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Living in the Museum

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Many visitors to Ashland in the 1950s would never have realized that the mansion continued to be a private home.  This reality was downplayed—if not hidden—from public view for nine years. 923 more words


A Meal With the Horses

Eating a meal with horses may not sound very appetizing, but let me explain. Windy Corner Market is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that is surrounded by horse farms on each side. 483 more words


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Featured Image -- 215 Fashioned after an old country store, Windy Corner Market and Restaurant north of Lexington is right in the middle of some of America's legendary horse farms. The restaurant uses Kentucky ingredients in their recipes and offers Kentucky foodstuffs for sale.

Kroger on Romany, Lexington, Kentucky (1967-2015)

On August 28, 2015 the Kroger Company announced that it would be closing the store on Romany Avenue in Lexington, Kentucky.  Located in the posh Chevy Chase neighborhood of the city, the store has a mere 18,000 square feet of sales space.   216 more words


The G Word

As we discuss Bianca Sprigg’s article “Lexington Downtowners on the G Word: Gentrification,” here are some additional sources you might find useful:

Class Discussion

Ashland’s Star: Henry Clay

If you love Ashland, you’ll love this. Curator Eric Brooks leads a fascinating video tour of Ashland, focusing on Henry Clay. This was done for C-SPAN in June. 29 more words

The Origins of Kentucky University and The Kentucky A&M …and How They Came to Ashland

Founder and Regent of Kentucky University, John Bryan Bowman (1824-1891) held a lofty vision for higher education in Kentucky and was devoted to the ideal of egalitarian education, proclaiming, “I want to build up a People’s Institution, a great university eventually accessible to the poorest boy in all the land…” 992 more words