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Coming Out As An Ally

It’s #NationalComingOutDay, and I’ve got a way everyone can participate.

I want you to put yourself in the closet for a day.

See how long you can go today without making any statements about your spouse/partner/significant other or revealing your gender identity. 483 more words

Politics Are Deeply, Deeply Personal

The personal has always been political and, these days, the political is getting deeply, deeply personal. I don’t know about you but I’m reeling from the recent series of Trump administration decisions that effectively deny LGBTQ people full citizenship. 511 more words

Lesbian Couple Brutally Beaten by Neighbors

I’m sorry to both of these women. I’m sorry we live in a world of hate. I’m sorry your neighbors are so ignorant and vile. I hope these two inhuman women are punished to the fullest extent of the law. 67 more words

Video: The Secret Life of Dr. James Barry

What makes Dr. James Barry—born in Ireland as Margaret Bulkley, niece of the painter James Barry—such a noteworthy person besides passing for male in the company of people who did not tolerate gender fluidity? 94 more words

Opinion Leaders

It's Ally Week! Show your support and get involved with these helpful tips.

What is Ally Week?

Ally Week is a national youth-led effort encouraging students to be allied with the LGBT members of their community in standing against bullying, harassment and name-calling in their respective schools/workplaces. 272 more words

Coming Out

Alexander's Story: An ally inspired by #ShowYourPride

Alexander, 25, working at KPMG Sydney

“I’ve always supported the LGBTI community, both inside and outside the office, and I think it’s extremely important that any LGBTI employee knows that they have supporters in the office…

574 more words
Show Your Pride

Why do we need the #ShowYourPride Campaign?

Currently in Australia, close to one in two LGBTI employees hide their sexual orientation or gender identity in the workplace due to the fear that being ‘out’ could damage their career. 362 more words

Coming Out