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Kids Toys

  • Windmill – hit the wings of the windmill
  • Windup
  • Seesaw
  • Stacked
  • Ball comes down into the cup shaped device and is tipped down
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Level Design

Retrospect on a Simple Game I made a Year Ago

Last year me and my friend decided to undertake the challenge of making a simple game for Halloween. There were only a couple of weeks left so we weren’t actually sure if we could make it on time, but we decided to go for it… and we succeeded. 700 more words

Video Games

2D Game Design - Written Treatment and Project Proposal

-Here is my written treatment for my 2D platformer:

The setting for the game is a world where humanity has died from a radioactive bomb. The only thing which lives on the planet are reaming robots and machines. 333 more words

E for.... Earthquake

Initial Research


How do earthquakes happen?

  • The Earth is made up of a 12 main tectonic plates
  • The plates move as they float on a layer of magma…
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Level Design

O for... (developed)

Previously I had thought of O for orbit, however I think it definitely needs some development, as the level isn’t particularly enjoyable, which I think is due to avoiding the orbiting blocks being frustrating, perhaps they weren’t moving at the right speeds or there were too many. 337 more words

Level Design

V for... (development)







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Level Design