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How do we determine historical reliability?

In my previous post, I started to explore the question of “historical reliability” but got sidetracked into a variety of related issues.  To recap, there’s a spectrum of thought about whether historical accounts in the Bible are completely reliable or totally useless, or something in-between. 2,570 more words


Reflection: Cognitive Dissonance

Reflection: Cognitive Dissonance

This is a self-portrait that depicts a struggle with my own anxiety.

After sketching the base drawing, I started off with a wash of a blue and red gradient on my 9×12 watercolor paper. 56 more words


The Same Post as Last Time

My friend Andi has a thing for pistachios.

It started off innocently enough. One day, she noticed a pistachio on the sidewalk, and leaned in close to take an Instagram-worthy photo of the lonely nut. 1,080 more words