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BYU Unveils New Art by Greg Olsen. Starring Claire!

Something very exciting happened yesterday at BYU during Education Week.  A beautiful piece of art was unveiled in the Hinckley Center.  Our daughter, Claire was selected to be one of the models for this piece.   499 more words

Lewis Family

Smells of Childhood

I’d add a few more:

20. Grandma’s barn

21.  Swallowtail butterfly wings and tomato worms (that’s what we called the caterpillars that we plucked from the tomato vines) 41 more words

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Claire's Toe. Again.

Here we go again.  Two years ago, double bunion surgery.  No walking all summer, and study abroad to Vienna in the fall.  This time it was a jet ski injury.   73 more words

Lewis Family

A Visit from Family!

Yesterday we had a visit from my brother, Paul and his wife Leslie, and 2 of their kids–Janelle and Daniel.  They live in Cedar Hills, Utah, and were on their way home from a trip to Canada.   148 more words

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Cookie Count July 2015

Three weeks in Yakima.  Forty dozen chocolate chip cookies baked and consumed!  We are having fun with these fabulous missionaries!

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Quilts in the Mission Home

I’m slowly finding homes for some of my quilts.  This week we had help hanging a few.  It feels more and more like home with these comforting quilts around me.   42 more words

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Elder Aaron Lewis in Santiago–An Exciting Transfer!

Here is our son, Elder Lewis, who is serving in the Santiago South Mission.  We received some exciting news from him this week in his letter home–he’s been transferred–and not just anywhere.   306 more words

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