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October 16, 2017 - In Which Meilin Forgets When The Sun Goes Down (OOTD #137)

I’ve discussed this so many times already, but allow me to say it again, in case you missed it: lighting really makes the photo.

Over the summer, I was in the habit of taking my fashion photos after dinner, around 7:00pm or so. 335 more words


The forgotten basketball run of Meson Academy

As the Lowndes Vikettes stood on the cusp of 100 wins in December 1979, the Waycross Journal-Herald looked back at the history of such streaks: 1,854 more words


October 14, 2017 - Looking Like a USC Fan (OOTD #136)

Obviously, I’m not.

Why do I make that sound like it’s obvious? Well, because Notre Dame is playing USC (as in Southern California, not South Carolina – as my father just recently informed me) tomorrow, and despite how little my pea brain knows about football, I do rather hope that ND succeeds. 355 more words


To me Kentucky means the Derby, Fort Knox, horses, and the twice a year huge quilt exposition in Paducah. It is a grand place to live and play. 317 more words

National Day Of .......

Resign, Mr. Quinn

S.C. House Rep. Rick Quinn (R-69) had been suspended from his legislative duties since May of this year following indictments on two counts of misconduct in office.  93 more words



I do not know how one became singed
Or how these two orphans decided
that they would be the ones to remain
out of a set of four place settings. 98 more words

Paul Revere

Paul Revere’s Ride by David Hackett Fischer, published by Oxford University Press, © 1994.

American grade schoolers are taught, are told, that Paul Revere, in the cold, wee hours of 19 April 1775, galloped fiercely through the countryside west of Boston, taking the back roads connecting the small hamlets of Lexington and Concord, yelling at the top of his lungs, “The British are coming”; a story that has passed down through the generations since the Revolutionary War. 527 more words

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