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Dear Miss Jenner

I am mesmerized by this person. Is it bad that all I want to do is sit on Facebook or Google News and look at her story? 577 more words


Gay Marriage, The Confederates, and other Shenanigans

Marriage equality happened in all fifty states last week. That is a great victory, and I really am happy about it. Does it mean I’m going out tomorrow and eloping with the next guy I see? 522 more words


科學界宣佈將 X 射線納入光學,是傳統光學最黑暗的一天

「今天科學界說 X 射線也是光的一種,就是重新定義了傳統的光學!」

「大家想想,今天他們說 X 射線也可以是光,再過不久他們就會說萬有引力也是光!」

「他們承認 X 射線也可以是光,我們傳統可見光光學的路將更難行!」

「 X 射線也可以是光了!以後我們做傳統可見光光學、不支持 X 光光學的就要被拘捕了!這是民主嗎?」

「今天一口氣封鎖了 500 多位研究 X 光光學、微波光學、紅外線光學和紫外線光學的朋友,還有支持這些研究的人們。」

「通過 X 射線光學,該國即將衰落,我們傳統光學會復興。不要問我,相信我的話。」

「伽瑪射線的研究領域今天發生意外,很多人死傷!我認為這就是上天對科學界說 X 射線也是光的懲罰。」 431 more words


Here’s what I said yesterday on the steps of the Massachusetts State House:

“My name is Robyn Ochs and I have served on the board of MassEquality for 10 years. 374 more words

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Love Wins!

The day we have been waiting for, hoping for, FIGHTING FOR, has finally arrived. Marriage Equality is now the law of the land. Thanks go to the justices of the Supreme Court (the majority), to the plaintiffs in Obergefell v. 47 more words


for LGBTQ equality, we still need to look beyond marriage

In light of the recent SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage (which is def exciting), I hearken back to the lectures my American Studies prof gave back in my undergrad years, arguing there needs to be a movement beyond marriage, and even beyond the hundreds (over 1,100) rights that are tied to marriage. 99 more words