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White House hires its first transgender official

Raffi Freedman Gurspan made history on Tuesday simply by showing up for work. Freedman-Gurspan began her new job as the recruitment director for the Presidential Personnel Office in the White House. 86 more words

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Kentucky clerk defies court order, refuses marriage licenses to same-sex couples

In the name of her Christian faith, Rowan County clerk Kim Davis of Kentucky defied a judge’s order and refused to issue marriage licenses to both same-sex and heterosexual couples on Thursday. 111 more words

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Jamaica holds its first gay pride celebrations in Kingston

#GayPride à #Kingston, en #Jamaïque, pays qui condamne l'homosexualité. Chapeau aux militants. http://t.co/gwYg6bTKLG pic.twitter.com/ia5z4SEJQ9

— Nicolas ‏ن✏️ (@Nicolasudi59) August 3, 2015

Jamaica’s LGBT community is holding its first gay pride celebration in the island nation’s capital, a weeklong event that would once have been considered unfathomable due to Jamaica’s long history of rabid homophobia.

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Transgender teen freezes his eggs before hormone treatment

Meet Cole Carman, one of the first transgender teens to freeze eggs before transitioning http://t.co/v271kQbXQU pic.twitter.com/2067CXdDII

— People magazine (@people) August 2, 2015

Eighteen-year-old Cole Carman has become one of the first, if not the first at his age, transgender teenager to freeze his eggs before undergoing hormone therapy.

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Bodybuilder Matt Kroczaleski comes out as transgender

Two months after former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender, another celebrity athlete has followed suit. Matt Kroczaleski, a 42-year-old champion bodybuilder and model, announced on social media that she is transgender and would prefer to be known as Janae Marie Kroc. 76 more words

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Boy Scouts ends its nationwide ban on gay and lesbian leaders

Boy Scouts of America has lifted its ban on gay adult leaders, but will still allow church-sponsored Scout units to implement exclusions because of their faith. 107 more words

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