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Reclaiming The Grandeur of Clay’s Estate

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Thirty years after Henry Clay’s death, after the ravages of time, war, and use by the state college had taken their toll on the 324-acre Ashland estate, granddaughter Anne Clay McDowell returned to the family’s hallowed grounds.  1,247 more words


Patio Weather... Charlie Brown's Restaurant.. Lexington, Kentucky

Well it is that time of year where enjoying dinner on a patio is a main priority. We love meeting friends for a drink at Charlie Brown’s on Euclid in Lexington. 137 more words


Red State BBQ... Lexington, Kentucky

Red State BBQ is a wonderful treat right outside of Lexington, Kentucky. If you love BBQ you can’t go wrong with this unique spot. This roadside restaurant has wonderful food. 122 more words


Store Clerks "Stands Up For What's Right" Against Armed Robber

Zara Adil was the victim of an armed robbery on Friday, February 27. Adil was working the cash register at Discount Tobacco Zone, when two men came in demanding the money from her drawer. 172 more words

Store Clerk Keeps Her Wits, Shoots Robber With His Own Gun

This is from Bearing Arms.

It is a shame this punk did not become a Darwin Award winner.

Armed robbery is an intimidation game, where criminals use weapons and surprise to overwhelm the senses of victims, stunning them into shocked compliance. 287 more words

Ethereal Brewing - Distillery District.... Lexington, Kentucky

The joy of living close to Lexington is partaking in the growth of this unique town. The Distillery District is an area that is growing and the historic atmosphere is really neat. 141 more words


Locally involved and LOVING Lexington!

I moved to Lexington a year and a half ago for school. To be honest, at first I didn’t like it. My family is alllll the way back in New Mexico (which I might add is two time zones behind and 1300 miles away). 614 more words