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As If: Cool Beans & A Bag of Chips

In my last post, I discussed Pinata’s Revenge, a prototype I’d completed, and hinted at an upcoming mall-themed prototype. I mentioned I’m getting more comfortable with GameMaker and GML, GameMaker’s programming language. 702 more words

Game Design

Release: Coin Collector

The Game

Name: Coin Collector
Description: A 2D platformer where you traverse the levels and obstacles to collect the 10 coins before advancing to the next level.

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Sidescroller Project

First Unreal Engine 4 project I’ve worked on.

Unreal Engine 4

Système de combo et Level Design

Implantation du système de combo et du calcul du timing sur les sauts. Chaque saut a maintenant un timing actuellement dépendant d’une variable fixe mais qui sera lié à la bande sonore. 134 more words


Environmental Storytelling and Gone Home

In Gone Home the player is Kaitlin Greenbriar, a young woman who has returned to the United States after a year in Europe. While she was away, her family moved to a new house, and the game starts with the player at the front door, facing a note from Kaitlin’s younger sister, Samantha. 1,145 more words


About hazards

I’m using the word hazard to describe any kind of object that will pose danger to the player and that is intended to this end. You can theoretically build entire levels without any hazard, and they can be fun! 301 more words

Videogame Design

Dimension Shifting Platformer

Ever since I worked on my 2D teleporting prototypes I wanted to take the idea into 3D. However, I didn’t just want to copy the mechanic into 3D. 262 more words

Game Design