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My Issue w/OverWatch's PvE Mode

For those who don’t play Overwatch at all or haven’t played in a while, they’ve released a new game mode in celebration of Halloween, much like how Lucio Ball was in celebration of the Olympics. 990 more words


Universal Design Principles

So it’s been too long since I posted here. I fell a little behind this trimester after I went on a short trip. I thought I would do some work while I was on holiday but I was wrong. 193 more words

Game Design

Duke Revisited: How can we refresh an outdated image?

Perspective is a funny old thing. If you follow any modern discussion about the classic 90’s shooter Duke Nukem 3D, it almost always circulates around how out-of-date and embarrassingly sexist he seems now in in retrospect. 1,613 more words


Update on Deliverance 2600 - Last Alpha build & Beta plans


I apologize for my relative silence here lately, but the truth is I just haven’t had anything worth posting about. But now I do! I actually didn’t mean to post this until the launch of the next Alpha build, but I figured I’d post this sooner rather than later. 144 more words

Level Design

Level Design with Levelord

When I heard that Richard Levelord Gray and Allen H. Blum III were working on the new Duke Nukem 3D episode I was excited. I enjoy mapping/level design, I especially enjoy it for classic games.  1,155 more words

Duke Nukem


3D aventure game prototype by David Cabrera in collaboration with Greyman Studios.

Eject:Play is a videogame project by David Cabrera and Greyman Studios. My main role was to adapt Cabrera’s original concept to a videogame narrative format. 41 more words

Video Game

When it’s started.

HC Northstation was my first started from the scratch, original map designed for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (HL2:DM).

I remember a casual conversation with Neolantis, while playing on his “Neolantis Roughnecks” server for HL2:DM, about how cool it would be to make your own map. 494 more words