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Travel Lexington, KY: Dog Daze at The Kentucky Horse Park RR Road Trip Day 2

Bring your dog to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

Dogs and horses. Awesome.  Add a cat show to the mix and I’ve gone to heaven. 726 more words


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Many people probably don' t know Kentucky Horse Park is a dog friendly park.

The Curious Case of The Golden Draperies

YOU ARE HERE -> 1950s – today

Among Ashland’s most prized artifacts for decades were two pair of fancy draperies, which were on display for Ashland’s 1950 Opening Day.  527 more words


Kentucky University Leaves Ashland

YOU ARE HERE -> 1870s

From such grand and glorious beginnings, John Bryan Bowman’s vision for Kentucky University began to unravel in the 1870s.  The details of the troubles he and the university encountered could—and has—filled volumes.  842 more words


Kentucky Native Cafe 

Get ready. This is the coolest concept for a restaurant that I have ever been to. It’s my new favorite place to go while visiting family, and I would go all the time if I lived closer. 187 more words


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The Kentucky native cafe is a true urban oasis in the middle of downtown Lexington

Ashland's Opening Day

YOU ARE HERE -> 1950

Ashland, the Henry Clay estate, has since the early nineteenth century been an important American historic site.  During Clay’s lifetime (1777-1852), the estate was often equated with the man and ‘Ashland’ became a household word.  906 more words


Ashland: Unsurpassed for Party-Giving

YOU ARE HERE -> 1880s-1890s

Henry Clay’s granddaughter Anne Clay McDowell and her husband Major Henry Clay McDowell became famous for the “bounteous hospitality of Ashland,” as the… 1,085 more words


Civil War at Ashland's Door

YOU ARE HERE -> 1861-1865

Henry Clay’s great-granddaughter, Elizabeth Clay Blanford (1904-1999), in a 1987 interview, revealed some evocative information about the Civil War at Ashland.  864 more words