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Returning Inside (to the Zombies)

This is going to be a short post that relates to some of the experiments I have been doing recently with an indoor zombie level… 406 more words

My Designs

Enemy Design - Enemy Types and Distribution

After the great effort by Daniele in his post and the opening of the new Bestiary page I thought it would be good to expand a bit on the design process behind Wizards’ Duel enemies before tackling them in a more direct way as we develop them. 609 more words

Game Dev

Week 08 - John Keough

I spent much of my time this week working on the dialogue maps. (3 hours) It ended up taking me much longer than it should have due to the original documents with the dialogue in them vanishing without explanation and my own forgetfulness with saving them to multiple locations. 153 more words

Term 2 PPJs

Interactive Environments & Level Design/Client Project - Heritage Project - Lamp Post

One of the assets that I knew from the offset that needed creating was the lamp posts. Whitefriargate has a series of very unique lamp posts that are original from what looks like the late 1800s. 171 more words


Interactive Environments & Level Design/Client Project - UI/HUD Design

As part of the work towards developing the Heritage Project, I was tasked with developing the UI/HUD for the game. I was keen to explore this further as I wanted to expand my skills to areas that I’d never been truly comfortable in before and felt that developing some 2D elements would be a great starting point to this goal. 496 more words


Mad Mars Dev Log #1 : Modding ARK & Mars landscape

This past two months i have been working on a mod for ARK : Survival Evolved called Mad Mars.

ARK : Survival Evolved is about surviving in a harsh environment filled with dinosaurs. 372 more words

Unreal Engine

Week 07 - John Keough

I spent a few hours carefully designing the concept art for the furnace first last week. (2 hours) On Friday I met with the Programmers and James in order to work out how to use Unity. 147 more words

Term 2 PPJs