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If This Ain’t Vegas – Fluffy Gay Romance!

Buy If This Ain’t Vegas by Alex Ankarr!

Francis really likes his job in media management. He really likes his boss, Daniel. Okay, maybe he has a tiny – read HUGE – crush on him. 50 more words

Gay Romance

What I've been reading - Straight Expectations by Rose Blackman

Straight Expectations by Rose Blackman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nicely written, but it reads more like an intro to a longer story and a little undeveloped. 44 more words


Gay Billionaires Get Lonely Too – Gay Billionaire Romance!

Buy Gay Billionaires Get Lonely Too by Alex Ankarr!

Henry’s rich as hell, but it isn’t doing a thing to help him find love. When his friend Minna suggests he intern as a barista and see if he meets someone, he thinks she’s crazy. 29 more words

Gay Fiction

Mini Reviews #4

Glutton for Pleasure by Alisha Rai

This is a polyamorous book with chubby Indian representation. I liked the idea of this book and the book itself is good for the most part, however I did occasionally find the twins awkward to read and I sometimes felt uncomfortable by it. 329 more words

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Where Death Meets the Devil is Pure Escapism

Reviewed for Netgalley

Jack Reardon’s 35th birthday is not going as planned when he comes to tied to a chair in the torture shack owned by the same criminal Jack was sent deep undercover to infiltrate over a year ago. 253 more words


Strictly Professional – Wistful, Pining Gay Romance!

Buy Strictly Professional by Alex Ankarr!

Ben and Alec are together now, after Alec’s past as an escort has been discovered, and Ben has paid for his services. 49 more words

Gay Romance

Peter Darling by Austin Chant

This book is so important. Content warning for: character death, transphobia, and I think other stuff but I read this a while ago and can’t remember exactly. 362 more words

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