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You can accuse Hobbes of many things, but you can’t say he lacked a sense of humor.

That I have neglected the ornament of quoting ancient poets, orators, and philosophers, contrary to the custom of late time—whether I have done well or ill in it—proceedeth from my judgment, grounded on many reasons.

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Family finds gold in piano; government looks to muscle in

The recent discovery of a UK gold cache raises the specter of every-hungry leviathan ruthlessly employing the law to gobble up assets for its own benefit. 522 more words


Leviathan by Famuyiwa Adekunle

OH, mighty leviathan,

I ran back home pondering,

Trying to restore from fear,

Caused by the gargantuan beast,

Created by my supreme God.

Who says God does not be? 117 more words


Depression Overload - metal playlist

Funeral doom and depressive black metal is the bread and butter of this album (a playlist really, but I consider my playlists albums). It visits only a few other despairing terrains. 1,122 more words


Battling the Serpent

I love the movie Pacific Rim. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s about people in colossal robots fighting giant monsters from another dimension called… 1,740 more words


The Giant Oak

Yes, the Royal Oak was bigger. Not all that much bigger, but the spread of its massive boughs, the weight of which eventually tore it apart, was greater. 307 more words

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Poor Biff's Almanac -- Truth is Stranger than Fiction

It has been a while since I wrote an actual journal entry.  That’s because I have been too busy concentrating on my writer’s block and my short fiction, which are often the same thing.   603 more words