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Why is the new LG commercial with Jason Statham so enjoyable?

You’ve probably seen it. It’s on all the time. If not, here it is:

Here’s the thing: I really don’t like Jason Statham’s acting. Crank  193 more words


LG G5, lansat pe piața din România

LG Electronics anunță lansarea pe piața din România a mult așteptatului smartphone modular, LG G5, care va fi disponibil la toți operatorii și la retailerii electro-it începând cu această dată. 885 more words


LG G5 Battery Replacement Guide

The LG G5 is a unibody smartphone with an easily removable battery. The following tutorial will explain you how to insert and remove your phone’s battery.

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I Need a Better Air-Conditioner In My Life

So this crazy heat wave hasn’t let up yet, and those of us based in Metro Manila often find ourselves in 40-degree midday hell. It’s even worse in some provinces so I shouldn’t complain, but I really can’t stop myself when my shirt gets absolutely drenched in sweat even right after a cold shower. 320 more words


LG’s 360 cam is low-cost and compact solution for 360-degree videos (and photos)

Facebook, Google, LG, Samsung—basically all the leading tech giants are working on Virtual Reality content and 360-degrees photos and videos, with the exception of Apple. While these videos are the cool to watch, there wasn’t any easy and affordable way to record 360-degree content yourself, until now. 400 more words


HTC 10 and LG G5 not compliant with USB type C

Google engineer, Benson Leung called out two big brands for having non-compliant USB type-C spec, These phones feature Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 which is the reason why it is non-compliant. 225 more words