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Claire and Graham in Calgary

These two make me so happy.  The fun for them continues in Canada this week.  They are honeymooning in Banff, the same place John and I honeymooned 26 years ago!

Lewis Family

A night on the town with the kids

After a great meal with these fabulous kids (where they stole food off tables left by other departed customers), we walked to the Provo City Temple and enjoyed the beautiful grounds.   83 more words

Lewis Family

Claire's Orem Wedding Reception

I received permission to travel home for a couple of days to be with Claire for her wedding reception in our yard.  I passed by Mt. 390 more words

Lewis Family

Sister Lewis heads to Orem

I received permission to travel quickly to Orem and back for our daughter’s reception Wednesday, 10 August.  It was held in our backyard.  While President Lewis drove to Omak, I flew over Mt. 134 more words

Missionary Work In The Yakima Mission

Honeymooners and Wedding Aftermath

Saturday the honeymooners were off and the rest of us went to celebrate at Miner’s! Here’s my dad, Art Laemmlen who will be 86 next month:Friends and cousins: 66 more words

Lewis Family

Wedding aftermath and honeymooners

Saturday:  The honeymooners are off and the rest of us went to celebrate at Miner’s!  Here’s my dad, Art Laemmlen who will be 86 next month: 62 more words

Lewis Family

A Garden Party

After the wedding, we all drove back to Yakima for a garden party at Cascade Garden.  It was a magical evening.There were plenty of photos and photographers this evening, so I didn’t snap many photos, but here are a few just to get a taste.This is Graham’s wonderful Family.  

Lewis Family