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Level design: Thief

This is a look into the architecture and the story it tells in the reboot title Thief. Thief is set in an alternate reality where steam power and magic exist. 635 more words

Level Design

Halo 3 Blog

Halo 3 the game that overall had it all, from casual to competitive play Halo 3 catered to all players equally which made it one of the most successful console video games to date. 523 more words

Level Design

Building a Journey of Experiences

Previously, I have looked at the game Journey and made a zine which examined the game’s use of the Principle of Flow. I wanted to re-examine this game with the previous discussions we have had regarding the use of level design, abstraction and architecture in games. 556 more words

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Principles of Multiplayer level design

  1. Spatial structures
    • Conflict points
    • Tactical choice
  2. Map balancing
    • Symmetrical
    • Asymmetrical
  3. Level architecture
    • Scale
    • Proportion
    • Unity
    • Appeal
    • Navigational guides
  4. Level objectives or backstory of the level…
  5. 237 more words
Media Production

I think I owe Dragon Age II an apology, at least

I recently started replaying the Mass Effect series – made me a MaleShep by the name of Hal (i.e. 2001: A Space Odyssey, not… 774 more words

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Video Games and Architecture

One of the tricky things about studying video games is that because they’re so new, we don’t really know how to properly talk about them yet. 1,089 more words

Video Games & Narrative

Vendorbus - A Voxel Game

The trimester is coming to a close and one of the last projects I get to work on is a game!!!  Finally, I’ve been excited for this all trimester and I finally get to put my 3D skills to the test, well not quite.   640 more words