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On Maude

Like The Jeffersons, Maude was actually the first spin-off of All In The Family, having two years of development by the time The Jeffersons… 6,018 more words

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When Japan Had a Third Gender


An original perspective picture of the Great Gateway and Nakano-cho in the Shin Yoshiwara, (1730s–1740s), by Okumura Masanobu. The work is part of “A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Prints,” at the Japan Society. 1,288 more words

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Reflections On: Meeting Dylan Kelly of the Massachusetts Log Cabin Republicans, 2016

It was a pleasure to meet Dylan Kelly, Chapter Leader of the Massachusetts Log Cabin Republicans at the Boston Pride Political Forum on June 7th, 2016, during Pride Week. 3,310 more words


On Fable II

Continuing from Fable, is the equally awesome sequel, Fable II, which similarly is  developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios.While the setting of… 3,440 more words

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Street art in Brussels, Belgium

Street art in Brussels, Belgium.
Photo by alohaboywashere (instagram) via +Harry Fabel.

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Reflections On: Transgender Equal Rights Bill Signing Ceremony, 2011

The first piece of legislation I ever worked on was the Transgender Equal Rights Bill. I put a great deal of work into it, volunteering to get it passed, because I knew that Transgender individuals were not really that different from me. 2,263 more words