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Accounting Software : Transition from Book Keeping To Financial Reporting

I had certain thoughts on Accounting Packages – which can help them Transition from being book-keeping (Recording of Transaction) to Financial Reporting packages.

1. At present, Accounting Packages allow only a single grouping for a Ledger Account. 359 more words

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Enhancing mall experience by leveraging technology

Of late, there have been several murmurs on the death of brick-and-mortar retailing thanks to the success of e-commerce. But there can be no denying that while online shopping is price-related, the brick-and-mortar model is all about social interactions. 876 more words

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The Importance of Showing Up

Woody Allen said “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” For those of us who have been at the game of Life for a while understand the importance of being there.  765 more words

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Ten Ways to Protect Your Business, Part 2

 The following article was published by
the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

5. Managing Business Risk
Risk management involves protecting yourself against potential loss or less than expected return. 680 more words

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An Observation in Book-Keeping

Financial Transaction are Diagonally Opposite and Equal* for Counter-parties to a Transaction

This hold’s special significance when we consider a Scenario where the Accounting Package sends and receives these Financial Transaction Vouchers and also intelligently deciphers / decodes these Financial Transaction Vouchers to be put to meaningful use without manual extraction or re-keying. 160 more words

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Leveraging technology to run a successful raffle with Raffle Ready

                                   Although there are still many traditional-style raffles which use tickets and a hat, organizations can benefit much more from a technologically advanced raffle. These nonprofits must take advantage of the new technologies that are available to them in today’s highly advanced society. 364 more words

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XBRL Conversion Template for Indian Costing Taxonomy

Before proceeding further, Please read the Text of Disclaimer below:-

“It is suggested that to avoid any doubt the user should re-check the facts and elements of XBRL Instance Document generated from this file “NIRMAL XBRL 1.0 Costing Taxonomy.xlsm” by converting the Instance To PDF with the latest version of the File Validation Utility downloaded from the designated website of the MCA ( 210 more words

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