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CTS: Typography and Language

In todays lecture we looked at content in relation to form, and the basic principles of semiotics and storytelling. As graphic designers we are responsible for the communication of ideas through words, signs and pictures. 289 more words

Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll is crazy. Genuinely. This was my third(ish) read through of Through the Looking Glass. I have this odd relationship with this book where I keep coming back to it, even though I wouldn’t say I love it. 82 more words


Is it really true love?

In the UK (and I am sure across the world in your respective languages) we begin to study Literature from a young age. First our parents read to us, then school begins and English Literature is a major subject throughout most of our school lives. 1,345 more words

Lying About Reading

The BBC ran a poll, and they found that most people don’t lie about having read “War and Peace.”

children’s favourite Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland…

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Book Corner: Recommended Reads

It’s taken us ages to get back into the swing of things since Christmas, but we’re coming back bigger and better than every with weekly posting EVERY THURSDAY this month! 329 more words


Who. Are. You?

Anyone remember playing Habbo Hotel? I remember spending hours in my bedroom, creating my avatar named PrincessEmmaChristianGirl99 (don’t ask!), designing new rooms, asking other avatars whether they “ 746 more words

Nonsense Verse: Get Seriously Funny

“If poetry that’s sensible
Is what you’re searching for
If you want words of wisdom
Then you need search no more

For this is not the book for you…

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