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Christian makes "Kill the faggot" videogame

A man who raised funds in the name of Jesus Christ for a different project that was too lame to remember has had his latest project pulled from Steam, a video game store for PC users. 224 more words


Leviticus 9-10

John Carter – December 28, 2014 – Leviticus 9-10 – Leviticus
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Leviticus 5-8: More rules for animal sacrifices

If someone fails to report a crime, touches an unclean thing and forgets to cleanse himself, or forgets to fulfill an oath, he shall confess his sin and offer a female sheep/goat as a purification offering.  328 more words


Emor 5775

The “high” priest was really the “big” priest — until he became the “head” priest. But it all started with this week’s reading.


This week’s handout:   8 more words



When we discuss the nature of a servant-leader, we have usually focused upon the “leader” aspect. This week, our Torah portion allows us to look at the role of the “servant.” 551 more words

Leviticus 11 & 12 - Acceptable in Gods eyes

Good afternoon y’all. Today I’m combining Leviticus 11 and 12 together.

A common theme runs through both chapters (actually, it’s through all the chapters for this week). 535 more words

Good Morning Girls

70 Weeks of Daniel - An Overview

Welcome back, my fellow sojourners!  Yesterday we examined God’s plan for the Gentiles.  Today we will begin a 4-day treasure hunt into perhaps the most stunning four verses of prophecy in the entire Bible!  577 more words