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Bagaimana Sebuah Game Bisa Menjadi Menarik?

Yang membuat sebuah game menjadi menarik itu ada banyak poin-poinnya. Mulai dari Level Design, Scripted Events, hingga peletakan entities yang punya makna tersembunyi. Coba saja bayangkan jika game sehebat Battlefield atau yang lebih sederhana seperti Flappy Bird itu hanya menggunakan bentuk yang sangat sederhana untuk actor atau object playernya. 317 more words

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Building Worlds

This blog post is a brief discussion about the principles of world-building. I am going to be taking a look at 1992’s Star Control II in relation to these principles and how they have been used to inform the creation game worlds. 465 more words

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A Mystery to be Solved - Draft 1


This first draft works as the underlying structure for my world design paper. Here I examine how I would like to frame my discussion and address the influence of Himalayan architecture in games. 1,199 more words

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Resurrecting A Demon on the Altar of Doom

The first portal back to Mars is guarded by an army of hellspawn trying to rip you limb from limb. Agile fireball throwing imps and dual wielding Mancubus, burly Hell Knights and rocket-launching Revenants all converge on your location, employing a wide assortment of tactics while you unleash the concussive blast of your shotgun and unload mag after mag from the assault rifle and unleash its’ micro missile alternate fire. 1,558 more words


July 5th: Sideshow

Very sleepy today for whatever dumb reason. Did some streaming, got a bit of level design work done, and studied some 3d modeling, though that particular task didn’t play very nicely with the sleepiness. Still, progress.

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