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BoF3 maps: Dauna Mines - childhood

Being the very first area in the game, Dauna seems to be mainly built for idle exploration so
you can get used to the controls. The game starts you off on what is essentially a big circle, at the farthest point from the room’s exit. 307 more words


UE4: Making a decent scene (Part 1)

In Unreal Engine 4, beginners mostly suffer because they can’t make a scene. But, %66 percent of people get across that very quickly, and almost everyone gets stuck on the issue of lighting, positioning props, etc. 292 more words


Where's the language in a everyday walk? - Part I.

Note: The following entry is the result of the reflection I’ve had at end of last year about why each settlement makes us feel, through the environment, something specific and different to our place of origin. 1,158 more words


Dungeons and Dragons Tiered Map 2 Version 2

For my CAGD 270 Level Design class, we were to create and design Dungeons and Dragons maps. However, this time we had to get into groups of 3 and coordinate with two other people in order to create 3 maps, 1 each either a beginning, intermediate, and advanced level. 574 more words

Level Design

From the Archive - 'Factory' Level Design Prototype

This is a level design prototype I did with Google SketchUp back in 2011. It was the first time I used SketchUp. The level was made on-the-fly with no pre-planning. 15 more words

New Space Scene

Started up a new project inside Unreal 4 the past couple of days. I’ve always had a deep desire and interest in space and stories inside of them (see: Star Wars), so with that and the fact that my senior thesis was space based (pun intended) in should come as no surprise that I would end up there eventually again. 125 more words

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