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Week 5 PPJ - Lukas Harb

This week I collected play testers, animated the elevator, and designed the schematic for the hospital and forest level. During the play testing I found problems within our game that I had never noticed. 93 more words

Term 2 PPJs

How can we Prevent VR Sickness with Level Design?

Hello there! It’s me again.

I’d like to share with you a few things about VR sickness we discovered as we were experimenting with FATED… 765 more words

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Week 05 PPJ - John Keough

This week the design team didn’t end up having a meeting, unfortunately. No one was able to make it to the usual time and there was no opportunity to reschedule it. 91 more words

Term 2 PPJs

Level Design: Remembrance

I did some pretty interesting level design work on a school project called Remembrance (link to trailer, link to download). Here’s the description: 2,219 more words

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A visual guide to creating smart multiplayer levels

This visually stimulating post on Gamasutra (written by a Bobby Ross) details some of the basics of modern multiplayer level design, covering everything from map symmetry and scale to tactics and strategy. 50 more words

Level Design: Transcend

Transcend is a game I worked on about teleporting swordsmen versus gunners with grappling hooks. It was a college project, and since then I rebranded it as  5,298 more words

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Meet FATED's Game Designer

Hello VR enthusiasts, my name is Philippe. I’m the game/level designer working on FATED.

My role on the project is wide and varied as we are like you, discovering what this new technology is all about and how to “tame it” into a new game media. 377 more words

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