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Feminist has a T

I am cisgender.

Cisgender is a word retroformatted from transgender, which in turn was coined in 1965 from two Latin words. Cisgender is first recorded in print in 1994. 604 more words

LGBT Equality

LGBT History Month (February 2018)

It’s LGBT History Month so let’s talk about some of our history!

Alicia Garza, the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, inspired so many to not just fight against inequality but to educate others on what inequality was, who it was happening to and how to recognise these situations. 145 more words


Democrats & LGBT

Below is DNC‘s platform on LGBT which is something that I care about as a member of the LGBT community and proud supporter of LGBT rights. 233 more words


Proud Democrat

I can say that I am a PROUD Democrat living in a Republican ran county. I support the Iroquois County Democrats. The Democratic Party is there for The People. 167 more words


We're not there yet

Without people standing up against hatred we will never live in a world that has truly embraced peace, love and understanding. Education is key, integration with those who appear to be different to us is key. 87 more words

Wyatt Massey: Your Uncle Said What? How to Talk About Social Justice With Your Family During the Holidays

Finding connection and engaging face to face is important social change work—especially during holiday gatherings.

The dread of politically combative conversations during the holidays—or awkward ones at best—is as akin to Thanksgiving and Christmas as turkey and candy canes. 1,276 more words

Social Justice

A Church Divided

A good friend of mine is having a hard time understanding the struggles within the United Methodist Church about LGBT rights. In particular he asked me great questions about how the church can change its position on homosexuality when there are specific references in the Bible and in the writings of Methodist founder John Wesley that condemn any non-hetero sexual orientations. 1,351 more words

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