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Level Design in game

Two of our level designs which are currently in the actual game. The upper one is one of the first and shorter levels which can be easily completed. 64 more words

In Game


In our game, you’re a beheaded head, who needs to get to the basket as fast as possible but this is of course not without difficulties. 296 more words


Level Design

Some sketches from our level design! These layouts will be playtested and edited according to the feedback we receive :)

Level Design

2D Game Design - My Level design

For my level 2D design I created an exploration style of a level where you can take different paths to go to the end of each level where there will boss at the end. 214 more words

Game Desing

visual vocabularies

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!  If you work in retail, comrade, I am sorry.

Level design class has us training ourselves to see how architecture shapes the spaces around us in the real world, so we can apply those principles to our game designs.  547 more words

Game Dev

Level Design: Research

In level design it is split into 4 different categories which involve the planning and designing itself.  The categories are planning/pre-production, Gameplay, Visual, technical.  The four categories allow a solid workflow that will mean  that the creator always knows what they are doing and will know how to handle a problem when they reach one. 1,670 more words


Chronicles of a Repair Guy

CORG – Chronicles of a Repair Guy (to download and play, click here)

Note: This is the same as the page Chronicles of a Repair Guy, but I thought it will have better chances to reach people as a post. 348 more words