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James' Story - Life After Levofloxacin Poisoning

My name is James and I wanted to share my the experiences that I’ve had over the past two years and eight months, since taking 5 simple doses of levofloxacin 500mg pills. 1,862 more words

Fluoroquinolones Removed From the Market

Several fluoroquinolones have been removed from the market because they caused acute toxicity and death. The fluoroquinolones that have been removed from the market are not terribly different from the ones that remain on the market in terms of damage done or damage mechanisms. 2,177 more words


Yeast infection, douche, Levofloxacin and primordial yogurt at   http://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/6/fever


We need to be cautious enough, while prescribing the fluoroquinolones

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said today, until and unless other treatment options are  available, patients with uncomplicated infections should not receive fluoroquinolones, given the risk for disabling and potentially permanent adverse events. 202 more words

Kena Tifus

Minggu kemarin saya mengalami demam 2 hari. Dua kali periksa ke dokter BPJS, dikasih obat yang berbeda. Merasa sakit di perut nggak kunjung membaik, saya putuskan memeriksakan darah “atas permintaan sendiri (APS)”. 168 more words


Levofloxacin - A Necessary Evil?

Levofloxacin is an antibiotic that stops multiplication of bacteria by preventing the reproduction and repair of their genetic material, DNA. I posted about this drug last week, when I was on day two or day three of the prescribed course. 433 more words