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What the Fuck about Ian Bogost?

Ian Bogost

Bogost is something akin to a video game designer by day and an object oriented crime fighter by night.

Alien Phenomenology

Bogost’s take on the decentering of human access comes in the form of what he advocates as “Alien Phenomenology”. 92 more words

Literary Criticism

Who the Fuck is Levi Bryant?

Levi Bryant

Levi Bryant is a philosopher who carried the torch of Object Oriented Ontology after people like Graham Harman and Quentin Meillassoux established it. Bryant worked for some time summarizing the ideas of others in the movement before publishing his first major contribution under the title “The Democracy of Objects”. 356 more words

Literary Criticism

“with natural disaster films and apocolyptic films there’s generally a thematization of the impossibility of the sexual relation and how society must be destroyed to get the couple together” – levi bryant http://ift.tt/1HDGi4s

Cyborgs in Space

The Haraway-ian cyborg, the blending, overlapping, the hybridization of the human and the machine-ic, specifically the information, cybernetic, algorithmic machines that are not extensions of human capabilities but partners/competitors of the human, companion species like the wolf/dog our best friends and worst mythic nightmares, that cyborg, as a matter of course, creates not only the architecture/space of the snail’s shell, the open fire warmed architecture of the cave, the intentionalized architecture/space of the hut, tent, cabin, cathedral, and split level suburban house, that cyborg also creates the Code Space of data based architecture-alized information interacting with the cascading contextualization/de-contextualizations, the cascading structure/ruin makings, of cascading algorithms that create in turn, companion, non-Euclidean spaces of curved surfaces and intersecting parallel lines enabling the fractal formation of discontinuous voids and firewalls that simultaneously house and expose the cyborg. 180 more words



Levi Bryant’s talk on Lacan and post-humanism:

I have been discussing this indirectly in 2 previous posts, so I figured I might as well post the link. 279 more words

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“it’s so difficult to avoid supposing the knowledge of the Other and assuming the lack in the Other in oneself.” – levipaulbryant: Larval Subjects .

Levi Bryant