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Lewis Family - 2nd Generation Update

While the first of Lucius children are already young adults, some have only grown up to be young children. Olivia Lewis sent her kids over to Lucius this afternoon and they are just adorable! 72 more words

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Eugi and Kierra Lewis

Over night Lucius got another wonderful phone call:

Another boy and another girl. Probably the last for a while as the youngest Pancakes daughter is still a teenager. 31 more words

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Olivia Lewis

Lucius couldn’t get Olivia Lewis out of his head and so he invited her over the next day.

He flirted and joked with the young woman on the front porch … 58 more words

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Regina and Brodie Lewis - 1st Generation Update - 2nd Generation Update

In the evening Lucius received even more good news:

He promised to come over first thing in the morning and went to bed humming. The Lewis family also had a female heir now. 205 more words

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Alice Lewis - 2nd Try

Lucius spent a whole day for himself after his visit with the Lees. He painted a lot of pictures as he is trying to finish the third step of the “Painter Extraordinaire” aspiration: Complete 10 Excellent Paintings. 108 more words

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October 17, 1891

Saturday October 17th 1891   A very fine dry day   we finished digging potatos about 2, 30 PM   have about 240 bu all told of very fine potatos in the Cellar   we husked a load of Corn in the new ground over East   tis good corn & sound   the girls went with England’s to Lewis’s to singing  John has worked 36 days & drew $10,00   Harve has worked 158 days & drew 67,50   he paid me back 5,00 I gave him Thursday last   Harve went away this Eve   I brought Holden from England’s to stay over Sunday


1865-1896 Family Life On The Farm

Lewis Family - 1st Generation Update - 2nd Generation

Lucius wants to stay in touch with all his children and his friends, so he went to visit the Lewis family again. Only to discover that baby Fredrick had grown up into a cute little boy, and that Olivia was a teenager now. 180 more words

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