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There are five major debates still raging with/in and with/out the object-oriented studies spectrum, in my opinion, years after the inception of the objectal trajectory of speculative realism. 1,828 more words


Becoming, Object-Oriented

According to prevailing astrophysical consensus, our universe began with a Big Bang approximately 13.7 billion years ago. In that moment, say cosmologists, the universe expanded rapidly from an extremely hot and dense singularity, eventually cooling enough to allow energy to be converted into various subatomic particles. 1,309 more words


I Dream Of Objects

Two views. Pick one. Or none, if you disagree with both.

Dreams as affective manifestations: Virtually no one denies that dreams can be affective, productive of nonconscious phenomenological vectors capable of precipitating new patterns of thought and forms of relation. 486 more words


Hydrosocial becomings

Edinburgh University Press has a series of edited books called Deleuze Connections. They apply Deleuzian ideas on a specific topic with the formula “Deleuze AND…”.¬† 40 more words