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Kamala Harris wants to block “kill the gays” initiative

California’s Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced on Wednesday that she intends to block the beyond-controversial voter initiative that calls for the legalized execution of gay people, proposed by Huntington Beach lawyer Matt McLaughlin. 182 more words

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Gay men arrested in Egypt: debauchery

Egyptian police have arrested seven LGBT+ people with accusations of ‘debauchery’. The police created fake profiles online, luring these people to a club and allegedly promising acts of debauchery. 225 more words

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Same-sex civil union bill in Chile passes final stage!

Chile’s same-sex civil union bill received final approval and passed through congress (28th Jan). It was approved by The Chilean Senate 25-6 with three abstentions and this then moved through the House of Representatives by a much larger margin of 78-9. 146 more words

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Comments on Colby Melvin's Queerty Interview

I couldn’t help but feel that Colby Melvin’s recent interview with Queerty sparked some important things worth talking about. This is from the first part… 1,885 more words


Comments on TLC's 'My Husband's Not Gay'

I couldn’t help but notice TLC’s newest series, My Husband’s Not Gay, and think how unaffected I am at the idea of men denying their attraction to other men and also marrying women. 378 more words


On Being a Public Figure and Dealing with Otherness

I couldn’t help but understand the news I read today about Michael Sam stating the following:

“If I had it my way, I never would have done it the way I did, never would have told it the way I did,’ says Sam, a former all-star at the University of Missouri, in GQ’s latest issue.

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Thoughts on "Desexualizing the Modern Gay Man"

One of the topics I consider is sexualization and how it affects me personally, and my community. This topic was brought up to me again by this article, … 1,047 more words