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Mini Film Reviews (16-04-18 to 22-04-18)

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Much better than I was expecting. Snappy and sharp action-comedy, with some really sweet moments. 9/10.

Wrath of the Titans

Average fantasy film. 124 more words

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10 Signs of a Preacher Who's Influenced by Leviathan

“His scales are his pride, shut tightly as with a seal” (Job 41:15).

The Jerusalem translations says, “His back is like shields of cast metal, scale pressing on scale.” Leviathan’s pride is in his scales. 32 more words


Thomas Hobbes' main arguments on absolutism

Thomas Hobbes was a 17th Century philosopher who is famous for his work on absolutist governments and what life would be like if the powers of government were run in an absolutist fashion.   827 more words


Leviathan Movie Review (WC2018 Special)



Country: Russian Federation
Original Title: Левиафан (Leviafan)
Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev
Release: 2014 679 more words


Blades Ep 7: The Astounding Tentacle Assassination Pt 2

With injuries like these, Vand the Whisper, Veleris the Hound and Miss Ruby the Spider could really do with a cocktail, a massage and two weeks on a beach in Iruvia. 90 more words


Mass Effect 3’s Leviathan: Losing the Fear of the Unknown

Every year or so, during a dry release spell, I find myself drawn back to the old favourites. You could call it my gaming comfort food. 1,166 more words

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Hobbes vs Plato

In the current, desperate political climate of Brexit, Boris, Corbyn, and Trump, it seems as good a time as any to be learning about political obligation. 847 more words