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Reclaiming The Grandeur of Clay’s Estate

YOU ARE HERE -> 1880s-1940s

Thirty years after Henry Clay’s death, after the ravages of time, war, and use by the state college had taken their toll on the 324-acre Ashland estate, granddaughter Anne Clay McDowell returned to the family’s hallowed grounds.  1,247 more words


The Origins of Kentucky University and The Kentucky A&M …and How They Came to Ashland

Founder and Regent of Kentucky University, John Bryan Bowman (1824-1891) held a lofty vision for higher education in Kentucky and was devoted to the ideal of egalitarian education, proclaiming, “I want to build up a People’s Institution, a great university eventually accessible to the poorest boy in all the land…” 992 more words


An Early Christmas at Ashland


While Henry Clay had not been home for many Christmases at Ashland due to Congress being in session, once James and Susan Clay come to Ashland in the 1850s, we begin to get details of how Christmas was celebrated at the estate. 604 more words


Rejection, Acceptance, & Guilt

These 3 words are what I have found to be what people struggle with the most. A lot of our actions can be motivated by the perceived rejection of others, the failure to accept ourselves as well as our needs, and the burden of guilt which is usually not even ours to hold on to. 83 more words

Big Picture

Ashland's Glorious Ginkgo Trees

YOU ARE HERE -> today 

Of the many hundreds of trees at Ashland today, the ginkgo biloba trees that stand so majestically in Ashland’s front lawn are treasured examples of the ancient and unusual species.  346 more words


Dixiana Farm

This postcard was purchased in the same set as yesterday’s Blessing of the Hounds. Dixiana Farm was founded in 1877 and became one of the premier thoroughbred operations of its time. 45 more words

Moments In Time

Come Along on A Tour of Ashland

YOU ARE HERE -> 1950s-1980s

From 1950 through the 1980s Lorraine Seay welcomed guests to Ashland at her desk in the front hall where registration was required or, in the case of large groups, she would greet them from the front doorstep.  580 more words