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My diabetic patient complains of new onset tingling, burning, and numbness in her feet and ankles while taking levofloxacin for sinusitis. Could it be the antibiotic?

Although there are numerous culprits in peripheral neuropathy (PN), fluoroquinolones (FQs) are increasing reported as a potential cause, affecting about 1% of patients. 1

Besides many case reports, couple of large epidemiologic studies support the association between PN and FQs. 321 more words

Floxie Hope Podcast Episode 24 - PJ

PJ shared his journey through fluoroquinolone toxicity on Episode 24 of The Floxie Hope Podcast. Check it out!




PJ was given IV levofloxacin/levaquin and flagyl in the hospital, and afterward he suffered from multiple severe side-effects including debilitating fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, body-wide numbness, pain, inflammation in all his joints, and more. 33 more words

Fluoroquinolones and Statins: A Recipe for Rhabdomyolysis

In May, 2017, WSB-TV 2 Atlanta aired the story, “Clark Howard says near-fatal disease possibly caused by popular antibiotic,” in which the story of how Clark Howard, a popular consumer expert and host of the nationally syndicated Clark Howard Show, was hurt by a combination of ciprofloxacin (a fluoroquinolone antibiotic) and generic Lipitor (a statin). 1,044 more words

Is treatment of pneumococcal pneumonia with bacteremia any different than pneumococcal pneumonia without bacteremia?

In the absence of disseminated infection such as meningitis or endocarditis, there is no convincing evidence that bacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia (BPP) requires either longer course of IV or oral antibiotics. 328 more words

When should I pay attention to the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of an antibiotic despite the lab reporting it to be in the “Susceptible” range?

For most clinicians, the choice of antibiotic is based on the laboratory reporting of “Susceptible” (vs “Resistant”), not the actual MIC value of the drug.  However, despite the fact that much of the data is retrospective and the association of MIC within a susceptible range and clinical outcome may not necessarily be causal, many experts recommend caution when “high” MICs within a susceptible range are observed, as found in the following situations:    359 more words