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Study finds same-sex couples spend more time with their kids than heterosexual couples

With a Supreme Court decision on gay marriage looming, a new study shows that same-sex parents and heterosexual parents are about the same when it comes to the amount of “child-focused time” they put in each day. 86 more words

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Roommate arrested for murder of 21-year-old transgender woman in Philadelphia

Raheam Felton, 31, was arrested in connection with the fatal stabbing of his transgender roommate Londyn Chanel. The attack is currently being investigated as a domestic dispute. 90 more words

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiates gay wedding, drops possible hint about Supreme Court decision

Just a month before the Supreme Court is set to make a decision that might or might not  legalize same-sex marriages nationwide, the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg may have dropped a big hint on how the court will rule. 145 more words

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LGBT Rights and Religion; It’s really about RESPECT.

An argument that my younger brother and I always seem to get into happens anytime I mention LBGT rights or anything that I work for that could be consider activism. 1,134 more words


Vienna gets gay traffic lights

The Austrian capital decided to replace the traditional lone figure on traffic lights at 120 pedestrian crossings, to show both gay and heterosexual couples crossing the road. 82 more words

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Hillary Clinton stands up for detained transgender immigrants

Hillary Clinton is making the rights of transgender immigrants who are detained by authorities a campaign issue. During a stop in Nevada, Clinton said, “I think we have to do more to provide safe environments for vulnerable populations,” in response to a question about transgender immigrants being held in men’s detention centers, which is reportedly leaving them vulnerable to assault. 158 more words

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Lawyer says transgender woman arrested in Baltimore turmoil being held in men's jail cell

Police in Baltimore are holding a 30-year-old transgender woman in a man’s jail cell and forcing her to wear a revealing shirt, a lawyer told Mashable. 121 more words

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