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No Excuses!

I have to tell myself that quite often.

No excuses.

Why? Because let’s be real. . . we can make excuses for whatever we don’t want to do, and even more so for things that we  538 more words


Priestly Purity - and Then - it's Time to Celebrate (Leviticus 21-23)

Saturday, August 27

Priestly purity is the topic of the first two chapters today.  As priests of the Most High their job was to represent God to the people as well as representing the people before God.   515 more words


Who Do You Follow? (Leviticus 18-20)

Friday, August 26

Today’s reading (and perhaps all of Leviticus) are well summed up by the first 5 verses of Chapter 18.  “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Speak to the Israelites and say to them, “I am the Lord your God.  418 more words


Gross - and Great - in 3 Chapters (Leviticus 15-17)

Thursday, August 25

When my kids go off to school, I have a home daycare and preschoolers invade the house.  Recently I was babysitting four preschoolers – three of whom were potty-training at the same time.   444 more words


More Hats for the Priests (Leviticus 12-14)

Wednesday, August 24

Great job hanging in there – after today we are more than half way done with Leviticus.  It hasn’t been too painful, has it? 360 more words


Do what the Lord requires! (Leviticus 8-11)

Tuesday, August 23

We begin our day’s reading with 2 chapters which provide a detailed depiction of the ordination ceremony for Aaron and his sons.  They were chosen by God to act as the priests for the people.  567 more words


Leviticus 5-6:7

Passage Lookup

Main point

What does this passage suggest about the LORD?


Where is Moses? [ Leviticus 4:1 ]  What is the state of the tabernacle and the priests at the end of the book of Exodus? 518 more words

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