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Quilts in the Mission Home

I’m slowly finding homes for some of my quilts.  This week we had help hanging a few.  It feels more and more like home with these comforting quilts around me.   42 more words

Lewis Family

Moving Day!

There’s lots of moving going on around here!  This photo was taken in front of Building Q, located at 1200 North and 600 East in Orem, where our new Days for Girls Sewing Center is being set up.   208 more words

Lewis Family

A Family Farewell Gathering



Lewis Family

Happy Birthday, Aaron!

On this day, 20 years ago, Aaron entered our happy family.   He has been a joy to have around ever since.  We miss having him near us now, but love knowing he’s doing a good work in Chile.   154 more words

Lewis Family

I keep telling myself, "It's not a funeral. It's a departure. It's not a funeral"

Two weeks from today we enter the Missionary Training Center, before departing for 3 years.  I am walking around in a blur.  Some days I feel like I’m attending my own funeral.   452 more words

Lewis Family

Meet the Lewis Family: Lawrence Lewis

Lawrence Lewis was born on April 4, 1767, the ninth child of Fielding and Betty Lewis and nephew of George Washington.  His birth was noted by Fielding in the Lewis family bible, 943 more words

Historic Kenmore

Adam and Claire 2008

Cleaning my desk this week, I uncovered many treasures.  One was on a slip of paper dated 18 August 2008, where I recorded:

Mom to Adam:  “Where are you going?” 33 more words

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