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Happy Family, Aaron's Homecoming Talk

Tonight we got to facetime with our kids.  It was a fun day for our family and extended family in Orem.  Aaron reported on his mission experiences in our home ward.   48 more words

Lewis Family

Taking down Christmas

I’m always a little sad the day the tree and decorations come down.  We started on that yesterday.  There aren’t too many, here in the Mission Home.   388 more words

Lewis Family

Alien Eggs??

This is the funniest thing ever.  Two years ago, my daughter Claire had an art assignment in one of her BYU classes.  She describes it below.   391 more words

Lewis Family

Happy Birthday Leslie Nielson Laemmlen!

My sister-in-law, Leslie and I almost share a birthday.  She came to earth 5 days after I arrived in 1959.  Leslie married my older brother, Paul 26 August 1982.   311 more words

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I am 57 today. . .

Things are off to a good start.  I know there are many years ahead, but I am already feeling a bit stressed about how few years there are ahead.   122 more words

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Farewell to our Children

Yesterday after a bit of cross country skiing and some fabulous burgers at Miner’s in Yakima, Adam and Heidi and Claire got in the big car and drove away from us.   167 more words

Lewis Family

Aaron Returns from Santiago to Yakima!

Aaron returned home to us today  from the Santiago South Mission in Chile.  You will see here that we are pretty excited about this!  We love Aaron and have missed him so much.   56 more words

Lewis Family