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Lexus LFA: The High Price of Quality

The Lexus LFA is a bit of an oddball as supercars go. On one hand it’s a shining achievement in supercar building. On the other it’s extremely expensive when compared to other similarly capable cars. 410 more words


Lexus LFA - Tunnel Sounds

The Lexus LFA is undoubtedly one of the best supercar sounds out there at the moment. Sit back, and enjoy some high-pitched F1 tunnel sounds.


Gran Turismo 5: Lexus LFA

And now it’s time for a supercar that has caused quite a stir among the GT community around here…the Lexus LFA.


So, the Lexus LFA. Some like it, some hate it. 893 more words


Theme: Japan - Toyota's First Supra-Car

Toyota’s late-’60s image builder comes under the DTW zoom-lens.

Commercially speaking, Toyota seems to have fared perfectly well without image-building halo cars. While enthusiasts have been well served by numerous performance models over the decades, the Japanese car giant eschewed outright exotics. 898 more words

The History