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Where does a LGBT person expressing themselves flee to?

Where does the LGBT (stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) person just living their lives and expressing themselves flee to? The country that is promising the most equitable life, the best environment and freedom of expression seems to naturally be South Africa.  284 more words

South Africa

Berlin's New Shelters for LGBT Refugees

Germany took in over a million refugees in 2015, mostly from countries in the Middle East, many from countries where homosexuality or being transgender is a crime, or is treated as such. 248 more words


Vulnerability of Syrian LGBT Refugees

The White House made a statement this week that while queer and trans refugees fleeing Syria will be a ‘priority’ among placements, they won’t be setting aside any quota of spots. 272 more words


Syrian and Syrian LGBT Refugees in Turkey: “If Syrians are our guests, why are they fleeing Turkey?”

Attorney Hayriye Kara: Syrians are not here because Turkey is gracious. They are not here because of our hospitality. “Guests” depend on “hosts.” Refugees are exercising their fundamental rights guaranteed by international law. 1,652 more words

Kaos GL

Canada to LGBT Refugees: You're Welcome Here, But First Prove You're LGBT

Thanks for the idea, Canada, but…. wut? Seriously? Why not just force an LGBT person to kiss someone of the same sex in front of officials? 135 more words



You read that right — STRUTTING.

On June 6th at 12 noon VIDC will be at Sunset Beach STRUTTING as part of Foundation of Hope… 109 more words

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