game demo built within Unity 4. The game was built by Interwire, a team of 11 students (2 designers, 1 animator, 1 programmer and 6 artists).  268 more words

Game Design

Week 6 - Patrick Bastian

This week was a very productive one. I managed to complete the main character’s walking animation and have Boyd add it to the game. In addition to that I adjusted the Fruclei animation as well so when he goes left or right he faces that direction. 154 more words