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An Unexpected Potter Pilgrimage

Harry Potter graffiti, The Elephant House, Edinburgh.

I recently visited a friend of mine in Edinburgh, and although I didn’t know much about the city beforehand, I did remember it being mentioned in relation to J.K. 1,162 more words


London Gems: The British Museum

I know for a lot of people, the idea of going to museums is pretty much the worst thing ever. All that I can come up with to account for that is the possible disappointment from school day field trips when, for whatever reason, kids seemed to expect a trip to the ice cream shop and were excessively let down when told that no, in fact, the class would be going to the art, transport, history, science, you-name-it museum. 390 more words


Culann's Hound 34: Secrets and Gifts

Among the most beloved treasures in the British Museum are the Lewis Chessmen, carved from walrus ivory and whale teeth in the late twelfth century, probably at Trondheim in Norway. 1,551 more words


King 78 and the Dead: The Lewis Chessmen in The Walking Dead Season 4

One of the most famous sets of artefacts surviving from the medieval world, and of medieval Scotland in particular, is the collection popularly known as the ‘Lewis chessmen’. 2,281 more words

The Walking Dead