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The Cerelian Infestation Part 48

Sirens wailed on every deck of the defence barges and men ran frantically to their stations through strobing pools of red light. ¬†“Multiple targets incoming,” the voice bellowed over the annoy system, his voice crackling and distorted with feedback, “this is not a drill!” 943 more words


Humpback Whales on The Great Barrier Reef

Rainbow Warrior was stopped in the water when a mother humpback whale and her calf came up for a closer look. They proceeded to play peek-a-boo, disappearing and popping up on the other side, again and again Рhad the crew and volunteers running from port to starboard and back. 17 more words

Best of Q2: Corey's List

I was incredibly impressed with the onslaught of new metal that came our in the first quarter of the year. Headlined by the likes of Thulcandra, Enslaved, and Leviathan, to name a very small few, it seemed like a tough quarter to stack up against. 606 more words

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June 2015 Wrap Up

After last month, I knew I really needed to pick up my game and I think I did end up doing that! This was a pretty great month for this blog. 1,140 more words


vent or vented?

Today I was in a bookshop and picked up an edition of Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan (which I have never read all the way through and I was wondering if it was worth it). 180 more words

2015 Foreign Language Nominee Reviews ("Force Majeure", "Leviathan", "Ida")

Foreign Film reviews:
There are three real contenders, “Force Majeure” from Sweden, “Ida” from Poland, and “Leviathan” from Russia. I recently saw the first two. 295 more words

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