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Vulnerability of Syrian LGBT Refugees

The White House made a statement this week that while queer and trans refugees fleeing Syria will be a ‘priority’ among placements, they won’t be setting aside any quota of spots. 272 more words


Syrian and Syrian LGBT Refugees in Turkey: “If Syrians are our guests, why are they fleeing Turkey?”

Attorney Hayriye Kara: Syrians are not here because Turkey is gracious. They are not here because of our hospitality. “Guests” depend on “hosts.” Refugees are exercising their fundamental rights guaranteed by international law. 1,652 more words

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Canada to LGBT Refugees: You're Welcome Here, But First Prove You're LGBT

Thanks for the idea, Canada, but…. wut? Seriously? Why not just force an LGBT person to kiss someone of the same sex in front of officials? 135 more words



You read that right — STRUTTING.

On June 6th at 12 noon VIDC will be at Sunset Beach STRUTTING as part of Foundation of Hope… 109 more words

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Queering International Human Rights Law

And Exploring the Queer Controversies Among Forcibly Displaced People

By Nery Ronatay

Even as ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ become at least partially incorporated in the global human rights framework, this does not signal the unqualified dissipation of inequalities in human rights relating to sexuality and gender.” 6,156 more words

LGBT Refugees Are Seeking Asylum In the World’s Most Notoriously Anti-Gay Country

I don’t believe it will come in my lifetime, but I hope that someday in the future, none of us will have to seek asylum like this. 206 more words


Survey indicates NGOs often fail to adequately protect LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers

The first survey of attitudes of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) serving asylum-seekers and refugees worldwide indicates that they often fail to adequately protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) refugees and asylum seekers. 328 more words