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Hydrosocial becomings

Edinburgh University Press has a series of edited books called Deleuze Connections. They apply Deleuzian ideas on a specific topic with the formula “Deleuze AND…”.  40 more words


Extra thought on liminal zones

The last post made me feel a little gross. I don’t like the idea of my under-informed criticisms devolving into useless, dismissive snark (which only ought to be saved for trolls and maybe Laruelle hardy har har). 856 more words

Object-Oriented Stuff

Brief thoughts on Bryant's Origami

I’ve had the chance to briefly return to Levi Bryant, since the final published version of his article “The Interior of Things: The Origami of Being” has… 704 more words

The incoherence problem: Bryant contra Harman

One of my favorite moments in the classroom as an undergraduate was getting to the end of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus—the part about how you should shut up already if you can’t talk about something. 3,048 more words

Object-Oriented Stuff